Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Power Broker For Candidacy In N25-Balai Ringin

Tuesday, 31st August 2010

N25 Is the Iban Majority Area and Among the Most Undeveloped Constituency In Malaysia

After reading what has been written in Dayak Nation and from the information that I recieved from the ground, the coming state election in N25-Balai Ringin will see a power struggle among the PKR and other PR component party members

Ibi Uding Has Declared herself as Candidate for N25-Balai Ringin. Her declaration was not well received by the voters in N25-Balai Ringin

According to the article by Dayak Nation , Ibi Uding the PKR State Wanita Chief has been selected as a candidate for N25-Balai Ringin. This was announced by Ibi herself. Responding to Ibi self-declaration on her candidacy, Francis Uli one of the committee member of P202-Sri Aman disputed Ibi candidacy, as according to him, Ibi was not from N25-Balai Ringin thus was not suitable to become the candidate.

Already too old and his educational background insufficient to lead this remote and backward constituency. 

Many people inclusive of Bukittunggal believed that Uli statement was just to test the ground so that PKR could nominate him as a candidate for N25-Balai Ringin. But being the pensioner whose age is nearly 60 years, Uli is a bit of too old to represent the most backward and undeveloped constituency like N25-Balai Ringin. Bukittunggal strongly believed that N25-Balai Ringin must be represented by a younger and energetic candidate.
Ibi Uding who had lost in the 2006 election, and being a women is not fit to represent this rural constituency.
Datuk Daniel in his speech during the Meeting  had advised the committee to look for a good candidate to represent PKR in the coming state election. In my understanding, a good candidate  meant a person that has qualification, young, energetic and never been lost in the election.  Uli or Ibi definitely  does not match the criteria as set by Datuk Daniel Tajem.

Who Is The Best candidate for PKR in N25-Balai Ringin

The young shaman that follows Ibi whereever she goes, predicted that Ibi will win the election. She will defeat Snowdan lawan from PRS. She also predeicted that a PKR veteran member (Not Uli please)  who has been very active in that area will be also defeated by Ibi. 
But do we want to believe in what the shaman has predicted ? If we do than go ahead let's sacrifice and  nominate her as the candidate, if not than we must keep SEARCHING.......

DAP and SNAP also intertested With N25-balai Ringin
I also received the information from the ground that DAP has started to mobilize their elements  especially in Empaling, Isu, Gayau, Tekuyong and Ubah. So far DAP has been well received by the people here. 
Other than DAP, new PR member  SNAP has also shown their interest to compete in N25-Balai Ringin.
Based on these developments, if PKR still unable to find a suitable candidate, N25-Balai Ringin will see a corner fight between BN candidates and the PR candidates.

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