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Snowdan Lawan Remind Not to Be Misled the Iban in N25 Balai Ringin

Kampong Empaling, Sri Aman
Wednesday, 23rd June 2010

Congratulations YB but for What constributions?

The task of the Yang Berhormat (YB) other than to bring the development into his constituency, he too also needs to protect the interest of the people in the constituency from any inteference.
YB Snowdan Lawan has been the YB for N25-Balai Ringin for the first term or for the past four (4) years but without significant contributions to the contituency. Eventhough  without the constributions to his  contituency, on 5th June 2010 he was awarded with the Ahli Mangku Negara (AMN) title by the Yang DiPertuan Agong.
But probably the award was for his contribution to the Dayak Music Industry. Snowdan so far has seen more successful doing his job as an Anugerah Musik Dayak (AMD) chairman than doing his task as a YB for N25-Balai Ringin. N25-Balai Ringin which he has been representing for about five (5)  years, is known as one of the most less developed constuencies in  Malaysia.
In 2004, the people of the four longhouses under his constituency namely Rh Bugak Ubah, Rh Jawan Tekuyong, Rh Ngulu Empaling and Rh Stephen Isu, signed an agreement with Tetangga Akrab Pantu to develop their NCR lands. The NCR lands which were mostly planted with the rubber tress were cleared and the timber from these NCR lands were sold by Tetangga Akrab without any compensation to the land owners.
Since the signing of the JV with Tetangga Akrab until it was sold to Kim Loong Resources Sdn. Bhd in late 2009,  the land owners were only paid with the Advance Divident amounting to less than RM 200.00 per hectare per year. The latest presentation of the Advance Divident to the land participants was held on 22nd May 2010 at the company office in Tekuyong.

Hey YB....Stop Mislead the People that had Put you on the YBs Chair.....

The Advance Divident payment was officiated by YB Snowdan Lawan,  where 460 participants recieved Advance Divident totalling RM 118,397, far below the amount of income that they could get if their NCR lands were not cleared for the JV. During the presentation of cheque ceremony, YB Snowdan Lawan advised the participants to bank in or invest their monies in the Amanah Saham Nasional. What a joke.....
Being the participants in the JV  myself , where I surrendered my 2 hectares of land which I enherited from my late father, I did not go to collect the divident as the petrol and subsitence cost to make that journey  will exceed the amount of advanve divedent that I will get. Based on previous experiences with two hectares of land that I have, I was only paid with RM 120 per six months or equivalent to RM 20 per months advance divident. What sort of JV is this? Obviously it was not enough for daily expenses what to say for investment or  for saving in the bank. That two hectares of land which were planted with rubber trees before the JV, with existing rubber price, easily I can make an income of RM 2000 per month.
For what had happened to our land and the indirect loss incurred to us as a result of the JV, I am blamming all of these YBs and the ex-YB below:-

(1) YB Snowdan Lawan
(2) YB Mong Dagang
(3) Ex-YB Jimmy Donald

The above YB should be held responssible for  misled us to sign the JV with Tetangga Akrab and Pelita.

To conclude, I hope Snowdan Lawan will do these two things to the voters in N25-Balai Ringin before the next State Election:-

(1) In the whole of Malaysia, N25-Balai Ringin is the most less developed constituency. BN must bring the development which is capable to uplift the living standard of the people in thev constituency such as the project like "one longhouse with one products". Do not mislead the people with roof zinc, 'anak ayam" and the MRP Grant. Cleaned water, electricity and tar sealed road is a must things for every longhouses, and should not be considered as a development.

(2) The top PRS/BN failure in N25- Balai Ringin, is an Oil Palm JV Project where the NCR lands planted with rubber trees were surrendered to PELITA and Tetangga Akrab/Kim Loong Resources. You must help the land owners to get back their lands from the company. The JV is a failure since it cannot pay the land owners atleast RM 800/month per hectares.

Fulfilling the above two items may not guarantee the PRS/BN to win the seat in the coming state election, but without doing it, you'll be remembered as the most unsuccessfull Iban's YB with Agong's award throughout Sarawak history.

Mupok Aku


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4 comments to “ Snowdan Lawan Remind Not to Be Misled the Iban in N25 Balai Ringin ”
Anonymous said...

dear so call remaung,
i m a iban frm kapit and being neutral a bit. i ve read your comment about yb snowdan in your blog. i think that you must be one frusterated person and always being negative and also think that you are always correct. well let me tell you mr so call remaung(dont know how brave you are) and to correct you some facts. yb snowdan has only become a yb for his 1st term only and for 4th year now and not 10 years as you claimed. balai ringin is lucky to have a yb like him that work very hard on the ground and for development also. ulu kapit or even baram even worst still compare to balai ringin. at least now there is a bigger allocation to do RES (electricity) in balai ringin recently anounced by yb himself which i read in the papers about rm13 millions continue frm sabal kruin to sg tenggang and rm16 million from simpang punda to kedumpai along the road side. when he got that award frm agong, he was access from his ability to bring in a lot of budget to balai ringin within 4 years n thats including pantu bridge rm20 million which u think that yb cannot get that budget. i think it is you are the one that misled people and not the yb cos you feel that been an army you think that you are so great and kebal. think properly. dont talk crab n bullshit. i feel sorry for person like you cos always have the crabs mentality. always kepapas and never want to helps but talk bullshit a lot. dont be a wasted person in the country or a traitor to the country. ok mupok aku wai ke kapit.

Anonymous said...

hey jangan jadi pengecut yaa..pandei cakap pasal orang lain tapi lu sendiri tidak tengok lu punya muka dalam cermin kah...orang lain pun boleh hantam lu juga jangan ingat lu tera tera boleh cakap suka hati lu...jangan cakap salah pasal orang lain mau pakei lu punya otak sikit boleh kah...saya ingat lu ini memang tidak guna punya orang...

Remaung Enam Renjer said...

First of all I would like to thanks the two visitors that had left their comments here defending YB Snowdan Lawan.
A lot of thanks also to both of them for highlighted my mistake (in which correction has been made accordingly).
The purpose of the article is not to attack YB Snowdan personality but to highligted to readers of this blog how the Dayak/Iban in N25-Balai Ringin have been fooled by their own representatives in term of development and their participation in the Oil palm JV.
To both of the readers I have this question for both of them "Since becoming the YB for N25-Balai Ringin, what developments have he brought to the constituency? Name me one......I dare to close this blog if both of you can proof to me...
Mupok Aku



Anonymous said...

It is very funny indeed, to see those anonymous so which cnnot be called Pengecut becos let this anonymous speak OK?

1. YBSL is a puppet, his father is filthy rich and the master behind him, swamp him with $$$$$$$

2. ask those ex-Thomians, YBSL didn't even pass his Science paper... but can buy degrees from various universities, hahaha thnks to his playboy father, like father like son.

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