Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Power Broker For Candidacy In N25-Balai Ringin

Tuesday, 31st August 2010

N25 Is the Iban Majority Area and Among the Most Undeveloped Constituency In Malaysia

After reading what has been written in Dayak Nation and from the information that I recieved from the ground, the coming state election in N25-Balai Ringin will see a power struggle among the PKR and other PR component party members

Ibi Uding Has Declared herself as Candidate for N25-Balai Ringin. Her declaration was not well received by the voters in N25-Balai Ringin

According to the article by Dayak Nation , Ibi Uding the PKR State Wanita Chief has been selected as a candidate for N25-Balai Ringin. This was announced by Ibi herself. Responding to Ibi self-declaration on her candidacy, Francis Uli one of the committee member of P202-Sri Aman disputed Ibi candidacy, as according to him, Ibi was not from N25-Balai Ringin thus was not suitable to become the candidate.

Already too old and his educational background insufficient to lead this remote and backward constituency. 

Many people inclusive of Bukittunggal believed that Uli statement was just to test the ground so that PKR could nominate him as a candidate for N25-Balai Ringin. But being the pensioner whose age is nearly 60 years, Uli is a bit of too old to represent the most backward and undeveloped constituency like N25-Balai Ringin. Bukittunggal strongly believed that N25-Balai Ringin must be represented by a younger and energetic candidate.
Ibi Uding who had lost in the 2006 election, and being a women is not fit to represent this rural constituency.
Datuk Daniel in his speech during the Meeting  had advised the committee to look for a good candidate to represent PKR in the coming state election. In my understanding, a good candidate  meant a person that has qualification, young, energetic and never been lost in the election.  Uli or Ibi definitely  does not match the criteria as set by Datuk Daniel Tajem.

Who Is The Best candidate for PKR in N25-Balai Ringin

The young shaman that follows Ibi whereever she goes, predicted that Ibi will win the election. She will defeat Snowdan lawan from PRS. She also predeicted that a PKR veteran member (Not Uli please)  who has been very active in that area will be also defeated by Ibi. 
But do we want to believe in what the shaman has predicted ? If we do than go ahead let's sacrifice and  nominate her as the candidate, if not than we must keep SEARCHING.......

DAP and SNAP also intertested With N25-balai Ringin
I also received the information from the ground that DAP has started to mobilize their elements  especially in Empaling, Isu, Gayau, Tekuyong and Ubah. So far DAP has been well received by the people here. 
Other than DAP, new PR member  SNAP has also shown their interest to compete in N25-Balai Ringin.
Based on these developments, if PKR still unable to find a suitable candidate, N25-Balai Ringin will see a corner fight between BN candidates and the PR candidates.

Mupok Aku


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Teo Nie Ching Visit Mosque Was Not Against the Fatwa Council

Sunday, 29th August 2010

Fatwa Council convened on March 1, 2010,that Non-Muslims allowed to Visit Mosque.

PAS vice president Mahfuz Omar said if the Selangor religious council or Mais were to charge Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching for entering a surau or Muslim prayer hall, then it should also summon the National Fatwa Council.

“It is in direct contravention to a decision made by Fatwa working committee at the Muzakarah Jawatankuasa Fatwa Majlis Kebangsaan Bagi Hal Ehwal Ugama Islam Malaysia Kali Ke-90 which had convened on March 1, 2010,” Mahfuz told Malaysia Chronicle.

"It was decided then that non-Muslims should be allowed to enter mosques and suraus as this is one way we can propagate Islam. So if Mais thinks Nie Ching is wrong to enter the surau and want to give her a warning letter, then Mais should also send one to the National Fatwa Council.”

The PAS leader also slammed Umno for hatching the plot to roil the Pakatan Rakyat, saying that such a move ultimately hurt Islam the most as it scared off non-Muslims from the religion or even think about visiting Muslim places of worship.

“Now what Mais and Utusan has done has harmed Islam greatly. They have created the fear in non-Muslims of going to mosques and suraus. How do we spread Islam to them, how do we reach out to non-believers? I also dare to say Mais was manipulated by Umno and they deceived the Palace into thinking Nie Ching had given a political speech in the surau, which is totally false,” said Mahfuz.

PAS to sue Mais, Utusan

PAS has also asked its lawyers to look into suing Utusan and Mais for defaming their party over the surau visit.

“In its report Utusan wrote that Nie Ching gave aid to PAS members. This is not true at all. Nie Ching was handing over a cheque for a donation made by the Selangor government to the surau to help them repair a fence,” said Mahfuz.

“Secondly, Utusan said Nie Ching made a political speech which again is a lie. She only spoke after handing over the cheque and it was to explain the Selangor government’s education program. It was not a taksirah or a ceramah as it has been made out to be.”

Mahfuz said PAS would also offer legal assistance to the surau committee as Mais has threatened to take back the management of the prayer hall.

Meanwhile, Nie Ching has applied for an audience with the Selangor Sultan to explain her version of the incident. She is still waiting for a date.

Nik Aziz and Asri Say Non-Muslims Can Enter Mosque

Sunday, 29th August 2010

Front Page Utusan Malaysia - Friday, 27th August 2010- Teo Nie talking to the muslim in a mosque was given the same coverage with the burning of Jalur Gemilang by Indonesians in Jakarta.

Both Nik Aziz and Asri Say that Non-Muslims can Enter Mosque.

About 26 years ago while I was studying in one of the boarding school in Telok Intan Perak, after prep-hours, I used to follow my muslim friends studying in the hostel's surau. I was told by them that I could enter the surau (prayer room) as long as I did not do anything forbid by their religion. This was going on  for almost two years 
My understanding about non-muslim entering the mosque stayed until I read the Utusan Malaysia on its Friday, 27th August 2010 publication, where the racist Utusan Malaysia condemned Teo Nee Ching the Serdang MP from DAP for entering the Surau Al-Huda. Her photo standing before a congregation at the Al-Huda surau in Kajang Sentral and delivering a ceramah in a kebaya and without a headscarf  was published in the front page of the paper side-by-side with government condemnation of  the Indonesians for burning the Jalur Gemilang in Jakarta. This racist UMNO own newspaper had tried to portray that the MP action in entering the mosque  after she delivered the fund to repair the mosque was treated as serious as the  the burning of the Jalur Gemilang by the Indonesian in Jakarta. 

Why Did Teo Nie Enter The Mosque?

In defending her action, Teo said she had visited the surau on Aug 22 to present financial aid from the state government for repairs to the gate. She then joined the committee and the congregation in breaking of fast.
“As I was invited to give a brief speech, I made a sincere effort to explain about the state’s education programme for the benefit of the people of Selangor.

What Did Asri and Nik Aziz Say?

Former Perlis mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin said that non-Muslims could enter a mosque as long as they did not besmirch the sanctity of the house of worship.
“Non-Muslims can enter the mosque if it is done with the right purpose to know Islam, understand or study it,” said Asri in a statement today.
“That is the same with Muslims, with the condition that they do not spoil the sanctity of the mosque. This is because during Nabi Muhammad’s time, non-Muslims entered the mosque to meet him,” added Asri, who is seen as a progressive scholar.
He further added that political parties using religion to cause racial strife are the actual culprits smearing the name of Islam.

In Kota Baharu Kelantan, PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat today when asked by the reporters, defended the Serdang MP for visiting the mosque. The Chief Minister of Kelantan said that the action of Serdang MP was not not against the teaching of Islam. He added that it was the best way in enhancing the good rapport between muslims and non-muslim.
“It was not wrong for non-muslims inclusive the women to visit the mosque whether to deliver speech or any other things as long as they are properly dressed , and for the muslim women they must cover their private parts." said Nik Aziz.

He furthered comment that the action of Serdang MP look weird to the muslims nowaday because of their shallow understanding on the teaching of Islam. He said that during Prophet Mohamed pbuh he invited the Quarysh   to the mosque and even allowed them to sleep, eat and drink  in the mosque.
Contrary to UMNO leaders and Utusan Malaysia, both Asri and Nik Aziz who were  the top muslim scholars in Malaysia said that non-muslims were allowed to visit the mosque.
For Freedom Loving Malaysian Please Boycott Utusan Malaysia

I've been boycotted Utusan Malaysia for years and I am going to continue to do so as long as the paper does not change it approach from racist and irresponsible to a peaceful and freedom loving newspaper.
Just look at what the paper published on its Friday, 27th August 2010 edition below.

It is a sin to expose any wrongdoing made by the leader....That what this minister try to tell Malaysian. His comment was related to Nurul Izzah interviewed with foreign newspaper regarding the purchase of submarine that cannot swim .....

Lim Guan Eng name mentioned during Friday prayer in Penang...

An Insult to Islam?

With this type of newspaper, there is no way that the 1Malaysia can be achieved. Just imagined in the military or the police when the Commanding Officer or the OCPD are non-muslim whereby their visit to the mosque are not allowed, or their muslim subordinates not allowed to pray for their safety...What type of multi-racial nations are we?

Mupok Aku


There Should be Zero Racist Amongst The Teachers

Sunday, 29th August 2010

Since Siti Inshah the headmistress of SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra racist remark had came out in the news, there were actually more than "one" Siti Inshah amongst the teachers.

Another  Racist Siti Inshah In The School

In Kedah another headmistress was accused of uttering similar derogatory remarks. The SMK Bukit Selambau headmistress was said to have accused the Chinese pupils of being insensitive to the Muslims for eating in the school compound during the Ramadan month and ordered them to return to China if they could not respect the cultures of other races.In the incident, the principal had allegedly scolded 10 Form Three students for eating outside the school canteen at about 7am before classes began.The students were eating outside because the lights in the canteen were not switched on.

SM Anderson Ipoh..where the incident of educator uttering  the racist remark also occur as reported by
a reader of  Bukittunggal

Other than the above incidents, also received information from one reader alleged that a teacher in SM Anderson Ipoh had also uttered a racist remarks against the Indian students. The reader who named himself as Rajloo on 27th August had said :-

There is a same case happen in anderson ipoh! about cutting the Indians neck and wrist strings! but all cover up! and the bastard is back to his disciplinary job ! his name is Kamarulzaman!

As of when this article is written there is no information whether the incidence in Anderson Ipoh has been brought up to the attention of the authorities.

Should Racist Be Allowed

I am looking at the racist remarks by the educators, what to say if he or she is a school principal, as very serious. The teacher is responsible to ensure that the students from various races live harmoniously with each other in the school. But if the headmistress acted in the opposite manner, therefore he or she is not fit to sit on the principal chair.

We should not tolerate with racist. It is the act of against the constitution and law. Regardless of the skin colour of the culprit, he or she should be dealt with the law accordingly.

We hope that the government especially the Ministry of Education (MOE) will take appropriate actions against the teachers involved in uttering the racist remarks. Any action by the government to cover-up such matter will have an adverse affect to PM Najib's 1Malaysia initiative.

Mupok Aku


Friday, August 27, 2010

Government "Go Slow" In Tabling The Akta Veteran causes 366195 Ex-Armed Forces Personnel Not Entitled for the RM500 Special Payment

Friday, 27th August 2010

Due to Barisan Nasional "Go Slow" in tabling the Akta Veteran, more than 360000 non-pensioners ex-armed forces personnel will not be eligible for the RM500 Raya Special payment.

Yesterday PM Najib announced that the government will pay  the 1.24 million civil servants and 590,000 government pensioners a Hari raya special payment of RM 500 each. The amount eventhough not that big but it will have a great meaning especially to the muslims who will be celebrating the Hari Raya which is expected to falls on 11 September 2010.
But for the non-pensioner of the ex-armed forces personnel  of more than 360000 in number, they will not be paid with the special gift as the Akta Veteran (Ex-Armed Forces Act) has not been approved by the parliament.

The Motive Why the Tabling Of Akta Veteran Announced   During 
the Bagan Pinang By-Election ?

The tabling of Akta Veteran was first announced by the government during the Bagan Pinang By-Election on 11 Oct 2010 where the BN candidate Tan Sri Isa Samad defeated  Zulkefly Mohamad Omar from pakatan Rakyat-PAS. Based on the announcement, the act was supposed to be table by end of last year or the latest by early of this year will not only benefit the members of ex-armed forces who had completed their 21 years services but also those who served less than 21 years who are currently non-pensioners.
But due to government slow action, the act had not been tabled thus more than 360000 ex-armed forces will not be paid with the RM500 special hari raya gift.

Government Must Expedite the Tabling of Akta Veteran

Most of the ex-armed  forces especially from the other rank are living under the poverty line, and most of them work as a security guard. The government must not slowing down the tabling of the act so that the livelihood of the ex-servicemen are well taking care off  by the government. To expedite the tabling of the act, the government must consider the sacrifices   made by these ex-servicemen while they were still in service.

On behalf of all the non-pension ex-armed forces, I am urging the government to expedite the tabling and therefore implementing the Akta Veteran for the benefits of the 360000 ex-armed forces members nationwide irrespective of their political beliefs.

Mupok Aku

Iban/dayak Will Shun Pakatan Rakyat If PAS Proceed With HUDUD

Friday, 27th August 2010

Stop HUDUD or Lose the Iban/Dayak Supports

Iban/Dayak at the earlier stage of the formation of Malaysia were worried that by joining Malaysia they would be forced to convert to Islam (jadi Melayu) but after assurance was given by their leaders that they would be allowed to continue practice their religion and way of life, only then they agreed to join Malaysia.

What is Hudud to The Iban/Dayak

For the Iban/Dayak Hudud means Islamic rule where night clubs, drinking an alcoholic drink and any sort of social activities are not allowed. They will look at Kelantan state and the Kingdom of Brunei as an example.
Their perception might be wrong but in reality that is what really happen in Kelantan and the Kingdom of Brunei.
In Kelantan where the majority of its populations are Malay, the response from it people so far have been so good. Eventhought PAS (Islamic Party Of Malaysia) in imposing certain social strictures such as single-sex queues in supermarkets; separate public benches for men and women; and limiting entertainment centres to prohibit "salacious behaviour";Proposals to institute punishments such as amputation of limbs for thievery and execution for blasphemy, restrictions or outright bans on the traditional performance of syncretic Malay theatrical forms, such as Wayang Kulit, Makyong, Dikir Barat, and Main Puteri; banish any sculpture that looked like human or animal, modified versions without the traditional references to Hindu dewa–dewi and traditional Malay hantu; restricted public performances by women: Aside from Quran recitals, such performances are completely banned if any men are in the audience, but so far PAS has been able to retain Kelantan from UMNO since year 1990.

Stop Hudud or Iban/Dayak Will Pull-out From PKR

After the deregisteration of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) and the failed registeration of Malaysia Dayak Congress (MDC), most of the partyless young Iban from the urban areas had turned to PKR to fight for their struggles. Since then, effort had been made to spread the party to the rural areas.
But with recent development where PAS pursuing its dream to implement Hudud nationwide if the Pakatan Rakyat (PR)win the election in the 13th GE, this can shun the Iban/Dayak from PR. Without the Iban/Dayak support, the PR dream to chase BN (Barisan Nasional) out of Putra Jaya will not be successfully.
To PAS, if you need the Iban/dayak support the party has to forget about Hudud and to stick to the original PR manifiesto which which promised a more democratic and inclusive society.

Mupok Aku


Thursday, August 26, 2010

$1 Dollar Mansion?

Thursday, 26th August 2010

This posting has been published in Sarawak Report on Wednesday, 25th Aug 2010

The people of Sarawak would like to enquire from Abdul Taib Mahmud how much has he paid for the mansion in Seatle USA to Samling ?

The residence forms an enormous property, standing in its own grounds in one of the most prestigious area of Seattle on Boylston Avenue. It was passed from a Samling-owned company to a company now owned by Abdul Taib Mahmud and his family, for just one US dollar in 1991.

Details of a very nice property

Described as a Top Grade Mansion in ‘very good’ condition by Washington State’s King County Department of Assessments, the property was valued at over US$ 6.8 million in 2008.
It has 6 bedrooms and 5 main bathrooms and an enormous total living space of 9,020 square feet, plus a basement of 2,120 square feet. The house is surrounded by a large open porch and there is a big basement garage for the car-loving Taib family, plus a second, attached garage. The mansion is surrounded by gracious gardens, kept in manicured condition and the grounds total 26,172 square feet.

Mysterious acquisition

The property, registered under the company W. A. Boylston Inc (California), has been in the possession of the Taib family since the early to mid-1990s. Family portraits of the Chief Minister, his deceased wife and four sons and daughters as small children, adorn the elaborate rooms.
They have all spent time in the mansion, which is not occupied by anyone else. The property forms part of the family’s Sakti International Corporation, incorporated in California and currently managed by Hisham (Sean) Murray, the Chief Minister’s son in law, out of his offices at 333 Preston Street, Ontario, Canada.
However, there is confusion in the Seattle public records as to how the property passed to the Taibs. Sarawak Report has been unable to obtain any clear record of the transfer from one owner to another or, importantly, the register of any payment that would normally be eligible for taxation. We therefore request a statement from the Taibs to explain the situation.

The Samling connection

However, Sarawak Report has managed to clearly establish that before passing to the Taibs the house was owned by another California corporation called CSY Investments, set up in 1988. CSY acquired the property in 1991 and then registered it under subsidiary company called W. A. Boylston Inc.
CSY are the initials of Chee S Yaw, who signs himself as the company’s President in documents which are publicly available at the King County Land Registry. Significantly, Mr Yaw is one of the younger sons of Yaw Teck Seng, founder of the massive logging conglomerate Samling Global. Yaw Teck Seng is regularly featured in Forbes Asia’s Rich List of Malaysia’s top 40 richest individuals, as does his eldest son, Yaw Chee Ming, establishing them one of the richest families in Asia.


Our revelation comes with poor timing for the Chief Minister of Sarawak. Earlier this week Samling made international headlines when the Norwegian Government Pension Fund withdrew all investments in Samling after condemning the company as ’unethical’, owing to illegal logging and environmental devastation in Sarawak. [Click for Norwegian official announcement]
Abdul Taib Mahumd in his joint capacities as Chief Minister, Finance Minister and State Planning and Resources Minister, has controlled the issuing of Sarawak’s timber licenses for the past 30 years, leaving clear questions over his incentives for favouring such an ‘unethical’ company.
It is no secret that Samling has based its business success on achieving numerous logging concessions in Sarawak. Over the period of the Chief Minister’s rule, companies operating under his licenses have razed virtually all Sarawak’s valuable virgin forest, much of it taken without compensation from the indigenous peoples who had been granted these territories under Native Customary Land Rights.

President of CSY (Son of Samling Boss) signs ownership of Boylston Mansion in 1991. When and how did it pass to the Taibs? Samling is one of the main companies involved in this destruction and it has used its base in Sarawak to launch similar logging operations in the Congo, Amazon, Russia and elsewhere, many of which have been heavily criticised by concerned NGO’s across the world.

The US $1 Sale

Therefore, we repeat the question, how and why did the Chief Minister come by a mansion formally owned by Samling? The only official record available of a transfer of the property in the King County Land Registry from CSY is the granting of a so-called Quit Claim Deed for just one dollar! This transaction on 19th September 1991 placed the property into the subsidiary company W. A. Boylston Inc. W. A. Boylston had been incorporated in California a few days earlier on September 5th by CSY and its registered address was given as 2260 Douglas Boulevard, Roseville, which was the Headquarters of CSY.
CSY and Boylston then immediately filed a joint letter to the King County Real Estate and Excise Tax Department declaring ‘under penalty of perjury’ that W. A. Boylston was a wholly owned subsidiary of CSY Investments, thereby making the Quit Claim transaction exempt from excise tax.
However, our investigations have shown that there is no subsequent record in the Land Registry of the later transfer of ownership of W. A. Boylston from CSY (Samling) to the Taibs. According to rules published by King County such a transfer would normally require the payment of thousands of dollars of excise tax.

Proof of Taib ownership

Despite the lack of open records, Sarawak Report is able to confirm that there is definitive proof that the Taibs did take over the property from Samling’s CSY. In fact they took up residence as the effective owners not long after the property was placed in the hands of the CSY subsidiary W. A. Boylston. Rahman Taib had an insurance assessment drawn up in 1996 (see above).
Portraits of the Taib family adorn the house. The family were in residence from at least the mid-90s
Furthermore, a significant alteration was made to the company’s official address and official representative in 2000. In that year W. A. Boylston’s annual Statement by a Domestic Stock Corporation to the State of California noted a change of address to that of the headquarters of Sakti International (the property company, which Sarawak Report has recently proved to be majority owned by the Chief Minister). Likewise, the company representative was altered from a CSY official to Rahman Taib, the Chief Minister’s younger son.

How much did it cost?

Sarawak Report therefore wishes to ask once more,whether Mr Taib paid the going rate of over $3 million for the house at that time to Samling for the purchase of the house? If so, how did the Chief Minister (salary approx MR 50,000 per month) find the money?
If, on the other hand he acquired it for free, then readers of Sarawak Report will be entitled to conclude that the mansion was a kickback from Samling, as a favour in return for all the logging concessions granted to them by the Chief Minister. They would also be entitled to ask whether the United States tax authorities have received all the money they are due.

By the way there is a second Seattle Mansion!

If the Boylston mansion was indeed a ‘gift’ from Samling to the Chief Minister, then one cannot expect such a thing to be done by halves. Indeed, a second, equally gracious and prestigious mansion has also found its way from the Yaws to the Taibs in Seattle, by what would appear to be exactly the same route.

W. A. Everett Inc

2222 Everett Avenue East, worth $2,854,000 at its peak value in 2008, was also originally purchased by the Yaws. It was then registered under another California corporation, W. A. Everett Inc, set up on the same day as W. A. Boylston (5th September 1991). W. A. Everett Inc is likewise listed as a subsidiary of CSY in the King County Land Registry. This mansion also ended up in the hands of the Taibs.

The property is smaller with four bedrooms and bathrooms, but has famously sought after views over the City.
Sarawak Report understands that the Taibs have mainly rented it out over the past two decades, but as with Boylston, the only information about a transfer of ownership of the company from Samling to the Taibs comes with an identical change of address and officers in 2000, from the CSY address in Roseville to Rahman Taib, at Sakti International’s Headquarters in San Francisco. This leaves very many questions about how the Taibs have acquired their wealth. It is time for transparency.

Mupok Aku


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

RM300mil loss for S'wak from land 'sold' to Taib's children

Wednesday, 25th August 2010

Taken From Malaysia Chronicle

A company owned by Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud's children has obtained land in Kuching at a very low price, causing the state to lose at least RM300 million in potential revenue.

Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen said the state government had alienated 269 acres of land within the city to Monarda Sdn Bhd at a "grossly and obscenely under-priced" rate of RM291,000 per acre on average.

"The market rate is between RM1.5 million and RM2 million per acre. Had the government gone for public tender, the state could have (earned) RM400 million to RM500 million," he told Malaysiakini today.

Instead, Monarda, which has a paid-up capital of RM100, only paid about RM78.28 million for the three parcels of land, he said.

"We demand that the state government gives a full explanation and be accountable to the people of Sarawak," said Chong (left), who is also Sarawak DAP secretary.

The three parcels are located next to the Kuching International Airport near Stutong. There is a military base located in the same area.

Monarda is headed by Taib's eldest son Abu Bekir, who holds 52 shares, and one Choong Sun Nam, who holds 12 shares.

Other shareholders include Taib's daughters Jamilah and Hanifah Hajar, and Taib's daughter-in-law Anisa Hamidah Abdullah, all of whom hold 12 shares respectively.

Unusual alienation exercise

Chong, who traced the Taib connection through land and companies registry searches, said this was one of the largest parcels of city land to be alienated in any one exercise.

"The land is currently vacant and Monarda has not done any business since it was founded," he said.

Earlier this year, three complaints were lodged with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission against Taib, alleging that he and his family had used corrupt means to build a property empire valued in excess of RM3 billion.

Two documents surfaced this month in the Sarawak Report website alleging that Taib had used proxies in 1987 to take control of a US-based property company, Sakti International Corporation, then worth at least US$80 million (RM250 million).

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Malaysian Finest, Funniest or Fuckup-est?

Friday, 20th August 2010

Once against I would like to thank my friend from Hornbill-hornbill for sharing the posting below written by someone name KTemoc. The article was about  Teoh Beng Hock's inquest. It shown the stupidity of the MACC lawyer during the questioning of Dr Pornthip. After reading this article, I could not stop myself from doubting the qualification of the government lawyer that representing wether MACC in the inquest.
Let's read the article below.

You know, I’m just about to go to Bangkok, and I cringe to identify myself as a Malaysian because of one moron. 
You want to know who he is? If you read Malaysiakini’s 'Have you ever jumped off a building?' you will initially be flabbergasted by the most inane and stupid questions you’d ever have the misfortune to hear a Malaysian prosecutor ask in court.
Then your emotions will change as you cringe in embarrassment (malu sajalah) after realizing that idiot had asked a foreigner such moronic questions.
A lawyer or An Interrogator!

The scene was at the judicial inquest where renowned Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand was giving expertise evidence on the disputed cause of Teoh Beng Hock’s unexplained death after a night of interrogation by MACC ...
... mind you, Teoh was just a witness. I shudder to imagine how a suspect would have fared?
The Thing from the Swamp made a pathetic puerile attack on Dr Pornthip’s professional credential [warning: get ready to cringe in embarrassment]: "Did you know that the university that you graduated from is not recognised in Malaysia?"
Pornthip answered gently: "But it is in the top five in Asia."
Thank heavens Dr Pornthip didn’t ask: “Hey, any Malaysian university up there or close by?”
That idiot doesn’t even know that Malaysian tertiary education has become a sorry joke for the last couple of decades, yet he had the brazen effrontery to say what he disgracefully said. But then, he is a moron.
Malaysiakini reported that the Crypt Keeper “... next had the gallery groaning in disbelief when he suggested that Teoh had strangled himself and was depressive.”
When challenged by Gobind Deo, the fool actually attempted to demonstrate the art of self strangulation - wow, what a Towering Malaysian. So dont worry Tun, all's well with your concerns.
Read the following MKINI report to wonder where he crawled out from with his law degree, when he accused Dr Pornthip that: ... her report was "based on her imagination". In an effort to make his point, he asked if Pornthip has any experience jumping off a building.
Zillion of eyes must have at this moment rolled towards heaven, imploring the respective gods for salvation, from the fool.
And at this advance stage of gross imbecilic questioning by the prosecutor, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar who represented Pornthip and the Selangor government made the required rescue. He stood up to say: “With questions like these, we would all want to jump off a building.”
Indeed, and well said Malik!
But this one takes the cake – an indictment on our educational system and public service recruitment standards. The Ghoulish Goliath of Gonnawanna averred to Dr Pornthip: "If (Teoh) was unconscious, his body would be heavier."
Holy Newton, Archimedes and the Deva of Gravity! Everyone in court cringed, crumbled and cried for Malaysia.
I hope that ethnic hero Jabba the Hutt, another one called Dr DNA-Denier, the Director of BTN and Gonnabe Partial the Magician (producer of magic letter) have read or are reading what had transpired at the judicial inquest.
If they haven’t, don’t wory – it’ll be all over the Thai media, on how Dr Pornthip had to endure a marathon moronic-thon in a Malaysian court.
Now, do you know why I'll be cringing to identify myself as a Malaysian in Bangkok.

Mupok Aku


Latest Revelations By DAP On Sarawak’s Budget Black Hole

Friday, 20th August 2010

Taken From Sarawak Report

Scandal highlighted by DAP

Taib Mahmud, the Chief Minister of Sarawak, has failed to account for a staggering RM 4.8 billion of government expenditure over the past 3 years alone, according to explosive figures released by the opposition DAP party. This represents more than half the Development Budget, which in turn represents nearly three quarters of the total expenditure for the State!

Put another way, in 2009 RM 1.825 billion of the State’s total expenditure was allocated to persons unknown, compared to the government’s estimated revenue for that year of RM 3.726 billion. That is about half of all your cash!

The secret projects soaking up Sarawak’s cash

The DAP, who recently triumphed over BN at the Sibu by-election, have produced a closely argued Alternative Budget for 2010, in which they demand a return to proper accounting methods, so that taxpayers can know exactly how their money has been spent. This is their right and it is also Malaysian law, in line with the rest of the civilised world.

The DAP figures show that Taib has not only reserved 80% of the State’s entire Development Budget to the three Ministries controlled directly by himself, but that shockingly most of that money has been spent on secret projects about which he has provided zero information.

Under the circumstances the people of Sarawak are entitled to assume that the money has been stolen. As the DAP points out:

“This [state of affairs] defies the basic principle of political accountability in a democratic system and is susceptible to great abuses”.

So let us all guess what those abuses might be and where the money might have gone. Some on more Rolls Royces for the Chief Minister? Some on more foreign properties for his family? Some on bailing out projects by Taib-owned companies?

The Chief Minister appears to think he can get away with not telling people where he has decided to spend this money, but we can be comfortably certain that none of these secret projects involve benefitting any of the impoverished people whose lands he has taken for palm plantations now owned by his family and friends.

The “Government Contribution Towards Approved Agencies Trust Fund”

So what is going on and how has all this money disappeared?

The DAP budget documents provides a detailed analysis. Firstly, it outlines the extraordinary level of personal control that Taib has assumed over Sarawak’s expenditure. The septuagenarian personally manages the three main spending departments in the State. This means that almost every spending decision has to go through him and that no other Minister can do anything without getting his permission.

In particular his three ministries (the Finance Ministry, Planning and Resources Ministry and Chief Ministry) together control 80% of the Development Budget, which alone accounts for around three quarters of all money spent, although it is argued many of the projects would more sensibly belong under different departments.

Secondly, the document explains the secretive system that the Chief Minister has developed for allocating more half this huge sum of money. Over the past several years he has employed a highly mysterious expenditure category termed the ‘Government Contribution towards Approved Agencies Trust Fund’ into which this money is channelled. There is no specification as to who these ‘Approved Agencies’ are or which Trust Fund is being referred to and the Government has consistently refused requests for information on the subject! It could be going to his aunty, or his sister, or cousins, or kids, or secret mistress…… how is anyone supposed to know and what right has he to keep it secret?

Thus, in 2009 RM 1.825 billion (59.3% of the total RM 2.430 billion) is unaccounted for in the Development Budget, according to the DAP calculations. In 2008 it was RM1.719 billion (60% of the total RM2.865 billion) and in 2007 it was RM1.257 billionn (54.8% of the total RM2.294 billion). The DAP raise the valid question as to what is the point of carefully auditing 40% of the budget if the remaining 60% is kept secret?

The truth must be told

We can only assume that the ‘Approved Agencies’ must be outfits the Chief Minister would rather we did not know about. Certainly, if these ‘Approved Agencies’ were doing any good to the people he is supposed to serve, then he would be broadcasting the fact next to a picture of himself in every page of the Borneo Post!

However, he is not and therefore we can safely conclude that they are just doing good for the Taib family and their business cronies, like so many of his other projects.

The Condition Of One of the Long house Under YB Snowdan Lawan and Masir Kujat

Thursday, 19th August 2010

Last Sunday, Bukittunggal revealed YB Mong's Authorization Letter to one Khoo Chee Peng to develop about 70000 acres of NCR Land at Bukit Bengunan for Oil Palm plantation,  and how in the letter he asked for RM 1000 per acre as kickback.

When there is no development at all, but the YBs Keep Cheating the Long House Folks by Giving Away the MRP valued at RM 5K in 5 years to them for me it a scandal!

Today, I am going to reveal to the world the condition of the long house name Kpg Gayau, one of the many Iban long houses under YB Snowdan Lawan and YB Masir Kujat.
The main reason why I am posting the photos of Kampong Gayau, Pantu is not to humiliated the long house chief TR Medang and his "anembiaks" (people) but my main reason is to reveal to the world on the real meaning of BN's Sarawak politic of development.
With the state election just around the corner, we could read almost everyday in the newspapers how the "Wakil Rakyat" (people representative) from Barisan Nasional urging the long house folks to vote for them as according to them only Barisan Nasional could bring development to their long houses.
Kampong Gayau the object for my posting today is located in upper Pantu. Politically it is under N25-Balai   Ringin and P202-Sri Aman. Ringin. Their "Wakil Rakyat" are YB Snowdan Lawan and YB Masir Kujat, both are from the Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) one BN Sarawak component party.
Kampong Gayau is inhabited by about 80 families. It has no electricity and the source of drinking water is a gravity-feed fresh water supply from the stream nearby. Their mean of transport is by river or land.
Politically the long house has been supporting the BN for generations.
Let me share the condition of the long house here...And let see by oneself the real meaning of BN Politic of Development..

Being the YB , you must not just sit down there  when your people still staying in this house of this state. I just cannot imagine that at this generation people still staying in this type of house. Can we catch-up with Vision 2020?

In my next posting, I am going to share some more photos of  the long houses in N25-Balai Ringin and P202-Sri Aman like Kampong Empaling, Isu and Tekuyong. Until then....

Mupok Aku

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