Monday, September 27, 2010

The Result Of PKR P202-Branch Election Could Be An Indicator The End Road For Ibi Candidacy In N25-Balai Ringin

Monday, 27th September 2010

Ibi Uding Dream to Stand As Candidate under PKR Flag In N25-Balai Ringin Tattered?
The PKR P202-Sri Aman had yesterday successfully held its election to select it new committee members. The election was very important for PKR P202-Sri Aman Branch in its preparation for the coming state election which is due by next year.
The election which was scheduled earlier  from 10.00am until 4.00pm was rescheduled to from 11.00am until 5.00pm. No objection was received from the candidates.

At the beginning the situation was quite tense when Ibi Uding unprofessionally confronted Saudara Cubbold John over an article entitled Ibi Uding We Know What You Did Last Election Year 2006 published in Dayak Nation and early September 2010. Despite being confronted by Ibie Uding infront of tens of party members, but saudara Cubbold John Cubbold still managed to keep cool, otherwise the election might not be held as smooth as it was yesterday.

In the election, about 23 positions were contested as follows:-

(1) Branch Head
(2) Deputy Branch Head
(2) 21 Committee Members.

For the Deputy Branch head, the contest was won by Moses Tait anak Libok. For the  Branch head, the contest was won by Jimmy Donald with the majority of 8 votes  ahead of  his nearest rival Ibi Uding. The overall result was as follows :-

(1) Saudara Cubbold John Lusoi - 10 Votes
(2) Ibi Uding - 76 Votes
(3) Jimmy Donald - 84 Votes

Overall Result

Geographically, most of Cubbold John and Ibi Uding supporters came from Balai Ringin Area to the north until  Lachau Bazaar, where as for  Jimmy Donald, most of his supporter came from Selepong  to  Pakit. 
In term of the  attendance, only 170  or less than 40 % ( percents)  of  party members turned up on that day.
Cubbold John was the protem Chairman for P202-Sri Aman and subsequently selected as the Chairman during the P202-Sri Aman branch election held on 24th April 2010 

Jimmy Donald Joined PKR Way after Cubbold John....

Jimmy Donald joined PKR and PKR P202-Sri Aman Branch on 17 November 2010 after he was dropped and replaced by Masir Kujat by BN  in the 13th GE. When told that Jimmy Donald won the election, the news did not surprise me because Jimmy Donald is a very experienced politician, and had learned a lot from the PBDS crisis. 
Based on observation, he had started the strategy  to win PKR P202-Sri Aman branch head since June 2010. The man behind his strategy was his son, Leon Jimmy Donald. who had started to recruit its members from Empaling, Ubah, Gayau, Limau. Most of the members recruited by Leon were aligned to Cubbold, but in the election, most of these DAP members had voted for Jimmy Donald.

Recruitment Drive by DAP in Simpang Ubah and along Sg Tenggang-Simpang Punda  had caused Saudara Cubbold to lose  his Ketua Cabang Post!

Candidate With Lack of  EQ

When speaking to party members that presented during the announcement of the election result, Ibi Uding contemplated that judging from the result of the election, she  was the most suitable candidate to represent PKR  in N25-Balai Ringin, for the coming state election to challenge YB Snowdan Lawan from PRS . But based on the overall result of the election, as most of the post contested had won by those who aligned to Jimmy Donald, Ibi Uding aim to stand as PKR candidate in N25-Balai Ringin may just remained as a  dream.

Non-Jimmy Supporters to stay outside without refreshment..PKR ought to treat all members equally....

Election Officer...To ensure that Election is done properly....SYABAS!

One of the party member exercising his right going into the polling room!

Peeping through the  Window to follow  closely a vote counting!

Based on Bukittunggal.Com personal observation on Ibi behaviour, on top of being errogant, she is lacked of leadership quality especially in emotional intelligence (EQ). This was judging from how she confronted Saudara Cubbold during the election. If the party choose to nominate her as a candidate in Balai Ringin, the party will not only risk of losing the election, but the party will be divided further, thus will end party struggle in Balai Ringin. 

"I was sitting here when Ibi supporters distributing the mineral water. I was not given the drink  because I am Saudara Cubbold supporter", said Francis Uli, at the same time pointing at the empty bottles of mineral water scattered on the verandah near the chair where he sat down.

Empty mineral water bottles scattered all over the verandah, believed to be left by Ibi supporters....."I was not given the drink  because 
I supported saudara Cubbold", said Francis Uli when met by Bukittunggal. Is this the  culture that  we would like to practice in PKR?  One must remember that we   all are  belonged to the same party!

N25-Balai Ringin is one of the Iban majority area that has been eyed by PKR. If PKR want to win Balai Ringin in the coming state election, it must not rely on the candidate which has no leadership skills especially in the EQ. Do not choose the candidate just because the party need to achieve the target of 30 percents of the candidate are women, my future and that of the Iban in Balai Ringin is at stake.

Ibi is a desperado who will do what ever it takes to become candidate for PKR in N25 Balai Ringin. In her speech delivered immediately after the result of the election was announced, Ibi said that based on the result of the election whereby she secured the second highest votes, no doubt that she was the perfect candidate to represent PKR in N25-Balai Ringin!

Saudara Cubbold..LAWAN TETAP LAWAN

To saudara Cubbold and the rest who had lost in the election, please remember this :-

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning (Churchill, 1942)

Please remember also let's move on, and LAWAN TETAP LAWAN! 

Mupok Aku


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