Friday, November 12, 2010

"Dr." Fazley : Rosmah Mansor Son In-Law With Bogus Degrees

Friday, 12th November 2010

Rosmah Mansor's Son In-Law with Bogus Degrees

Singer Fazley Yaakob who is also Rosmah Mansor's son in-law, has resigned from his post as executive director of Fazley International College (FIC) last night due to uncertainties by University of Wales pertaining to the singer's academic qualifications, including two bogus degrees.

The singer told press : "I have resigned with immediate effect based on the advise of the board of directors of FIC and also my own legal advisors to safeguard the relationship between the FIC and University of Wales."

Fazley had earlier shrugged off a BBC report on the University of Wales having suspended relations with the Fazley International College (FIC), pending an inquiry. In an interview with The Paper That Cares regarding the action — said to be related to the controversy over the personal academic qualifications of Fazley himself, who is executive director of FIC — he had initially chosen to remain mum on the matter as it involved other parties.

Stating a better understanding of the situation was needed, he said: “It is premature to comment on the matter as the University of Wales has not disputed the fact that FIC is qualified to run the said programmes. “This was further enhanced by their statement that all our enrolled students are not affected by their administrative process to review and arbitrate.”

On Saturday, the BBC aired a report naming the FIC as the college in question. It is one of three education institutions the University of Wales collaborates with in Malaysia. An agreement in 2007 allowed students to its validated courses the following year — having gained provisional approval from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.

The report also stated the university will not recognise additional admissions to its BA (Hons) in Business Administration and MBA courses until concerns about the principal's qualifications have been investigated. The Welsh university said the 35 students now attending courses would not be affected.The BBC Wales Week In Week Out programme broadcast yesterday had a report naming Fazley as “a Malaysian pop star with a bogus doctorate” being the man behind FIC.

The programme said Fazley claimed to have a masters, degree and a doctorate in business administration, but both had been proven bogus as these originated from the European Business School (Cambridge) — an offshoot of the Irish International University, which was exposed as a sham by the BBC in 2008.

A Professor Nigel Palastanga was, however, quoted as saying there were no concerns about academic standards at the college. In his response, Fazley said: “We appreciate the public concern on this matter. We have confidence the speculative nature of this magnitude will stop once the understanding of the whole matter is available for perusal.” Fazley does not lecture on the courses and has publicly stopped using reference to his academic qualifications. He also stated all will be made clear in due time.

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