Tuesday, July 20, 2010

YB Mong Dagang Is Out To Cheat the Rural People Using Old Tactic

Tuesday, 20th July 2010

Dream On YB but at the BeeNd,  it is Vote that Counts!

''Those of Us Living in Rural Areas Know that We Still Lag in Terms of Infrastructure development''..Admits YB Mong Dagang. He further advised the rural people to vote for barisan Nasional for continous Development!

For most of us the dayaks, the above speech by Barisan Nasional (BN ) leader sound familiar. BN leaders have been using the same script to fish for Iban's vote for the past 50 years. BN has been ruling Sarawak since it joining Malaysia in 1963. After almost 50 years the coalition still fail to develop Sarawak and provides its people with basic amenities like road, electricity and cleaned water. Based on the statistic about 90 percents of the Iban's longhouses throughout Sarawak still without the above basic amenities.

YB Mong Dagang who is the YB for Bukit Begunan when speaking at the "Ngiling Tikai" or Closing of Gawai Dayak at Rh Igoh Atut longhouse at Selanjan Angkong Jalong near Sri Aman admits that Iban (rural areas) are still lagging in term of  Infrastructure compared to the town area, as such he said the Iban should remain supporting BN because only BN can develop the rural people.

The Iban must be very stupid or in Iban we call stupid as "beli(k), tambab and lungau, if we still give chance for BN to rule us. Just imagine, after 50 years under BN's rule only  about 10 percents of the longhouses throught out Sarawak have been provided with the bacic amenities. Just imagine how long does it take for BN to develop another 90 percents of the longhouses throught out Sarawak?
Considering the past performance of  "BN's Politic of Development" , they need another 450 years to develop another 90 percents of the longhouses throughout Sarawak. Can we afford to wait for another 450 years and gamble our future generations on Barisan Nasional?
I dont want to be fooled or neither I want to see the Ibans being fooled or " dikemeli(k), kelesei or dikemuntat"  by BN therefore I am urging YB Mong and the rest of the Iban politicians from BN NOT TO USE the same old song to fish for votes from the Ibans. BN can CHEATS  us for THE PAST 50 YEARS but not now. And not to forget that the BN politicians may RELAX and feel confident with the  result of the survey by Merdeka Centre's ,  but remember  at the end only VOTE THAT COUNTS.
To all the Ibans especially those who are living in town area, please inform and persuade our people who live in the rural, NOT TO VOTE FOR BARISAN NASIONAL in the coming state election.


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