Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BN Wanita information chief Datuk Hamidah Osman STUPIDITY

Tuesday,13th April 2010

I just cannot imagined how the BN Woman wing can appointed such a stupid leader to lead them. The latest blunder that she made was when she complained over the relocation of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to the District Office. Not only she complained on Menteri Besar office relocate to District office, she also demanded for the removal of Hulu Selangor by-election’s returning officer Nor Hisham Ahmad Dahalan, by claiming that his objectivity has been compromised.

In case Hamidah Osman still did not know the post of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, well let me tell you this. Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is the Menteri Besar of Selangor, the most developed states in Malaysia and the state that contributes to more than 21% of Malaysian development incomes. The only different that he has with the rest of the Menteri Besars under BN is that he is the most clean and corruption free Menteri Besar.
Let's continue with our discussion on this stupid BN woman Chief complain. I would like to invite her to Sarawak during the coming by-election in Sibu so that she will see by herself what Taib Mahmud and his BN gangs will do during the election.
Learning from past experienced, the Lubok Antu by election as an example. The whole government departments and officers in LA had been mobilised by BN. The whole town was jammed with vehicles bearing government vehicle number (with letter Q) not only the ones that station in LA but as far as from Kuching.Other than that the government rest house also "blanket booked" by the BN. The only place where the pakatan Rakyat (PR) Operation Room allowed to be set-up was in a private land plot which belong to one of the loyal party's member.
So well Hamidah shut up your stinking mouth, come to Sarawk during the election so that you can see by yourself how corrup will be your party in sarawak..!


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