Thursday, July 1, 2010

Parti Keadilan Rakyat Is Not Ready For the Battle In Sarawak

Thursday, 1st July 2010

Are We Ready to Oust them from Petra Jaya ?

Should Taib Mahmud Call For An Election Now , I am sure that Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) will  be "Kilal". Kilal is an Iban term for not getting any thing or if we talk about politic it should mean losing all the seats it contesting.

What Happened In Selangor May Have Adversed Impact to Sarawak

After the deregisteration of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) and the failed registeration of Malaysia Dayak Congress (MDC),  most of the partyless young Iban from the urban areas had turned to PKR  to fight for their struggles. Since then effort had been made to spread  the party to the rural areas.
After being controlled by Barisan Nasional for more that 47 years, to convince them to join PKR a Peninsular based party is not an easy task. All this while the party has been using Selangor as a role model to to recruit the Iban from the long houses to join the party. But the recent Organisational Crisis in Selangor (the only state controlled by PKR) may have an adversed effect to the recruitment drive in Sarawak.
As a result of prolonged marginalisation by Taib Mahmud, dayak has became very fragile and easy to be manipulated. For what happened in Selangor can cause PKR to lose the Iban support. If this happened, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the rest of PR leaders aim to WREST PUTRAJAYA from BN will reamained as a dream not come true.

What Preparation Has Been Made in P202-Sri Aman and N25-Balai Ringin ?
Tonight posting, I want to touch a bit on the preparation of PKR 202-Sri Aman in Balai Ringin (N25).There are two reasons why I chosed Balai Ringin as a subject of my posting today; First because N25 Balai Ringin is one of the many Iban majority area in sarawak, and secondly because Bukittunggal is from N25.
On 24th April 2010, Cubbold John Lusoi, the Chairman of the protem committee of P202-Sri Aman had called for an AGM . Earlier than this, the ex-YB Jimmy and the group aligned to him had called for an another AGM meeting. But according to Datuk Daniel Tajem (PKR Adviser for Sarawak) the meeting  by ex-YB Jimmy Donald and his team , and the committee members selected  during the meeting was invalid.
After being given the assurance by Datuk Daniel that the meeting can proceed, the committee consists of the office bearers as prescribed HERE had been selected. But since then the commiittee had never been active.
And so far I am very disappointed with the performance of this committee. Being one of the committee members selected on that day, I am urging the Chairman to start mobilise his members now before it is too late. Since it formation, no follow-up meeting has been call-up by the chairman.
To be a successful Cabang, P202-Sri Aman must be managed like the business organisation. It must set it  own Management By Objectice (MBO). We have been waiting for the direction from the Chairman and Deputy Chairman on our next move, but so far it seem that both of them  did not start any move. If we look at most of the successful organisation, in most of the situation, the Deputy Chairman always assist the chairman to run the organisation. If the chairman is not active but the deputy do, the organisation can be very successul. But if both are not active, there is no way that the organisation can survive.
In the STAR newspapaer  sarawak edition yesterday, it was reported that the BN parties  were ready to face PR in the election, but what about PR. ARE WE READY?

To the PR, if you are serious about ousting BN from Petra Jaya..Let's start working now!

Mupok Aku


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