Saturday, April 24, 2010

AGM and Selection of New Committee For Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) P202 Sri Aman Branch

Balai Ringin
Saturday, 24th April 2010

Welcoming Speech by Saudara Cubbold John Lusoi

At the beginning, saudara Cubbold was in dilemma  whether to continue with the meeting or otherwise as Ibi and Jimmy Donald did not turn up. But after given the greenlight by Datuk Seri Daniel Tajem to continue, he proceed with the meeting with much endeavour.....

After more than 2 years of the formation of the Protem Committee of PKR Cabang P202 Sri Aman, today it Protem Committee Chairman Saudara Cubbold John Lusoi conveyed the Meeting to form and selecting the Committee Members for PKR Cabang P202 Sri Aman.

The meeting was held in the semi-completed Balai Ringin SADIA office. Despite without electricity and enough chairs for about 100 members that attended the meeting, but it was held successfully.
In his opening remark , saudara Cubbold John reminded all the PKR Cabang P202 Sri Aman to support the party. In thanking Datuk Seri Daniel Tajem ak Miri, the PKR Advisor in sarawak for his attendance, Saudara Cubbold John said that his presence in the meeting will boost the morale and working Spirit of the PKR members particularly the new elected committee members.Before invited Datuk Seri Daniel Tajem to deliver his speech, Saudara Cubbold John proposed that the veteran politician represent the party in the coming election, in the state or  the parliamentary election.

PKR Must Set A Realistic Goal to Replace The BN Government and Not Pehin Taib Mahmud Only...Datuk Seri Daniel Tajem to PKR Members..
Datuk Seri Daniel Tajem in his speech rejected the offer made by Suadara Cubbold John. In turning down the offer he cited his poor health, age factor and too many commitment as the reasons. In his speech, he remind all the PKR members to be focused and to set a more realistic objective, cited an example such as to change the BN government instead of Taib Mahmud, because he said changing Taib Mahmud alone will not be able to change the current condition especially the NCR issue that affected the native of Sarawak. In his long informative and persuasive speech to the party members that present, he also informed the members Pn Ibie, ex-YB Jimmy Donald and Serit Tukok had held the another meeting last week. Since the meeting was held without informing the protem committee Chairman Saudara John Cubbold, the meeting was considered not valid. And upon asked by Saudara Cobbold John, Datuk Seri Daniel Tajem advised him to proceed with the meeting and select the new Committee members.

Following are the elected Members of PKR P202 Sri Aman branch (Cabang) 
 Datuk Seri Daniel Tajem With Newly Elected Members of PKR P202 Sri Aman Branch (Cabang).

1) Ketua JDM Daerah : Saudara Cubbold John Lusoi

2) Timbalan : Robert Dan Giang

3) AJK :
  • T. Ulie
  • Samir Sujai
  • Augustine Anggat
  • Capt Rtd Ayong Entili
  • Goh Teo Kui
  • Tonny Galau
  • Gara Uging
  • Kamal ak Jenau

The other potfolios were still vacant as they were the pregorative of the Ketua JDM Daerah to appoint. These vacant potfolios were as follows :

  1. Naibb Ketua I, II and III
  2. Ketua Penerangan
  3. Setiausaha
  4. Bendahari
  5. Ketua AMK
  6. Ketua Wanita
  7. 9 AJK Members
Many issues were discussed and shared during the meeting. Since there was no other issue to discuss,  the meeting concluded and members left Balai Ringin at about 4.50PM.....

Mupok Aku


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