Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Namewee-From the Bottom Of My Heart and A Challenge For Debate With Puteri UMNO!

Wednesday, 8th September 2010

Namewee from Generation Y, first made a big name in Malaysia in 2007 when his rap song entitled  "NEGARAKUKU" appeared in popular Youtube. Last month he once against angered the UMNO by his another rap song but this time about the racist headmistress name Siti Inshah. Despite acted as whistleblower, he was condemned by UMNO especially by its Puteri Wing.
Today he tells the Malaysian his side of the story, and his willingness to debate with Puteri UMNO that his song was created in good faith and because of his loves to this country.Please read his statementment exclusively in

My name is Wee Meng Chee.

Namewee..Generation Y Malaysian

I am a Malaysian who grew up harmoniously with friends from all all walks of life and different races. From my young age, I was taught under our national education system to always have an open mind so that some day I can in turn, contribute my intellectual thoughts back to my beloved country.
Over the past few weeks, servants of the government under the education system have committed certain acts which disrupted the racial sentiments in the country and like many of my fellow Malaysians, I felt saddened and at times angered by these black sheep who do not respect that Malaysia is a multi-racial country with freedom of religion.
I strongly believe that this country was built by all races including Malays, Chinese, Indians and other minorities. Hence, my main objective for uploading the new video titled ‘Nah’ was to condemn such acts and to stand up against racism. This video was about defending the constitution of the country because just like me, most Malaysians want nothing but peace and racial harmony.
I have used obscene language blatantly as a form of communication in some of my videos but that does not mean I am not educated nor that I have committed a serious crime. Vulgarity content was chosen only with the objective of bringing forward my point of view (and the view of many people) with more impact. Therefore, I believe it is more critical to highlight the subject matter instead of focusing on the choice of words.
Based on the report I have read by Utusan Malaysia, I am truly saddened and disbelief that I am now being accused of causing racial tension in my beloved country by a small group of politicians representing the government when all I was doing in my own way, was to defend the true constitution of the country and condemn those who do not respect our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s hard work of building a 1Malaysia country. To show my support for our Prime Minister for enforcing ‘Zero tolerance over racist remarks’, I have also taken out the said video from my youtube account since I have already highlighted my stand over the issue, which is to STOP RACISM in this country.
Many accusations have been made upon me since 2007, and this time I like to defend for myself as nobody seems to be defending for me in the political arena. My name has been used on many incidents by politicians over the years, this time I am not going to let empty accusations with no basis being laid upon me again. I am only an individual with no political agenda or motives, who wishes to voice out his opinion against racism in this country.
Therefore I like to challenge Puteri Umno Chief for an open debate, I like to find out from her, why is she attacking the victim (the Malaysian public) when the real perpetrators of this very issue has yet to be punished? If the Chief thinks that I have no respect and sense of responsibility for my own country, please accept my invitation to have an open public debate on this issue. Help us Malaysians define, how to become a good patriotic citizen of Malaysia , educate us please.
Lastly, I love my country and I wish Malaysia a very Happy 53rd National Day !!


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