Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcoming Najib and Sarawak State Election

Sunday, 21st February 2010

Najib Visit Means Sarawak State Election Just Around The Corner
Is this Not Abuse of Power MACC?

Najib Razak will begin a two-day visit to Sarawak tomorrow. This visit marks that Sarawak State election is just around the corner. So far many predicted that Sarawak state election will be held as early as March 2010 and not later than July 2010.
According to BERNAMA report, this time, he will be travelling to the Sarawak interior in order to lure Iban votes by launching mostly the electricity project and to fulfill whar he had promised 4 years ago.
His visit will start with a visit to the remote Iban longhouse, Rumah Juliana, in Kamidan Jaya in Ulu Awik, Saratok, and follow by Rumah Radin, another Iban longhouse, in Lachau Ulu in Sri Aman where he will launch the rural electrification project.And his last visit tomorrow will be to Simunjan where he will be briefed on a flood mitigation project in Kampung Nanas and Kalaka.
On Tuesday,23rd February 2010 he will visit Iban resettlements in Nanga Tada, Nanga Ngungun and Nanga Jagau in Kanowit in the central region of Sarawak where there are over 200 longhouses.The Iban community there was resettled during the communist insurgency in the 1960s and 1970s in Sibu, Kanowit and Kapit in the central region which was placed under the Rejang Area Security Command (Rascom) to protect the people from the communist terrorists.Najib visit to these longhouses aim to replace the old roof and electrical wiring of these old longhouses.
From Kanowit, Najib will fly to Sibu for lunch with the Chinese community before visiting the town’s central market.
Najib must remember that Sarawak is far behind Peninsular Malaysia in term of development. Provide them with electricity alone and replacing their longhouses roof will not made the Iban development in par with the other Malaysian in Peninsular Malaysia. The main problem facing by the dayak is their NCR land. Their lands have been sold by the state government to the big companies mainly from Peninsular. As long this problem is not rectify, PAKATAN RAKYAT (PR) will has better chance to wrest Sarawak from Taib Mahmud regime.
To all the dayak especially the Ibans out there, don't get cheated by BN, we are 30 years behind Peninsular Malaysia in term of development. Vote for PR if we want to have better development. Remember that BN government only serious about us after the GE12 or GE2008.

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