Sunday, August 29, 2010

There Should be Zero Racist Amongst The Teachers

Sunday, 29th August 2010

Since Siti Inshah the headmistress of SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra racist remark had came out in the news, there were actually more than "one" Siti Inshah amongst the teachers.

Another  Racist Siti Inshah In The School

In Kedah another headmistress was accused of uttering similar derogatory remarks. The SMK Bukit Selambau headmistress was said to have accused the Chinese pupils of being insensitive to the Muslims for eating in the school compound during the Ramadan month and ordered them to return to China if they could not respect the cultures of other races.In the incident, the principal had allegedly scolded 10 Form Three students for eating outside the school canteen at about 7am before classes began.The students were eating outside because the lights in the canteen were not switched on.

SM Anderson Ipoh..where the incident of educator uttering  the racist remark also occur as reported by
a reader of  Bukittunggal

Other than the above incidents, also received information from one reader alleged that a teacher in SM Anderson Ipoh had also uttered a racist remarks against the Indian students. The reader who named himself as Rajloo on 27th August had said :-

There is a same case happen in anderson ipoh! about cutting the Indians neck and wrist strings! but all cover up! and the bastard is back to his disciplinary job ! his name is Kamarulzaman!

As of when this article is written there is no information whether the incidence in Anderson Ipoh has been brought up to the attention of the authorities.

Should Racist Be Allowed

I am looking at the racist remarks by the educators, what to say if he or she is a school principal, as very serious. The teacher is responsible to ensure that the students from various races live harmoniously with each other in the school. But if the headmistress acted in the opposite manner, therefore he or she is not fit to sit on the principal chair.

We should not tolerate with racist. It is the act of against the constitution and law. Regardless of the skin colour of the culprit, he or she should be dealt with the law accordingly.

We hope that the government especially the Ministry of Education (MOE) will take appropriate actions against the teachers involved in uttering the racist remarks. Any action by the government to cover-up such matter will have an adverse affect to PM Najib's 1Malaysia initiative.

Mupok Aku


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