Sunday, October 31, 2010

Making Money An BN Way

Sunday, 31st October 2010

BN's Government Purchase Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicles (AIFV)  For RM8bil 3 times market price!

The government has been taken to task over its decision to go ahead with its plan to purchase RM8 billion worth of armoured fighting vehicles (AFV).

Sungai Siput member of parliament Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj said the price offered by DRB-Hicom Defence Technologies Sdn Bhd (Deftech) was three times higher than the market price for the best APC model, which he said cost not more than RM10 million a unit.

“It's RM31 million per unit when the price of the best APC in the world only costs RM 10 million – this is three times more,” he told reporters in parliament yesterday.

Recalling a question by Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua during the last parliamentary session, Jeyakumar said the Defence ministry had stated that the letter of intent issued to Deftech did not mean the government was going to purchase the APC, but was just meant for further discussion.

“This approach is strange. If we go to a shop, and are given a quotation three time higher the price – we normally will say ‘thank you’ and walk away. We’ll look for a new one.

"Here, despite knowing it is three times higher, the Ministry of Defence wants to discuss further with Deftech," said Jeyakumar, adding that the government should instead approach the producers directly.

He said the figure was half of the combined budget allocation for Pakatan Rakyat-led states.

“The total annual budget for four Pakatan Rakyat states was just RM4 billion last year. But this single purchase amounts to RM8 billion. This is not money belonging to the Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister which they can simply squander,” he lamented.

Explaining further, Jeyakumar said the amount could have built 160,000 low cost homes to house 800 families in each parliamentary constituency, so that each family can own the house for only RM50,000 a unit.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mount Merapi In Indonesia Erupts

Thursday, 28th October 2010

Indonesia volcano kills 30 including spirit keeper!

Rescuers scoured the slopes of Indonesia's most volatile volcano for survivors Wednesday after it was rocked by an eruption which killed at least 30 people, including an old man who refused to abandon his ceremonial post as caretaker of the mountain's spirits.
Authorities warned the thousands who fled Mount Merapi's wrath not to return during Wednesday's lull in volcanic activity, but some villagers were desperate to check on crops and possessions left behind. In several areas, everything — from the thinnest tree branch to couches and chairs inside homes — was caked with ash that looked like powdery snow.

The latest blast Tuesday night eased pressure that had been building up behind a lava dome perched on the crater. But experts warned the dome could still collapse, causing an avalanche of the blistering gas and debris trapped beneath it.

"It's a little calmer today," said Surono, the chief of Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation. "No hot clouds, no rumbling. But a lot of energy is pent up back there. There's no telling what's next."
Mount Merapi, which translates as "Fire Mountain," has erupted many times over the last 200 years, often with deadly results. In 1994, 60 people were killed, while in 1930, more than a dozen villages were incinerated, leaving up to 1,300 dead.

Still, as with other volcanoes in Indonesia, more than 11,000 people call its fertile slopes home.
Even as rescue officials contended with the volcano — one of 129 under watch in Indonesia, the world's largest archipelago — officials hundreds of miles (kilometers) away were trying to assess the impact of a powerful earthquake off Sumatra island that triggered a tsunami, leaving several hundred missing or dead.
The twin disasters happened hours apart in one of the most seismically active regions on the planet, prompting President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to cut short a state visit to Vietnam so he could help oversee the response.
Officials said earlier that by closely monitoring the volcano they hoped they could avoid casualties, but the death toll was quickly rising.
Aris Triyono, of the national search and rescue agency, said his teams were searching the southern slope of the mountain, which has been pounded by rocks and debris, in search of victims and survivors.
Dr. Teguh Dwi Santosa, a doctor at a local hospital, said the death toll climbed to 30 on Wednesday, and 17 had been hospitalized, mostly with burns, respiratory problems and other injuries.
Among the dead was Maridjan, an 83-year-old man who had been entrusted by a highly respected late king to watch over the volcano's spirits.

"We found his body," said Suseno, a rescue worker, amid reports that the old man was found kneeling face-down on the floor, a typical prayer position.
Maridjan, who for years led ceremonies in which rice and flowers were thrown into the crater to appease spirits, has angered officials in the past by refusing to leave during eruptions.
They accused him of setting a wrong example and stopping other villagers from leaving, but Maridjan always said he would only go if he got a sign from the long-dead king who appointed him.
Though thousands of villagers streamed into makeshift emergency shelters after Tuesday's powerful eruption, many defied official warnings and started returning Wednesday, saying they had to tend to their crops and protect their homes.
"We'll do everything we can to stop them," said Hadi Purnomo, the district chief in Sleman, describing several formerly plush villages south of the crater as "death zones." "There's no life there. The trees, farms, houses are scorched. Everything is covered in heavy gray ash."
Several other areas, however, were virtually untouched.

"I keep thinking about what's happening up there," said Hadi Sumarmo, who has a farm in Srumbung, a village three miles (seven kilometers) from the cone. "I just want to go back to check. If I hear sirens, I'll get out again quickly."

Mupok Aku


Monday, October 25, 2010

Wakil Rakyat For N25-Balai Ringin or P202-Sri Aman Must Resign to Enable Poor Families in the Contituencies to Get Low Cost Houses

Monday, 25th October 2010

Why can't the Same Project be launched in Sarawak, the State which is rich in natural resources but dwelling by the poorest peoples in Malaysia! 

After reading the newspaper this morning, I realized that the only way how Najib 1Malaysia-People First Performance Now can reach the people is by calling for the By-Election.

he People Of N25-Balai Ringin Do Not Need the MRP Projects, what they need are the basic amenities like good houses, road, electricity and clean water. If the YB cannot afford to provide basic amenities to the people than the best way is to resign so that Najib can announce for the by-election and therefore the low cost housing project just like the one in Gua Musang can reach the poor people in N25-Balai Ringin!
Yesterday, Sunday, 24th October 2010, Muhyiddin Yassin announced that the government will build the "Rumah Rakyat" for more than 1500 people in Gua Musang. Muhyiddin said the project is not part of BN's "Fishing For Vote Project" for Galas by-election. If so why in Gua Musang, and not in Balai Ringin, the home town? 

I wrote about the plight of the people of Kampong Empaling about their housing loan application in Bukittunggal which was submitted to the Sarawak Housing Development Corporation (SHDC) since year 2007 and resubmitted again in year 2009 but until now had received no response from the corporation.

Bukittunggal also wrote about the dilapidated conditions of the houses in Kampong Gayau, another long houses in N25-Balai Ringin which needed the housing loan, just like the 1500 people in Gua Musang .

The number of registered voters in both of the longhouses may not be able to match the number of voters in Gua Musang but their numbers may be able to determine the winner of the election in N25-Balai Ringin or P202-Sri Aman. YB Snowdan may still remember how his father defeated Dato Seri Daniel Tajem in the state election held in year 1987 by slim 59 votes. Supposedly if the same scenario happen again, whereby a close fight between BN and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) candidates reoccurred againt, if the voters from the two long houses do not vote for him, Snowdan Lawan or any BN candidate that stands in N25-balai Ringin or P202-Sri Aman will sure lose the election.

If YB Snowdan Lawan really wants to develop his constituency, the best and most effective method is by calling for the by-election. So far the by-election is considered as the most effective way to bring about the development to each constituency.

Let’s there Be A By-Election In N25-Balai Ringin

Based on the Previous By-Elections, BN were willing to spend huge amount of monies to fish for votes. Thus the only way how development could reach N25-Balai Ringin or P202-Sr Aman is by calling for the By-Election. But are YB Snowdan and YB Masir Kujat willing to sacrifice their seats ?  

Based on the previous eleven (11) by-elections held since the 12th General Election in 2008, in order to win the election, BN had willing to spend millions of ringgit.

Since YB Snowdan and YB Masir Kujat could not bring enough developments to their constituencies, either YB Snowdan or Masir Kujat will need to sacrifice their seats in order for the By-Election to be held in N25-Balai Ringin or P202-Sri Aman. They should not wait for God intervention to force them to relinquish their posts.

To the voters in N25-Balai Ringin and P202-Sri Aman, Let’s Pray for the By-Election in our constituency.

Mupok Aku


Malaysia’s May 13, 1969

Monday, 25th October 2010

There are two events that have changed the course of Malaysian history. The first was the attempted creation of the Malayan Union by the British colonialists. The second is the infamous May 13, 1969. Both are closely inter-twined as the first galvanised the different Malay communities in Peninsular Malaya (Malaya) to form the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) which spearheaded the fight against the Malayan Union and had the profound impact of predisposing Malaysia towards racial politics, which ultimately led to the May 13, 1969 race riots and the continuing conundrum Malaysia faces in race-relations .

The British colonialists must also be held responsible for Malaysia’s race-based politics. In their attempts to protect British strategic and economic interests, they favoured Malaya’s capitalist elite who preferred the race based approach to politics against the more universal class based political parties which were seen as direct threats to British interests.

What actually happened?

To date, there are two general accepted versions of what transpired. The official version, the government white paper, of May 13, provides what is now the mainstream view of the events  The paper claims that the predominantly Malaysian Chinese opposition parties were infiltrated by communists elements and were the cause of the riots. It appears that the white paper also attempts to justify the race riots by arguing from a historical perspective, beginning with the Malayan Union to the existing conditions and issues affecting Malaya then that led to the race riots i.e. that the Malays were alienated in their own land.

This maybe considered biased as:

(i) it does not discuss the role that UMNO played in raising racial tensions, not only in Malaya but also in Singapore – who had experienced race riots earlier in 1964 (read here);

(ii) The fact that the Chinese majority opposition parties were involved in masterminding May 13 has not been proven. The white paper itself does not provide substantive evidence. Furthermore, the fact that the government used The Internal Securities Act (ISA) – which does not require bringing the accused to a court of law – against opposition leaders substantiates allegations that UMNO either masterminded May 13 or was taking advantage of it by deposing opposition leaders who at the 1969 general election had a real chance of forming government.

Dr. Kua Kia Soong’s, “Declassified Documents on the Malaysian riots of 1969” provides the other general view, which argues that UMNO played a key role in May 13 . This has of course has been challenged by many in UMNO. A general rebuttal (in a non-academic way) is represented by a blogger called Jebat Must Die.

The truth may lie somewhere in between. Several eminent public intellectuals such as historian Emeritus Prof. Khoo Kay Kim attributes it to the prevailing conditions in Malaysia at that time.

However, one thing became very clear after May 13. Any attempt to challenge UMNO would be met with the strongest response – legitimately or legitimately. May 13 established the concept of Malay supremacy through the blood of hundreds if not thousands of Malaysians, especially of Chinese heritage. This led to most non – Malays having no options but to accept UMNO hegemony (Ketuanan Melayu/Malay Supremacy) or leave Malaysia. Many choose to migrate – a trend which has continued as a result of systematic discrimination against the non – Malays.

The Democratic Action Party (DAP) who choose not to join the newly expanded Alliance - now called Barisan Nasional – and became the largest opposition, became the natural target of UMNO and blame was placed on them systematically as the cause of May 13, 1969. UMNO has since maintained 2/3 majority in Parliament – effectively changing the Constitution and system of government to suit its need.

UMNO/Malay supremacy continues but now it is now challenged more by political parties dominated by Malays themselves, first by PAS (read here), then by Tengku Razaleigh and Semangat 46 in 1988 but most potently through Anwar Ibrahim after Reformasi in 1999 through PKR.

Moving forward?

It is now 42 years since May 13 but it is never far from the minds of Malaysians as UMNO raises it time and again (read here ) to remind Malaysians that only UMNO can guarantee stability.

Most Malaysians want to understand what actually happened, to discuss it in a civilised manner and to come to intelligent solutions that will remove the root causes that created the environment for this terrible incident.

Will UMNO allow this?

This article first appeared in GreggWordpress


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mile 10th Dilapidated Police Station VS Najib's 5 Billions Warisan Merdeka

Thursday, 21st October 2010

Is it 1Malaysia or 1Rosma Mr Najib?

This morning I went to Mile 10th Police station to accompany my brother in-law to make a police report over his son lost Identity Card.
Mile 10th is one of the safest town located in Kuching.
From outside, the police station look normal, even thought it was just a wooden structure, but a frequent repainting make it looks tidy and clean.

Frontal view, the police station look perfect...clean  and well maintained!

It was a small police station mans by one lady lance-corporal. The corporal on duty look friendly and she received our report diligently. Being the ex-army officer Captain, I know how to address her properly.

Inside also look superb... Clean and tidy

But at the Back..Only God Knows...At anytime the building can collapse

A few minutes after making the report, I asked my brother in-law to continue with the report as I need to ease myself. I went to the toilet which was located at far-end from the office where we made the report.

Another rear View..Only God Knows...At anytime the building can collapse

At the back of the office, I was surprised to see how bad was the condition of the police station. At any time the old wooden building could collapsed. I managed to take few photos of this dilapidated police station.

What is the Cost to Build the New Police Station? RM 5 Billion

Between RM 5 Million and RM 5 Billions

After we had done with the report, we left the police station at about 10.30AM. On my way back, I remembered about Najib Warisan Merdeka building which cost RM 5 billions.
If the government can spend RM 5 billion for purpose of tourism there is no reason for government to spend RM 5 millions for the safety of the policemen and to increase security of the citizen.
To all Malaysians out there, judge for yourself if Najib really go for 1Malaysia or 1Rosma!

Mupok Aku


Masir Kujat Promised to Long houses Along Simpang Ubah-SK Saint Leo Gayau Electricity Will Reach Them By Year 2011

Thursday, 21st October 2011

If Masir Kujat promise is just another BN Promise of the Moon, Masir Kujat and BN will be punished!

Presentation of MRP to long house Chief Along Simpang Ubah Road - Masir Kujat Should Go Beyond MRP.

A reliable source told that by year 2011 all the dwellers of the long houses along Simpang Ubah-SK Saint Leo Gayau namely Tekuyong, Empaling, Isu and Gayau will be connected with electricity by year 2011. This promised was made by member of parliament P202-Sri Aman Masir Kujat.

Most of Masir Kujat Promises are Fulfilled

The same reliable source also told that YB Masir Kujat will keep his promise. This was based on the previous promise that he made to TR Ngulu of Empaling on the building of the civic hall (Dewan Masyarakat) for the long house has been fulfilled.
And on the electricity supplies that he promised to all the TRs (long house chiefs) of the long houses along Simpang Ubah-SK Saint Leo Gayau road during the Parents and Teachers Association or Persatuan Ibubapa dan Guru (PIBG) SK Saint Leo Gayau dinner on 12th October 2010, based on his past reputations, many people believed that such promise was not meant to fish for vote.

If YB Masir Kujat fulfills this promise in year 2011, in God's name, I will change my support to BN.

MRP is only for the Lazy YBs. Masir Kujat Please go beyond MRP

There are three things that any long house ever needed. These things or basic amenities are like road, electricity and the business opportunity. As for the long houses that located along Simpang Ubah, the first basic amenities had been fulfilled, and the second will be achieved in year 2011 if Masir Kujat promise is not empty. The third can be easily achieved if the first and second amenities have been provided.

While waiting for Masir Kujat fulfillment of the above promise, status qou will be remained the same, that is to reveal to the world what BN sarawak politic Of Development has done to the Iban.

Mupok Aku

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sarawak's Worst Boat Tragedy in The Milleneum But Recieved No Sympathy From Both Sarawak and Malaysia Ministers Especially From Jabu, Masing and William Mawan!

Wednesday, 20th October 2010

Tatau Boat Tragedy is the worst River Tragedy in the new millennium. But despite this fact, it has received no Sympathy from Sarawak Ministers especially the Iban Ministers. But Where were all the Ministers?

The survivors and Family Members of the victims of the boat tragedy were left by themselves without  proper assistance or show of face by the Iban's Ministers and PKR potential candidate in the area.

As the saying in Bahasa Malaysia goes : "Berat Mata Memandang Berat Lagi Bahu Memikul or a literal translation of the English idiom ‘putting yourself in another man’s shoes’ , is the best way how to describe the trauma faced by the survivors and the family members of the victims of the boat tragedy in Tatau.
The tragedy which occurred at about 2.00pm on Black Friday the 15th Oct 2010 so far has claimed six (6) lives whereas another five(5) were still missing, is the worst river tragedy in the new millennium. But despite the fact, as of when this article is written, no ministers had came  to Tatau to comfort the survivors or the family members of the passengers taht were confirmed died or still missing.

Where Are Jabu, Mawan  and James Masing

I have been following the news in the newspapers  and national television channels but the shadows of the most vocal Iban's Ministers Tan Sri Jabu, Dato William Mawan  and Dato Seri James Jemut Masing were nowhere to be heard or seen. Tatau is an Iban majority area. No matter who represents the area, being the most seniors Iban's ministers in Taib Cabinet, these three Ministers should be there at least to comfort or to give appropriate assistance to the victims or their family members.
Besides no show faces by the BN ministers, the visit by Paul Raja from PKR who only came to the scene just  to condemn BN government and without offer any assistance had made the matter worse. PKR should cease this opportunity by offering assistance in a form of  financial  or morale support. By doing so, such can change the "pembangkang" or  " perintah" mentality by the voters in Tatau. 

So the Coward Ministers Only Vocal When Their Bosses Under Threat

Based on what happening in Tatau boat tragedy, it is obvious that these three Iban's Ministers Alfred Jabu, William Mawan and James Masing only know how to please their bosses. If in defending their bosses, these three ministers will be all out even to the extend of betraying their own races or dignity.

James Masing when asked about cronyism in Sarawak during the  interviewed with Al-Jazeera on 20th March 2009, had denied such accusation just to please his boss. 

Alfred Jabu  who is in charge of Penan affairs, in September 2009 had  questioned the credibility of the government report on the rape of Penan women by the timber companies. His main intention was to please his boss.

William Mawan so far has not too obvious defending his boss. But the way how he handled the SDPD five saga,  where its five elected representatives comprised of  Sylvester Enteri (state assemblyman for Marudi), Peter Nansian (state assemblyman for Tasik Biru), Rosey Yunus (state assemblywoman for Bekenu), Paulus Gumbang (state assemblyman for Batu Danau) and Dr. Tiki Lafe (MP for Mas Gading) had wanted to leave SPDP and joined PRS. He was stopped from sacking the 5 YBs after being advised not to do so by Taib. If not because of Taib Mahmud, he had already sacked the five YBs.

Jabu, Masing and William Mawan : Their True Colors Prevail

Three Yes Men Who had Never Shown-Up when their People In Tatau Needed Them!

Since Saturday until now, everytime I read the news about the boat tragedy and upon learned that none Iban's Ministers had came forward to comfort or gave morale support to the survivors and family members of the victims who perished in the tragedy, I felt so angry.
I was so angry at Jabu, Mawan and Masing because they are the most senior Iban's ministers in state cabinet. Where were they? For me they are not fit to be our leaders. The three of them should resign voluntarily before being kick out in the coming state election.
The three ministers should learn from their friends in the peninsular. Irrespective of their parties, the YBs in the Peninsular will visit  the victims during the calamity. They will visit the area and give assistance in form of finacial or comfort to the victims.
Their absent from Tatau had openly revealing their true colors..
To the voters in Tatau please be wised when exercising your right .......

Mupok Aku

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sg Kakus Tatau Boat Tragedy

Kuching, Sarawak
Tuesday, 19th October 2010

Four express boat passengers died while at least 20 were still missing after the boat which ferried around 30 people sank at Sungai Kakus, in Ulu Tatau.
The incident occurred around 2.30pm when the boat was negotiating a bend in the river, near Kelebu timber camp, around 50 kilometres from here.

The boat was said to have rammed onto a steel cable that a tug boat uses to tow a barge. Only seven passengers including the skipper and a crew member managed to save themselves, said Tatau District Police Chief DSP Zaizodin Wan Jaafar.
Three adult bodies were found around 8pm while the body of a five-month old toddler was found floating on the river a few minutes later, he added.
As at 9pm yesterday, the fate of the missing persons was still not known.
The search and rescue team believed the river current might have swept them somewhere else. The current was also swift, said Zaizodin. Zaizodin said the express boat departed Tatau around 1.30pm and was heading towards Hulu Kakus.
A passenger who survived the ordeal Silo Gerenang, 58, said the express boat was stuck on the steel cable.
“The skipper failed to avoid ramming the steel cable which then got tangled up with our boat. Our boat then sank. I was fortunate because I was sitting near the window and managed to escape,” he said.
Silo, who resides at the Police barrack at Nanga Rungan, Kakus regretted that he could not save other passengers because the incident happened too fast.
Ebie Biju, 35, who was sitting at the front part of the boat, believed that the accident could have been avoided.
Hailing from Rumah Jimbai Kakus, he had been shopping at Tatau Town and thanked God for being alive.
“Luckily my other family members were not with me in the boat,” he said.
“I heard other passengers screaming in panic. In a matter of moments, the boat sank,” he recalled.
The crew member, who survived, Sim Chi Liang said he was full of regret because he could not save the life of passengers or those who drifted away.

“I immediately jumped out through the window. I could not do anything,” he said. Apart from the police and civil defence and rescue team, several camp workers were also helping in the search and rescue of passengers.
“Camp workers also rushed to the scene to assist in the search and rescue operation,” said timber manager Kiu Siong Hock.
The work to fully retrieve the express boat started around 6pm. A crane and tug boat were used to pull the boat to the surface.
Although the work to salvage the boat ended around 8.30pm the search and rescue operation will continue today.
When met at Bintulu Hospital, Assistant Minister of Development and Communication DatuK Lee Kim Shin said Sarawak Rivers Board would probe the incident thoroughly.
“No stone will be unturned,” he said.
Lee, also Senadin assemblyman, believed the search and rescue team would do its best to search for the missing persons.

Survivor Recalls On Tragedy

Sylvia, 21, looked like a spent force, but otherwise healthy when met at the hospital bed late yesterday.

She said she was probably in the water for 10 minutes, struggling to keep herself afloat, before some strong hands pulled her out of the water.

Recounting her experience, Sylvia said she travelled alone from Kakus to Tatau for some grocery.
“After having bought all I needed to buy, I took the 1.30pm boat along with about 30 others who included some children.
“I thought nothing of the worst. It was like any other journey I had made along the river.
“In fact, when the accident happened, it was just too fast. All I knew was the boat suddenly tilted over.
“And then there was water and darkness. I fought to keep afloat but the water was sucking me in.
“I went under several times. It was probably 10 minutes and I was frantically trying to get hold of something. My eyes were open but I couldn’t remember seeing anything.
“Then as if by miracle strong hands were pulling me out of the water. I wonder if I had had the strength to keep myself afloat if the rescuers had come a little later.”
Sylvia soon found out that the rescuers were timber camp workers.
Once on dry ground, the first thing a tearful Sylvia spoke of wanting to see her mother.
Jackson Ujik, meanwhile, said he was with his wife and daughter, sitting at the front portion of the boat when he saw the boat going out of control.
“The boat just swayed to one side and the next thing was it simply turned over,” he said, adding that just as it was flipping over he grabbed at the hands of his wife and one-year-old daughter and jumped.
He said that was all he could remember because the next few minutes all he could think of was not to let go the two hands he was holding.
“Then I saw the boat (rescuers’ tugboat) and used all the strength I could muster to reach it. Thank God we’re alive,” Jackson said.

Taken From Borneo Post Online

Mupok Aku

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