Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sarawak's Worst Boat Tragedy in The Milleneum But Recieved No Sympathy From Both Sarawak and Malaysia Ministers Especially From Jabu, Masing and William Mawan!

Wednesday, 20th October 2010

Tatau Boat Tragedy is the worst River Tragedy in the new millennium. But despite this fact, it has received no Sympathy from Sarawak Ministers especially the Iban Ministers. But Where were all the Ministers?

The survivors and Family Members of the victims of the boat tragedy were left by themselves without  proper assistance or show of face by the Iban's Ministers and PKR potential candidate in the area.

As the saying in Bahasa Malaysia goes : "Berat Mata Memandang Berat Lagi Bahu Memikul or a literal translation of the English idiom ‘putting yourself in another man’s shoes’ , is the best way how to describe the trauma faced by the survivors and the family members of the victims of the boat tragedy in Tatau.
The tragedy which occurred at about 2.00pm on Black Friday the 15th Oct 2010 so far has claimed six (6) lives whereas another five(5) were still missing, is the worst river tragedy in the new millennium. But despite the fact, as of when this article is written, no ministers had came  to Tatau to comfort the survivors or the family members of the passengers taht were confirmed died or still missing.

Where Are Jabu, Mawan  and James Masing

I have been following the news in the newspapers  and national television channels but the shadows of the most vocal Iban's Ministers Tan Sri Jabu, Dato William Mawan  and Dato Seri James Jemut Masing were nowhere to be heard or seen. Tatau is an Iban majority area. No matter who represents the area, being the most seniors Iban's ministers in Taib Cabinet, these three Ministers should be there at least to comfort or to give appropriate assistance to the victims or their family members.
Besides no show faces by the BN ministers, the visit by Paul Raja from PKR who only came to the scene just  to condemn BN government and without offer any assistance had made the matter worse. PKR should cease this opportunity by offering assistance in a form of  financial  or morale support. By doing so, such can change the "pembangkang" or  " perintah" mentality by the voters in Tatau. 

So the Coward Ministers Only Vocal When Their Bosses Under Threat

Based on what happening in Tatau boat tragedy, it is obvious that these three Iban's Ministers Alfred Jabu, William Mawan and James Masing only know how to please their bosses. If in defending their bosses, these three ministers will be all out even to the extend of betraying their own races or dignity.

James Masing when asked about cronyism in Sarawak during the  interviewed with Al-Jazeera on 20th March 2009, had denied such accusation just to please his boss. 

Alfred Jabu  who is in charge of Penan affairs, in September 2009 had  questioned the credibility of the government report on the rape of Penan women by the timber companies. His main intention was to please his boss.

William Mawan so far has not too obvious defending his boss. But the way how he handled the SDPD five saga,  where its five elected representatives comprised of  Sylvester Enteri (state assemblyman for Marudi), Peter Nansian (state assemblyman for Tasik Biru), Rosey Yunus (state assemblywoman for Bekenu), Paulus Gumbang (state assemblyman for Batu Danau) and Dr. Tiki Lafe (MP for Mas Gading) had wanted to leave SPDP and joined PRS. He was stopped from sacking the 5 YBs after being advised not to do so by Taib. If not because of Taib Mahmud, he had already sacked the five YBs.

Jabu, Masing and William Mawan : Their True Colors Prevail

Three Yes Men Who had Never Shown-Up when their People In Tatau Needed Them!

Since Saturday until now, everytime I read the news about the boat tragedy and upon learned that none Iban's Ministers had came forward to comfort or gave morale support to the survivors and family members of the victims who perished in the tragedy, I felt so angry.
I was so angry at Jabu, Mawan and Masing because they are the most senior Iban's ministers in state cabinet. Where were they? For me they are not fit to be our leaders. The three of them should resign voluntarily before being kick out in the coming state election.
The three ministers should learn from their friends in the peninsular. Irrespective of their parties, the YBs in the Peninsular will visit  the victims during the calamity. They will visit the area and give assistance in form of finacial or comfort to the victims.
Their absent from Tatau had openly revealing their true colors..
To the voters in Tatau please be wised when exercising your right .......

Mupok Aku

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