Friday, April 23, 2010

Wong Soon Koh Cries For Sibu Hawkers Association Member Votes

Friday, 24th April 2010

Wong Soon Koh Cries

Wong Soon Koh Seen Wipes Away his tears begging for the votes from Sibu Hawker Association Members!

While most of us making love with our wives and shedding  our se..n into our wives,  but Wong Soon Koh one of Sarawak United People Party senior member shed his tears, begging to the Sibu hawkers association members to throw thier votes to it candidate for the in-coming by-election for P212.
As had been announced by Election Commission (EC) Sibu by-election will be held on 15th may 2010.
SUPP had announced that it will rely on Junior Robert Lau (late Robert Lau's cousin) to defend P212 from PR. Junir Robert lau is a noviced in politic and he will almost probably will be challenged by sarawak DAP's chief, who is more senior and well known compared to Robert lau Junior.

But Why Did SUPP Choose to Campaign in The Market

Based on newspaper reports, SUPP is intensifying their campaign among the hawkers. Many people believed that SUPP effort to relocate the hawkers from the traditional market location in Sibu to the proper Sibu market had recieved the heavy objection from the hawkers which could number more than 3000 in Sibu. This number if translated to votes can cost SUPP the P212 seat.
But how SUPP could win the heart of these hawkers is very much depending on how well SUPP and Robert Lau junior interact with these hawkers.
As for DAP with current crisis affecting SUPP, they have better opportunity to win Sibu by-election. What DAP and Pakatan Rakyat need to do now is to continue and to intensify their campaign by now and not on last minute..
Let's pray to god sop that PR could win this coming by-election, and to the Chinese voters in Sibu lets teach SUPP a lesson in Sibu.......

Mupok Aku


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