Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Impacts of PM Najib 1Malaysia Price Hike to The Longhouse People

Kampong Empaling (N25-Balai Ringin)
Saturday, 17th July 2010

We will teach BN a lesson when come to election!


Eventhought the journey to my hometown cost me more this time but as  usual I still went back to see my family and relatives in  the longhouse located in N25- Balai Ringin.
Due to my other commitment in Kuching, I did not spend  an overnight in the longhouse like what I normally did in the past.
This time round, my short stayed  in the longhouse had been used to gauge their understanding and their  opinion on the price hike on sugar, cooking gas, Ron 95, Ron 97, and diesel which was just announced by PM Najib. The scope of my questions were more to their opinion and how the price hike will effect their day-to day life in the longhouse. These were what they said:-

The government should not increase the price of the goods drastically without proper planning to cushion its impact to the rural people who have no stable income!

1) TR Ngulu expressed his disatisfaction with PM Najib administration over the announcement. According to him, this price hike will burden the people in the longhouse who have no stable income . He added the people in the urban area who have stable income may not feel the burden asw the do. He hope that PM Najib will find way so that the price hike will not burden the people especially those under him.

"Probably we should try to vote for PKR"

2) Also met in the longhouse was Encik  Dugas,  one of  the few  elder in the longhouse.
 "I am so upset with PM Najib decision to hike the price of goods especially the sugar and LPG gas. How are we going to live and cushion this hike" he said.
He added "may be we should teach BN the lesson by throw our support to Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)"

Willing to Campaign For PKR for free to oust BN Government

3) Also met  in the longhouse was an ex-army who has been living in the longhouse since year 2008. Pbt (Rtd) Storey informed Bukit Tunggal that the price hike will effect them miserably.
"This BN government is collecting money from the people to be given to their cronies. I am not sure either  how are they going to spend the monies that they collect from this price hike. I am not too sure either the monies will benefit us Sarawakian. In this coming election, I am willing to campaign for PKR for free, as long as the current government (BN) is replaced" said Storey.

Is this 1Malaysia?

4) Andrew Luna, the ex-Sarawak Forest Department employee, said " Is this the real meaning of 1Malaysia as introduced by Najib?"..

The people of Kampong Empaling in the past was a strong supporter of BN. In the  previous election, nearly 98 percents of the people voted for BN. But this price hike announced by Najib last Thursday can change their supports toward BN. Eventhought the Survey by Merdeka Centre showed that about 88 % of the respondents in Sarawak still supporting BN and the rest for Pakatan Rakyat,  but with this latest development, I am not surprise if another survey is done, the support of the people will swing to Pakatan Rakyat.
As we all know that the state election shall be held by July 2011, could the price hike  be part of Najib strategy to get rid of Tok Uban?

Mupok Aku


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