Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MACC Advises to Investigate Manyin Over His Warning To The Community Leaders During the Presentation of Their Appointment Letters

Tuesday, 29th June 2010

These dayak leaders who had been bought over by Taib Mahmud is willing to do anything to satisfy their boss even to the extend of making fools of their own people.... 

I was stunned when I read  a report by BERNAMA about  Manyin warning to all the appointed community leaders in Samarahan Division yesterday.
In his speech, Manyin warned all the appointed tribal leaders to throw  their full support to the Barisan Nasional or risk their services being terminated. I am urging the MACC to investigate Manyin immediately for abuse of power.
And  as for the PKR, I am urging the party to lodge the report with MACC if the commission fail to  react accordingly.

Please see the full report from BERNAMA below:-

Any tribal leader who supports the opposition in the next Sarawak state election will face immediate termination of service as the action is a very serious misconduct, said Sarawak Infrastructure Development and Communication Minister Michael Manyin.

"Tribal leaders are the government's agents in developing local communities and are not supposed to go against the government," he said at a ceremony to present appointment letters to Bidayuh and Melayu Temenggong (paramount leader) of Samarahan, here today.

In Sarawak, the post of Temenggong is the highest ranked community leader in the local administration system, followed by pemanca, penghulu and tribal leader.

Manyin said as the state election would be held soon, tribal leaders should enhance their efforts to assist the government by disseminating information about the success of the state government in bringing development to the people in the remote areas.

"To improve the government's delivery system, the state government wants tribal leaders to be open-minded in accepting criticism and suggestions," he said.

Manyin said the post of tribal leader was not a permanent post as it had been limited to four years.

"No voting or election is needed in appointing a new tribal leader as he will be appointed according to the approval given by the district officer, division resident and state secretary," he said.

Former teacher, Robert Sulis Ridu, 75, was appointed as the Bidayuh Temenggong of Samarahan representing the Bidayuhs, while former religious teacher, Chek Bujang, 59, was appointed as Melayu Temenggong of Samarahan to represent the Malays.

Bidayuh Temenggong will lead 152 Bidayuh community and tribal leaders while Melayu Temenggong will lead 111 Malay community and tribal leaders in Samarahan.
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Anonymous said...

Unggal Remaung,

Thank you for highlighted this here. No matter how well you ride it here but I can guarantee you that MACC will not going to pursue the matter.
Everyone knows that MACC is a BN tool/dog. There is no way it is going to give harm to it own boss. But I really hope that PKR leadership in sarawak will persue the matter with MACC.

PKR-202 Sri Aman

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