Sunday, October 17, 2010

Budget 2011 Means Iban Is Getting Poorer

Saturday, 16th October 2010

Yesterday majority of the government officers were out of their office to listen to Najib speech live from parliament to table the 2011 Budget. Almost everyone was anxious to hear for the  announcement of the bonus payment. 
Even though the government servants will not be paid with the bonus but the payment of  the Special Financial Assistance amounting to RM 500 to all the government servants of grade 54 and below inclusive the contract staff and retiree, at least is something in which they can looking forward for and will have great help towards their children education especially during new year school open.
But for the Ibans, just like in the past budgets tabling, they were only anticipated for a worst to come and something which make them poorer.
Out of the 72 highlights of 2011 Budget, none of the highlights will benefits or helping the Iban. Highlight no 16 an increase by 1 percent of service tax (from 5% to 6%) will eventually increase the price of essential goods. This will affect the long house folks badly.
Orang Asli, all this while had been neglected by the government. But after the recent Hulu Selangor by-election which had been won by P Kamalanathan, a Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) . the BN government had started to realise that the Orang Asli was no longer supporting the Barisan Nasional coalition. To win back their supports, in the 2011 Budget, highlight number 70 and 71 specially for Orang Asli had been included.
But what is it for the Iban?  Orang Asli is a minority group in Malaysia. Their votes will have not much impact to Malaysian politic, but the Iban who have few representatives in the parliament is not being given any special attention by Najib.

Will the Budget Benefits the Iban ?

Despite being deprived of everything but the Iban when come election we will still supporting the BN. Let's examine the Budget 2011 which was announced by Najib last Friday, 15th Oct 2010. For instant, out of RM212 billion allocated for the Budget , none is allocated to the Iban compared to the Orang Asli.
If one go to Orang Asli's  kampong or village in Peninsular, one will see  that most if not all of their villages have been connecting with the eleicity and provide with pipe water. This is contrary to what one will see if one visits the Iban long houses. About 90 percents of the Iban longhouses have still not connecting with electricity and road, and the clean water. Many of  Najib supporters said that the budget will move Malaysia into a high income nation. But since none of the part of the Budget  had been allocated for the Iban,  how can it spurns them and make them richer and in par with the rest of the races in Malaysia? 
Since Iban has been excluded or overlooked by Najib in the budget, therefore the 2011 Budget will not benifited the Iban.

What  Iban Should Do

The reason why Iban are still backward compared to the other races in Malaysia is  because we are stubborn, stupid, coward etc. Once known as the most fierce races in Borneo, today Iban has lost everything..power, NCR lands and etc. We are so coward even to the extend of cannot defend our burial ground from being robbed by the others, for examples the incidenes in Sibu and in Kuching recently where the "Pendam  Temuai" was being bulldozed under the nose of Kuching City South.

 How coward we are, even our burial ground being bulldozed we cannot defend it...Helplessly we just do the Miring. If we don't change, one day we will be extinct....

If we don't want to be extinct the Iban should start to fight  like Ibrahim Ali of PERKASA and M. Manoharan of HINDRAF.
Budget 2011 has  shown them all that Iban is not in Najib development road map. Why we should stay on if our presence were not felt by BN Government led by Najib ?

And to all the Iban out there, last but not least...

It is a normal reaction for anybody to look elsewhere when they are not going anywhere ~ Tengku Azlan Abu Bakar

 Mupok Aku


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