Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Taib Must Go Campaign

Wednesday, 8th September 2010

We Want Taib To To Go

Last month the longest serving Chief Minister in the whole world had expressed his attention to step down if Sarawakians wanted him to step down.
Just to ensure that their position are saved, majority of the BN component party leaders came forward in the newspapers to show their supports for him. Also came forward (in order to save their allowances) to show their supports for Taib were the  community leaders.
The above supports as shown by the party leaders and community leaders did not represent the majority of Sarawakians. With that the Caring citizen of Sarawak had launched the "TAIB MUST GO" campaign. At this moment the group is using the Facebook and T-Shirt for their campaign.
All Sarawakians who wish Taib to step down as the Chief Minister of sarawak are encourage to join the facebook TAIB MUST GO and to order the T-Shirt with 'TAIB MUST GO" slogan.
Taib Must Go T-Shirt.
To order Please email :

To read more about "TAIB MUST GO" Campaign please visit PENGAYAU WORDPRESS.COM/.

Please remember this :-

“Taib had wanted to step down in 2006, but the people ‘rakyat’ of Sarawak want him to stay, so he had no choice but to stay," wrote one of the daily newspaper closely linked to  Taib.
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