Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The contrast of two countries-China and Pakistan in a time of great tragedy.

Kuching, Sarawak
Wednesday, 1st September 2010

I recieved yet another good article from Hornbill-Hornbill , and I would like to share it here in
Pakistan Vs China in a time of great tragedy.

Both China and Pakistan were devasted by disastrous flooding, landslides, massive destruction and loss of lives.

China does not rely on foreigns help

Look at China armies (PLA) helping the flood victims. You can't see this happen in Pakistan.

The Chinese responded by mobilising their own resources, thousand of the arm forces, police and volunteers systemmatically tackled the problems. You see Chinese all over the country giving donantions in all forms, cash and kinds. And whole prayed for the deaths.
The Chinese leaders were at the site of tragedy within 24 hours.
In Pakistan, the President was enjoying his holiday trip to London, and he has yet to make his first visit to the scene of tragedy.

In Pakistan, the only assistance that their armies can give to their people is the water. There is no body contact between the armies and their people.

Can you see any pakistan armies among the Flood Victims?
In Pakistan, we see the long lines of the affected and refugees, dressed in their long robs, blaming that the government for not coming to help them, and so they just sit down and wait and wait, and they are absolutely incapable of organising themselves to help themselves, because the suffering that befall them is God's will- inshaallah!
China has not asked for a single cent from other countries or international organisations for assistance.
In the meantime, the UN is seeking US$460 million for Pakistan.
The Talibans said it will give Pakistan $20 million if it rejects aids from the western infidels!
The US has pledged $50 million, Australia 9 million.

And the Arab countries?

Kuwait pledged $5 million, Turkey $0.28 million, and UAE $0.028 million which is less than the cost of a toy for an Arab Sheik! The rich Arabs have oil and cash to drown themselves, but none to spare to help their fellow Muslims!
In every tragedy, it is always the western infidels and wealthy Asian nations who respond to the sufferings of the Muslims!
Where is all the love and brotherhood that Muslims preach in their holy Koran? Each day we hear them pray so loud and clear, but how many reach out to their pockets to give something to their suffering Muslims?

Mupok Aku


The above essay is not belong to Remaung6Renjer. It is reproduced here in Bukittunggal just want to share the different between China which is ruled by a communist and Pakistan which is a democratic country. Please leave a comment if you like the essay! 

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