Friday, September 17, 2010

Communist Insurgency In Malaya-The Documentary is A Farce Without Even Mentioning The Roles Of Sarawak Ranger

Friday, 17th September 2010

I watched several times the screening of National Geographic documentary " The Emergency in Malaya" specially filmed in conjunction with the National Day celebration recently. The documentary detailed the "undeclared war" where the Communist terrorists (termed by the British) tried to capture Malaya and rule her in accordance with the Communist ideology, doctrine and principles. The British colonists, at all cost, must stop this spread of communism, resulting in a series of bloody battles, mainly fought guerrila warfare style in both the cruel,dense, malaria infested Malayan jungles as well as its rural areas, plantations and tin mines.

Both sides suffered tremendously. Even the British Governor was ambushed and shot dead. Thousands of lives were lost, some very dishonourably.
The documentary narrowed down personalities, events, methods, tactics and the rest; Templer, Briggs, The SB, the New Village, the rationed system of limitations even on rice supply, the
central cooking, the orang asli Sg Praq, the barbed wired village, the turncoats, the secret murders; EXCEPT THE SARAWAK RANGERS!

These trackers despite their contributions to Malaya, had never been awarded with any medal by Malaysian government.

How on earth the National Geographic Producers, Scriptwriters and the researchers MISSED the roles played by the SARAWAK RANGERS? THE MOSTLY DAYAK Soldiers died there for
Malaya (not Malaysia). How on earth would the bloody British soldiers patrolled the cruel and merciless jungles of Malaya, fresh from England, some even barely 20 years old, without the help of the Dayak trackers?

Their Skills in Jungle Tracking were no matched by any soldiers  in the whole world but their contributions were not recognised by Malaysian Government. Jabu and Masing, now both of you can open your mouths!

Even to this bloody day, the ex-Army association still tried to relocate several graves of the Dayak Soldiers who died during the Emergency, seen scattered all over, even by the roadside in West Malaysia, testimonies of them fighting and being killed, and buried unceremoniously. FOR WHAT? FOR WHOM?

Sorry, I have to stop here...angry and feel betrayed like shit! Am sorry for the KANANGS, THE RENTAPS, and..the list goes on and on...unnoticed and forgotten forever...!

To read more please visit Borneo Warrior

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