Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baru Bian Urges MACC To Investigate Failed Projects in Bario-Ba’Kelalan

Wednesday, 24th March 2010

It has been reported in online portal Malaysian Mirror, that Sarawak PKR chairman Baru Bian had called on Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate a number of failed projects worth more than RM20 million in the Budoknur area in the Ba’Kelalan.
The projects included mini hydro-projects, water treatment plant, a community hall, an irrigation system at Sungai Kumap and bailey bridges.
He said: “I have just returned from Ba’Kelalan to see the projects myself and I was shocked to see that the community hall was not completed. It has roofs and a floor and that’s it. It has been like that for the past one year.
“The contractor after pocketing the money left the half-completed hall,” he alleged on Wednesday.
“And there is a mini hydro project which is not functioning due to lack of water to turn the turbines. It cost million of ringgit to build.
“Similarly there is also no water in the water treatment plant which is to supply clean water to two villages in the area.

Poor quality of construction

“The plant which cost between RM3 million and RM4 million is always dry,” he said,
Another failed project is the irrigation system which is to irrigate water into their padi fields, and because of the poor quality of construction, the walls have cracked and water has been diverted to else where.
“If the system is not rectified, the farmers expect to have bad harvests next year. The whole project was worth RM260,000,” he said.
Baru said that four bailey bridges were to be constructed along the road between Long Semadoh and Ba’Kelalan. Two of the bridges have been poorly constructed, while two more are yet to begin.
“And I have been told the money to the tune of RM12 million have been paid to the contractors,” he alleged.
“My point of highlighting all these failed projects is to confirm what the MACC said that 60% of the funds were leaked.

Carry out investigations

“And what the MACC is going to do with these failed projects and as a tax payer I am interested to know what actions have been done or will be taken?” he asked.
Baru said that he had instructed some people to lodge reports with MACC based in Limbang to make sure they (MACC) will carry out investigations.
He also urged the MACC to monitor the proposed of constructing a ‘temporary permanent’ road of 80km long from Long Luping to Ba’Kelalan which is valued at RM52 million.
“I have never heard such a term as ‘temporary permanent’ road, because to build the road it will cost the government more than RM1 billion,” he claimed.
“I am suspicious with the term as I do not want another failed project costing RM52 million in my area,” he said.

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