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Ibi Uding We Know What You Did Last Election In Year 2006

Tuesday,14th September 2010

For Some politicians, Politic is just like Business, Taking  the Best Opportunity on the Right Time.....

Revisited Ibi Uding Campaign Trail in 
Year 2006 State Election 

Before the 12th General Election (GE12) Perak was a Barisan Nasional (BN) stronghold. But in GE12, Pakatan Rakyat made history in Perak by defeating Barisan Nasional by 31 to 28 Seats.But the Pakatan Rakyat victory was short-lived when the 3 lawmakers from PR deserted the alliance and declared their supports for Barisan Nasional. The three lawmakers were Hee Yit Foong the Deputy Speaker from DAP, and two senior state Executive Council member from PKR Jamaluddin Mohd. Radzi and Osman Jailu.
According to the grapevine all the three lawmakers who deserted PR were offered with substantial amount of monies, award with datukship and for Jamaluddin and Osman Jailu their corruption cases were dropped.

Pakatan Rakyat in Sarawak especially Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) should learn from Perak fiasco by paying extra attention in selecting its candidates for the coming state election. Personally I would like to advise the party not to select the candidate to represent the party in the coming state or parliamentary elections from these two categories. Firstly, the members  who join the party because they were unwanted by Barisan Nasional, and secondly, the members who join the party because they want to stand in the election.
But today I want to write about a party member just to be selected as a candidate, and later after winning the election, join BN with big offer!  

Becomes Candidate For Business 

Ever heard about candidates who withdrew their candidacy in the  last minutes, or who announced their supports to the opposing candidate immediately after the nomination closed?. There are many possibilities of such actions. One of the possible cause is the candidate is offered with substantial amount of monies.

One of the politician who had betrayed her voters was Ibi Uding, the current Woman Chief of  Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sarawak . Ibi who stood in N25-Balai Ringin under Sarawak National Party (SNAP) ticket against Snowdan Lawan (BN) and Saudara Cubbold John (Ind) during the state election in year 2006, according to her campaign partners had received the offer from YB Snowdan Lawan and his father, ex-YB Donald Lawan. Even though she did not withdraw her candidacy officially, but after the meeting , she immediately discontinued her campaign. . 

TR Bidi Saw Ibi  had Meeting  With YB Snowdan and his Father at PRS Operation Room at Simpang Punda and after that she stopped her campaign Program

Relating what happened on that day, one of Ibi Uding campaign team member TR Bidi (picture above) from Empili  said :

" On Sunday, 14th May *2006 at about 4.00PM, I saw Pelie ak Jumbu and Ibi Uding  meeting with YB Snowdan lawan and Donal Lawan at PRS Operation Room at Simpang Punda." 

"Immediately after the meeting, Ibi Uding stopped her campaign", said TR Bidi.

Another witness who saw the meeting was  Beisy ak Ringan from Bayur.

As the meeting were between the four, there was no information on the amount of monies received by Ibi. But the reliable source to Bukittunggal said that Pelie ak Jumbu were given RM10K by Ibi.

In the election Snowdan Lawan secured 3,075 votes, Ibi Uding  1,559 votes and Saudara Cubbold  742 votes. Should Ibi did not accept Snowdan offer, and proceed with her campaign, the result of the election could be different or won by her.

If PKR want to win N25-Balai Ringin with the candidate reliable to PKR struggle, the party should not nominate Ibi as the party's candidate. Based on what happened in 2006 election, if she is chosen as a candidate, the tendency is there that she will betray the party by repeating what she had done in year 2006. For Ibi , election is just like doing business. She will accept the monies, if not during the election by withdrawing her candidacy, she will follow the actions of the three pakatan law makers in Perak.
According to reliable source both TR Bidi and Beisy were willing to give statement to PKR Disciplinary Committee if  request by the party.


As reported by the two witnesses, TR Bidi from Empili and Beisi ak Ringan from Bayur, Ibi Uding had accpted monies from YB Snowdan Lawan and Donald Lawan in the state election held in year 2006. Even though no amount of money was revealed but  the grapevine said Pelie ak Jumbu was given RM10K by Ibi.

The party should not gamble the future of  the voters in N-25 Balai Ringin by selecting Ibi Uding as their candidate in the coming state election.

The party should find a reliable and good  party members as a candidate in the coming state election for N25-Balai Ringin.

Mupok Aku


* Correction has been made to date of the meeting between Ibi Uding, Pelie, Snowdan Lawan and YB 

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