Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ethnic Conflict is In The Making In Malaysia With People Like Ibrahim Ali Allow to Move Freely!

Saturday, 27th February 2010

About 50 groups today launched the Malay NGO Consultative Council (MPM) to defend Malay rights and Islam at the historic Sultan Sulaiman Club here, where a similar gathering nearly 60 years ago led to the formation of Umno.
Among the prime movers are Perkasa, ex-Umno lawmakers council Mubarak, Peninsula Malay Students Confederation (GPMS), Malay Professional Thinkers Association and Cuepacs.
The Malaysian Insider was barred from reporting the event but a media release said among those who spoke were Perkasa president and Pasir Mas MP Datuk Ibrahim Ali (picture), Mubarak chief Tan Sri Abu Zahar Ujang and Malay Professional Thinkers president Professor Datuk Dr Kamaruddin Kachar who is a former director-general of the National Civics Bureau (BTN) which the opposition claims spreads hate ideology.
The MPM was launched by GPMS president Jais Abd Karim followed by a dialogue and a signing ceremony to form the body.
The MPM press release said “following several discussions by several Malay NGO leaders, there was a desire for a consultative council to bring together as many Malay NGOs concerned about current developments faced by the Malays”.
“It is apparent that there is pressure on Malay rights and privileges in their own country, towards the position of Islam as the official religion, the position and sovereignty of the Malay Rulers that is always being questioned, the New Economic Policy that is being sidelined despite the lack of achievement by the Malays and also national security,” it said.
These are among several “sensitive” issues for the Malays which have become provocative matters by those who want to destroy the security and prosperity of the country, the statement added.
The statement said the consultative council is not a platform for confrontation unless they are forced by parties described as those “inciting” racial tension.
“The main function of this council is to act as a medium to gather Malay NGOs that share the same stand to handle pressures faced by the Malays, Islam, Malay Rulers, national security, public order and other related issues,” the statement said, adding the idea to form the body was made early last month.
Government must take drastic action toward these Malay extremists especially to Ibrahim Ali the most racist Malay in South East Asia. If he is allowed to do whatever he likes to do, Malaysia freedom will end. I served and sweat for the nation just to ensure that everyone regardless of their race, be it Malay, Chinese or Iban leave peacefully with each other. Government must be bold to sacrifice one Ibrahim Ali in order to save the rest 25 millions of the population!   
The MPM will form a task force that will be chaired by council members in rotation.
The statement also said the MPM had resolved each member should jointly study issues important to the Malays, Islam, Malay Rulers, national security and public order that is brought up or questioned by others, or to be championed by the community.
Others include the preparation and implementation of action plans to handle or oppose provocations against issues that relate to Malays and Islam, or issues seen as inciting or hateful.
The resolutions decided by MPM are:
(1) Resolutions must be based on facts and documents tabled at lawful MPM meetings;
(2) MPM members who disagree with the resolutions must accept the decision of the majority and be prepared to sign the agreed resolutions;
(3) MPM members who refuse or abstain from resolutions or decisions can choose not to sign off without affecting their membership; and
(4) If any MPM member opposes any of its resolutions or decisions, they will automatically cease to be members.

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