Monday, May 17, 2010

BN Defeated By DAP In P212-Sibu By-Election

Sunday, 16th May 2010

Congratulations to DAP

Despite being promised with projects worth millions of ringgit but the voters in Sibu humiliated BN by voting them out.
The result of the election was announced by Wong See Meng at 10.58PM.

The Official Result

1) Wong Ho Leng (DAP) - 18,845
2) Robert Lau Hui Yew(BN-SUPP) - 18,447
3) Narawi Haron (Ind.) - 232.

Spoiled Votes : 395

The result of this by-election signalled two things. First, the support by Chinese against DAP in Sarawak is increasing but no change in  bumiputeras as they  still supporting BN. Secondly, SUPP is losing its Chinese support-thus next state election they risk of losing all their  seats to DAP.
As for me the result indicates clearly that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) plan  to wrest Sarawak from BN in next state election is brighter. What PR need to do now is to concentrate on  the dayaks and Malay majority areas. Issues that effect them most  such as the NCR problem can be used to fish for their votes.

Let's work from now to prepare for the state election which will be held by next year! And to all the dayaks, let's learn from our Chinese friends by VOTING BN OUT!
Mupok Aku


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