Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mr PM - What Actions Had Been Taken Against the Two-Racist Headmistresses ?

Tuesday, 21st September 2010

On 24th August 2010 and republished on 2nd September 2010, I wrote in about the three teachers who made racist remarks against the Chinese and Indian primary school students in Kedah, Perak and Johor.
These three teachers, two of them were headmistresses and one a discipline teacher. According to the fact of the case, the problem started with Siti Inshah Mansor, a Johor school principal, who said in a speech at her school that:

“Pelajar-pelajar Cina tidak diperlukan dan boleh balik ke China ataupun Sekolah Foon Yew. Bagi pelajar India, tali sembahyang yang diikat di pergelangan tangan dan leher pelajar nampak seakan anjing dan hanya anjing akan mengikat seperti itu.”
“Chinese students are not needed and can go back to China or Foon Yew School. As for the Indian students, the prayer strings that they wear around their wrists and necks make them look like dogs and only dogs are chained up like that.”

A few days after that incident, the Kedah  headmistress hurled similar slurs at her Chinese pupils after she found them eating during the fasting month - on the basis that they were disrespecting Ramadan.

On 27th August 2010 one visitor to reported that a discipline teacher from SMK Anderson in Ipoh Perak name Kamarulzazaman had uttered the racist remarks against the Indian students about cutting their neck and wrist strings.
Of all the three cases, few police reports were lodged by the parents against the two headmistress but the case in Perak, no action had been taken as the case had been covered-up  by the school authority. The discipline teacher was allowed to go back to his disciplinary job.

Until Today What Actions Have Been Taken By The Government
Just before Hari Raya, Deputy Prime Minister had announced the setting-up of the Special Task Force to probe the two incidents. The government was expected to announce the findings of a special task force after the Hari Raya holidays but so far the government had not made any announcement.
Not only DPM failed to take action against two headmistress for hurling racial slurs at their non-Malay pupils, one of them has returned to work at her Kedah school.
And for the police report  made by the parents, no follow-up actions were taken by the police but instead, they grilled namewee for  exposing the matter in the youtube.

Lim Kit Siang wrote in his blog :
“The school principal in Kedah has returned to her posting although the parents and the Malaysian public have been given to understand that she would be transferred away – as if nothing serious had happened, making a total mockery of Najib’s “zero tolerance for racism” declaration.”
Kit Siang added "All eyes will be on the Cabinet meeting tomorrow – not only on whether the Cabinet would take a stand to ensure that the two school principals who had made racial slurs against their students in school should be severely punished as an example to all education officers, but whether the Cabinet would at long last give full endorsement to Najib’s 1Malaysia policy with every Cabinet Minister declaring support for the 1Malaysia policy to create a Malaysian nation where every Malaysian regards himself or herself as Malaysian first and race second."

If PM Najib is serious about his 1Malaysia concept, he must take the matter seriously by taking appropriate actions against the two headmistresses.

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