Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ethnic Conflict is In The Making In Malaysia With People Like Ibrahim Ali Allow to Move Freely!

Saturday, 27th February 2010

About 50 groups today launched the Malay NGO Consultative Council (MPM) to defend Malay rights and Islam at the historic Sultan Sulaiman Club here, where a similar gathering nearly 60 years ago led to the formation of Umno.
Among the prime movers are Perkasa, ex-Umno lawmakers council Mubarak, Peninsula Malay Students Confederation (GPMS), Malay Professional Thinkers Association and Cuepacs.
The Malaysian Insider was barred from reporting the event but a media release said among those who spoke were Perkasa president and Pasir Mas MP Datuk Ibrahim Ali (picture), Mubarak chief Tan Sri Abu Zahar Ujang and Malay Professional Thinkers president Professor Datuk Dr Kamaruddin Kachar who is a former director-general of the National Civics Bureau (BTN) which the opposition claims spreads hate ideology.
The MPM was launched by GPMS president Jais Abd Karim followed by a dialogue and a signing ceremony to form the body.
The MPM press release said “following several discussions by several Malay NGO leaders, there was a desire for a consultative council to bring together as many Malay NGOs concerned about current developments faced by the Malays”.
“It is apparent that there is pressure on Malay rights and privileges in their own country, towards the position of Islam as the official religion, the position and sovereignty of the Malay Rulers that is always being questioned, the New Economic Policy that is being sidelined despite the lack of achievement by the Malays and also national security,” it said.
These are among several “sensitive” issues for the Malays which have become provocative matters by those who want to destroy the security and prosperity of the country, the statement added.
The statement said the consultative council is not a platform for confrontation unless they are forced by parties described as those “inciting” racial tension.
“The main function of this council is to act as a medium to gather Malay NGOs that share the same stand to handle pressures faced by the Malays, Islam, Malay Rulers, national security, public order and other related issues,” the statement said, adding the idea to form the body was made early last month.
Government must take drastic action toward these Malay extremists especially to Ibrahim Ali the most racist Malay in South East Asia. If he is allowed to do whatever he likes to do, Malaysia freedom will end. I served and sweat for the nation just to ensure that everyone regardless of their race, be it Malay, Chinese or Iban leave peacefully with each other. Government must be bold to sacrifice one Ibrahim Ali in order to save the rest 25 millions of the population!   
The MPM will form a task force that will be chaired by council members in rotation.
The statement also said the MPM had resolved each member should jointly study issues important to the Malays, Islam, Malay Rulers, national security and public order that is brought up or questioned by others, or to be championed by the community.
Others include the preparation and implementation of action plans to handle or oppose provocations against issues that relate to Malays and Islam, or issues seen as inciting or hateful.
The resolutions decided by MPM are:
(1) Resolutions must be based on facts and documents tabled at lawful MPM meetings;
(2) MPM members who disagree with the resolutions must accept the decision of the majority and be prepared to sign the agreed resolutions;
(3) MPM members who refuse or abstain from resolutions or decisions can choose not to sign off without affecting their membership; and
(4) If any MPM member opposes any of its resolutions or decisions, they will automatically cease to be members.

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PBB TDC No Top Post Contest Could Cause Leadership Crisis should Anything Happens to Taib

Saturday, 27th February 2010

The triennial delegates conference of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) starting in Kuching on Monday may be a humdrum affair as there is no contest for key positions except for some seats in the party’s supreme council.
Still, for political reasons, this conference will generate much interest among political analysts and party members as the long-serving party president and Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud may choose the occasion to indicate his possible successor, at the very least.
Some in the party’s inner circle are speculating that Taib will provide some hints on his possible next-in-line as this might be his last term to head PBB, the most powerful political party in Sarawak. But will he really? Many are also doubtful that he will do so at this juncture.
“He should have an exit strategy by now but there’s no evidence of this,” said Datuk Seri Daniel Tajem, an Iban who served as deputy chief minister to Taib in the early 1980s.
Tajem, who is now an advisor to Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sarawak, said Taib should have just taken the bull by the horns and publicly announce that he would quit.
Political analyst Dr Sivamurugan Pandian believes that Taib will relinquish his top party position only after the next state election because if he steps down now, it might trigger be a power struggle within the party. “He has to groom someone to take over. We may see some indication who is likely the person after the PBB convention,” he said.
Dr Sivamurugan said from a political strategy perspective, it would not be wise for him to step down before the state election as the party might be focusing more on who is going to be the next chief minister instead of winning and retaining power in the state election.
“Which issue would they want to focus, the state leadership or state election? Taib would not become an election issue if he stay on and lead the campaign in the coming state election. The thinking of the people in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak are all different. That’s why, it would be better for Taib to step down only after the state election,” he added.
The potential successors are likely to come from those in the party’s deputy president position, who are normally being groomed to take over the top leadership. But then again in Sarawak politics, it does not mean that this would happen for sure.
Taib, 74, is believed to be seriously looking for leaders to lead the party. He has helmed PBB since March 26, 1981, a period of about 29 years. What is interesting is that whoever succeeds him as PBB president is going to be the chief minister of Sarawak.
In the past, Taib has eyed a number of PBB leaders who could take over from him, including Tan Sri Dr Sulaiman Daud, Datuk Seri Effendi Norwawi, Datuk Bujang Ulis, Datuk Abang Abu Bakar Mustapha and Datuk Seri Adenan Satem.
However, all of them had somewhat disappeared into political oblivion, for a number of reasons. Some were said to be impatient, some just gave up waiting.
PBB was formed following the merger between Parti Bumiputra and Parti Pesaka in January 1973. In the party’s history, no one has ever challenged the party president and most of the party’s top positions went uncontested, except on two occasions, in 1998 and 2005, but it only involved the deputy president’s post.
In 1998, both Adenan and Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg challenged each other for deputy president, which was reserved for the Malay/Melanau section of PBB.
Abang Johari triumphed following strong backing from the Dayak members despite the fact that Adenan was strongly backed by Taib at that time. Adenan, the vanquished, was later appointed by Taib as the party’s senior vice-president. Seven years later, Adenan mounted another challenge on Abang Johari, but the delegates conference was postponed when it was reported that some of Adenan’s supporters were found to have allegedly duplicated branches in some 40 constituencies.
PBB was later advised by the Registrar of Societies to have the election or risk being de-registered like the now defunct Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS).
Taib hinted in 2006 that he would have one last shot as the chief minister. The term of the current state administration will expire by July next year. But, as early as last year, Taib sent a signal that he was preparing to step down and was reported to be looking for someone regardless of race to be trained to take over from him.
No contest of top post may indicate that Malay and dayak in PBB are all cowards..Bukittunggal
Talk of Taib preparing to pass on the baton picked up momentum in April last year after the demise of his wife, Puan Sri Laila Taib, who had been described as the pillar of support for Taib in his political career.
Thus, the focus of interest will be on the current batch of senior leaders — Deputy President I Tan Sri Alfred Jabu, Deputy President II Abang Johari and Senior Vice-President Datuk Seri Awang Tengah Ali Hassan as possible successor.
Alfred Jabu, an agricultural graduate and experienced politician, has been tutored by two of Sarawak’s best known politicians — Tun Abdul Rahman Yaakub, the former chief minister and Yang Dipertua Negeri, and later by Taib himself. Since having been elected as state assemblyman for Layar in 1974, he has been appointed to various ministerial posts, including deputy chief minister under Rahman, and since March 1981 under Taib.
Another chief ministerial candidate is Abang Johari, who comes from an illustrious family where his father, Tun Abang Openg, was the first governor of Sarawak. Holding an MBA degree from a British university, he is said to have shown his capability as industrial development minister before being moved to the tourism ministry. In the recent state Cabinet reshuffle, he was tasked to look after the state ministry of housing and urban development.
Taib’s son, Datuk Seri Sulaiman who recently resigned as deputy tourism minister, has also been mentioned as another possible candidate as there is speculation that his father wants him to return to Sarawak and be “trained to take over”. Political observers who have closely monitored Sarawak politics said although Sulaiman had not offered to contest any position in the party’s election, it did not mean that he would not be picked as a candidate in the next state election.
Another aspirant for chief minister is Awang Tengah, the minister of public utilities and the second minister of planning and resource management, which is considered by some as be the most powerful ministerial position after Taib in the state Cabinet.
There is also talk that Taib has also sought the views of people close to him, including some Dayak and Chinese ministers regarding his possible successor.
So, who will succeed Taib? The guessing game continues.

Source Bernama

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History Of UMNO Meddling In Dayak Politic Repeated Again

Thursday, 27th February 2010

An amicable solution may be in sight for the current problem in the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP).
Barisan Nasional (BN) secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor is now in the state and apparently working behind the scenes to try and resolve the problem.
SPDP Meluan state assemblyman Wong anak Judat told Bernama here today that Tengku Adnan had met with party president Datuk Seri William Mawan Ikom, deputy president Datuk Peter Nyarok, secretary-general Nelson Balang Rining and treasurer-general and Bintulu Member of Parliament Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing recently.
“He is supposed to meet our former secretary-general, Sylvester Entri Munan, and others today.
“Then he hopes to meet with PRS president Datuk Seri Dr James Jemut Masing,” Wong said after attending a Chinese New Year gathering organised by the Julau Town Rukun Tetangga Sector, here.
He said Tengku Adnan would then meet with Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, who is the state BN chief, before flying back to Kuala Lumpur.
SPDP Supreme Council member Paul Igai, when contacted, confirmed that Tengku Adnan was helping to resolve the hiccup in his party.
“He may most probably be attending our Supreme Council meeting this Sunday,” he said.
The problem in SPDP arose after its recent triennial general assembly when Mawan appointed Nelson Balang, who is Ba Kelalan state assemblyman, to replace Entri as the new secretary-general.
This did not go down well with Entri and four others — senior vice-president Datuk Peter Nansian, information chief Paulus Palu Gumbang (state assemblyman for Batu Danau), Rosey Yunus (state assemblyman for Bekenu) and Dr Tiki Lafe (MP for Mas Gading).
They then decided to merge immediately on their own with PRS without going through Peter Nyarok, who is the SPDP chairman of the proposed merger committee. 

Source: Bernama

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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Thursday, 25th February 2010

James Masing and the Group of  Five 5 SPDP assemblymen  started Another Crisis In dayak Majority Parties!...Merger Will not happen Without William Mawan


Dayak with it total population of about 1, 178,750 or 50% of Sarawak total population , is the biggest group in Sarawak.
Politically they are represented by all the parties in Sarawak, by the governing parties and as well as the opposition. In the governing parties , they are represented by the Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) or Sarawak People Party, Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP), Sarawak United People Party (SUPP) and Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB). Whereas in the opposition they are represent by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Sarawak National party (SNAP) and the latest by Democratic Action Party (DAP).

What is Democracy and Why dayak Still marginalised

Our constitution is named a democracy, because it is in the hands not of the few but of the many. But our laws secure equal justice for all in their private disputes and our public opinion welcomes and honours talent in every branch of achievement …on the ground of excellent alone…our citizen attend both to public and private duties and do not allow absorption in their various affairs to interfere with their knowledge of the city’s we decide or debate, carefully and in person of matters of policy holding…that acts are foredoomed to failure when undertaken discussed”...Pericles definition of democracy in Athens
Democracy is a form of government in which the policy is decided by the preference of the majority in a decision-making process, usually elections. Democracy as a form of government always has the following characteristics:

• There is a demos, a group which makes political decisions by some form of collective procedure. In modern democracies the demos is the nation, and citizenship is usually equivalent to membership.

• There is a territory where the decisions apply, and where the demos are resident. In modern democracies, the territory is the nation-state.

• There is a decision-making procedure, which is either direct (for instance a referendum) or indirect (for instance election of a parliament).

Based on the definition of the democracy above, the majority should rule. But why the dayak, despite being the majority they cannot rule? Dayak as I said earlier are representing by all of the political parties. Out of these so many political parties they are only majority in PRS and SPDP. This situation has caused their strength diluted.

SPDP Crisis and the Proposed Merger With PRS

The crisis in SPDP started on 22nd January 2010 when it President William Mawan Ikom replaced Sylvester Entri with Wilson Balang as SPDP secretary general. Mawan reasoned to replace Sylvester was to strengthen the party especially in the northern region of Sarawak.
But the group align to Sylvester Entri said that they walked out in protest over the appointment of Balang as the new secretary-general and Paul Igai, political secretary to the chief minister as his deputy. They believed that Sylvester Enteri was replaced as the secretary-general after he was alleged to have supported Philip Ngo in challenging the incumbent deputy president Peter Nyarok in the party elections last month.
On 21st February 2010, the group align to Sylvester Entri made a press statement that they will merge with PRS.


No matter what they called it, they were actually splitting from SPDP. The merger without the approval of both party Presidents will not going to happen. If merger between the two parties materialised, James Masing at this moment has an advantages over William Mawan as the new entity president. But will William Mawan accept the deputy president post. Judging from the dayak political history (take PBDS as an example) William Mawan would not accept James Masing as a President. So toward the end….Merger between SPDP and PRS will not going to happen and these 5 selfish representatives will be partiless.
This crisis will definitely weaken BN in the coming state election. Pakatan Rakyat (PR) must take this opportunity to wrest power from BN.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Outdated political thuggery embarrasses Malaysia

Sydney Morning Herald
Tuesday, 23rd February 2010

Dumb autocrats use the army, goon squads and guns to repress the opposition. Smart autocrats use the law courts to do it. Indonesia's Soeharto was a dumb autocrat. Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew and Malaysia's Mahathir Mohamad were smart autocrats.
The Lee-Mahathir model keeps the outward facade of a functioning democracy, with elections, a parliament and supposedly independent courts. Behind it, the systems are gutted to guarantee the ruling party remains ruling.
In Singapore, where Lee's People's Action Party has been in power for 50 continuous years, the government simply sues opposition politicians for defamation. A tame court hands down ruinous damages, opponents end up in bankruptcy, jail or exile.
When a meddlesome foreigner, the deputy director for Asia of Human Rights Watch, Phil Robertson, said last month that ''Singapore is the textbook example of a politically repressive state'', the government just shrugged and said: ''Singapore is a democratic state with a clean and transparent government.''
The army is in its barracks and there are no goon squads smashing through people's front doors at 3am. It's all legit, see? The foreign investors and governments play along. So what if the ruling party holds 98 per cent of the seats in parliament? It has an elected parliament, and surely that's good enough.
Lee quit the prime ministership in 1990 and now holds a personalised cabinet post of Minister Mentor. But his system lives on. His handpicked successors as prime minister, Goh Chok Tong, and now Lee's son, Lee Hsien Loong, have been every bit as smart as the old man himself in preserving the appearance of legitimacy.
In Malaysia, Mahathir was never as subtle or as smooth as Lee. But Mahathir was still a smart autocrat who kept control through his puppetry of the judicial system. The pivotal moment was in 1988 when Mahathir complained that the courts were ''too independent''.
He purged the chief judicial officer, the Lord President, and suspended the five chief justices of the Supreme Court. The court system has never given any further trouble to the Barisan Nasional, or National Front, since. Together with its predecessor, the BN has ruled Malaysia continuously for 54 years.
It's infinitely smarter to use legal instruments to purge judges than to use guns against protesters. A judicial massacre makes lousy TV. You won't see one live on CNN. So it remains hidden from international view. Yet it can be every bit as repressive. So when Mahathir faced a power struggle in 1998 with his deputy prime minister and heir apparent, the charismatic Anwar Ibrahim, he naturally turned to the courts to purge his younger rival.
In a blatantly political fix-up, he had Anwar arrested and charged with sodomy, a shocking crime in a predominantly conservative Muslim country. Even today it carries a maximum penalty of 20 years' jail. The police Special Branch concocted evidence and coerced witnesses. Anwar emerged from his police cell to appear in court with a bruised face, inflicted, it was later learnt, when the chief of police beat him.
The verdict was never in question. The courts convicted Anwar of sodomising his aide and speechwriter, Munawar Anees. The former deputy PM spent six years in jail. Munawar, now living in the US, has since said he was coerced into giving evidence against Anwar. ''My detention by the Malaysian Special Branch taught me how it feels to be forcibly separated from one's wife and children,'' Munawar wrote in the Wall Street Journal last month.
''How it feels to be searched and seized, disallowed to make phone calls, handcuffed, blindfolded, stripped naked, endlessly interrogated, humiliated, drugged, deprived of sleep, physically abused. What it's like to be threatened, blackmailed, hectored by police lawyers, brutalised to make a totally false confession.''
With Malaysia under tremendous international pressure from Anwar's admirers, including America's Al Gore and Britain's Gordon Brown, and with Mahathir retiring from the prime ministership in 2003, a review court overturned the sodomy sentence. Anwar was released in 2004.
He was allowed to return to politics in 2008 to lead the opposition to the BN. He committed the crime of doing so with some success. In March 2008, under challenge from Anwar, the BN won a national election, but was shocked to lose its prized majority of two-third of the seats in parliament.
The new BN Prime Minister, Najib Razak, reacted exactly as Mahathir had to a challenge from Anwar. Four months after the ruling party's election setback, Anwar was once again charged with sodomy. Once again, it's a blatant political case. The newspaper The Star called the case ''Sodomy II''.

Why is Anwar such a threat?

''At the moment,'' says Carl Thayer, an expert at the University of NSW, ''there is no other leader who can hold together the opposition coalition of an Islamic party with a Chinese party, who is capable of being prime minister, and who has experience and international recognition that Anwar has.''
The case is a joke. It exposes the Najib government as desperate and underhanded. It makes Malaysia a subject of international ridicule. While under Mahathir this form of legal manipulation might have been smart autocracy, in today's world it just looks like Malaysia is playing around with its national future.

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BN Government Condemned For Failure to Develop Rural sarawak After 47 Years Ruled

Tuesday, 23rd February 2010

Najib declares open the rural electricity project in saratok during his first day visit to Sarawak...A Political Bribery by BN Government!

Its Najib second day in Sarawak today. Yesterday he visited Saratok, Sri Aman and Simunjan. All of the areas were in the rural. And almost all of the areas that he visited were to open the electricity power grid and to declare open the "a must" government project.

Iban may be seen stupid but they are intelligent! We will show it to the world in the coming state election..Bukittunggal

In peninsular Malaysia, only the orang asli areas which are not accessible by road have no electricity whereby in Sarawak, about 90% of the longhouses which are accessible by road but still have no electricity. And yesterday the rural electrity in Lachau that he launched was to fulfill his promised during the year 2006 election, and yet he dared to say that Tsunami will not affect Sarawak as the BN government was busy developing the rural areas. But PM Najib was wrong. If his father Tun Abdul Razak still alive, he will be disappointed to see that the same village that he had visited 40 years ago still in the same condition, without electricity and the accessible road.
Therefore Najib was wronged when he said that the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) will not be able to wrest Sarawak from BN in the coming election. BN may win in Mukah and Betong but not in the other areas. So far BN government under it longest serving Chief Minister still fail to handle the natives most precious asset that is their NCR land. So far no effort has been made by the state BN government to ensure that their NCR lands are protected.
Whereas for PR especially the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) in it Harapan Baru Untuk Malaysia : 5 JANJI
(5Promises) promises better alternative for the rural people of Sarawak (especially the natives).
SARAWAKIAN! be prepared for a Political TSUNAMI in sarawak.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Confirmed Group Align to Sylvester Entri Joins PRS

Sunday, 21st February 2010
Najib visit to Sarawak has been welcomed with a political split in the BN when a members of SPDP aligned to Sylvester Entri announced today that it will merge with PRS, another dayak majority party.
The state assemblyman for Marudi and former Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) secretary-general Sylvester Enteri led his group of five other elected representatives to formally announce their merger with Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS).
The announcement was made at a press conference yesterday evening to coincide with the visit of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to Sarawak.
Members of the group are Tasik Biru state rep and Assistant Minister for Environment Peter Nansian, Batu Danau state rep Paulus Gumbang, Bekenu state assemblywoman Rosey Yunus and Mas Gading MP Dr Tiki Lafe and three other ex-SPDP supreme council members – George Garai, Peter Gani and Eda Egar.
Wong Judat joining the group

They were present at the press conference.
Enteri said that Wong Judat, the state assemblyman for Meluan has informed him that he would join his group.
Enteri said that his group wanted the merger with PRS to be formalised as soon as possible in order to further strengthen Barisan National especially in the rural-based constituencies as well as in the broader interest of the Dayak community.
He said SPDP president William Mawan took too long to make a decision to merge with PRS since the idea was mooted by Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud five years ago.
"My group is taking the first step to merge with PRS and we want it to be formalised immediately," he said.
Last month, they walked out from SPDP's supreme council meeting when Mawan announced the appointment of Nelson Balang Rining, Ba'Kelalan state rep, replacing Enteri.
Enteri and other leaders who were also founding fathers of the seven-year old SPDP were unhappy with Mawan's decision as they charged that the president did not honour his promise of maintaining a status quo in party elections last December.

PRS now second biggest

Their merger with PRS today confirmed the story on Feb 18 and it has effectively enlarge the growing support for PRS which now nine state assemblymen and six MPs.
The entry of Enteri's group brings the number of PRS' state legislators to 14 and members of Parliament to seven, while SPDP led by William Mawan, state Social Development and Urbanisation Minister has its state elected representatives reduced to three – Mawan himself, Nelson and Krian state rep Peter Nyarok.
PRS can now claim to be the second largest BN component party in Sarawak after Abdul Taib's PBB.
Meanwhile, PRS President James Masing said that what Enteri and his group did was just fulfilling the wish and dream of SPDP and PRS leaders and members to merge.
"Such a move will consolidate rural-based constituencies and strengthen Barisan Nasional. PRS accepts their move to merge and I laud their courage to take the risk for the good of the rural populace.
"With Enteri and group, PRS has no problem in merging," Masing assured.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcoming Najib and Sarawak State Election

Sunday, 21st February 2010

Najib Visit Means Sarawak State Election Just Around The Corner
Is this Not Abuse of Power MACC?

Najib Razak will begin a two-day visit to Sarawak tomorrow. This visit marks that Sarawak State election is just around the corner. So far many predicted that Sarawak state election will be held as early as March 2010 and not later than July 2010.
According to BERNAMA report, this time, he will be travelling to the Sarawak interior in order to lure Iban votes by launching mostly the electricity project and to fulfill whar he had promised 4 years ago.
His visit will start with a visit to the remote Iban longhouse, Rumah Juliana, in Kamidan Jaya in Ulu Awik, Saratok, and follow by Rumah Radin, another Iban longhouse, in Lachau Ulu in Sri Aman where he will launch the rural electrification project.And his last visit tomorrow will be to Simunjan where he will be briefed on a flood mitigation project in Kampung Nanas and Kalaka.
On Tuesday,23rd February 2010 he will visit Iban resettlements in Nanga Tada, Nanga Ngungun and Nanga Jagau in Kanowit in the central region of Sarawak where there are over 200 longhouses.The Iban community there was resettled during the communist insurgency in the 1960s and 1970s in Sibu, Kanowit and Kapit in the central region which was placed under the Rejang Area Security Command (Rascom) to protect the people from the communist terrorists.Najib visit to these longhouses aim to replace the old roof and electrical wiring of these old longhouses.
From Kanowit, Najib will fly to Sibu for lunch with the Chinese community before visiting the town’s central market.
Najib must remember that Sarawak is far behind Peninsular Malaysia in term of development. Provide them with electricity alone and replacing their longhouses roof will not made the Iban development in par with the other Malaysian in Peninsular Malaysia. The main problem facing by the dayak is their NCR land. Their lands have been sold by the state government to the big companies mainly from Peninsular. As long this problem is not rectify, PAKATAN RAKYAT (PR) will has better chance to wrest Sarawak from Taib Mahmud regime.
To all the dayak especially the Ibans out there, don't get cheated by BN, we are 30 years behind Peninsular Malaysia in term of development. Vote for PR if we want to have better development. Remember that BN government only serious about us after the GE12 or GE2008.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Muslim Hate preacher Abu Hamza's fight against extradition has cost taxpayers £100,000

Friday, 19th February 2010

Abu Hamza the hatred Preacher wanted in US

Hate preacher Abu Hamza's fight against extradition has cost taxpayers £100,000 - with more to come, The Sun revealead today.
The hook-handed cleric, 51, is running up the legal aid bill as he battles to beat the boot to the US, where he is wanted on terror charges.
Last night Tory MP Patrick Mercer said: "The public must be fed up with being robbed by this man."
The revelation follows last week's announcement that legal aid chiefs can finally seize Hamza's house in Greenford, West London, to raise £280,000 towards his £300,000 Old Bailey trial bill.
The jailed cleric is in the process of appealing against the extradition to the European Court of Human Rights.

9th Feb 2010 -SUN Newspaper Report

LEGAL aid chiefs have seized jailed hate preacher Abu Hamza's house in a massive victory for taxpayers, it was revealed yesterday.
It is hoped selling the property will raise at least £280,000 to pay back the estimated £300,000 bill for Hamza's defence on legal aid.
Hamza, 51, serving seven years for inciting murder and race hatred, had claimed poverty and said the house in Greenford, West London, belonged to his sister in Egypt.
But the Legal Services Commission launched a bid to win possession when a judge ordered Hamza to fork out for his defence costs. After lawyers proved he does own the property, the High Court granted a seizure order.
Carolyn Regan, chief executive of the LSC, said: "We can confirm the LSC has taken possession of Abu Hamza's property, as a contribution to recovering the legal aid costs spent on his defence.
"The LSC will not tolerate people trying to conceal their financial assets. Legal aid is a vital public resource and we are committed to ensuring it is spent on those who most need help with their legal problems."
The three-year battle was hailed as a triumph by the TaxPayers' Alliance.
Chief executive Matthew Elliott said: "It is great news that at long last taxpayers are starting to get some money back from Abu Hamza." Hamza, who was jailed after rants at North London's Finsbury Park Mosque, bought the house for cash while behind bars.

He is currently fighting extradition to the United States on terror charges.

Inquest Into the Death Of Teoh Beng Hock While Under the Custody of MACC

Friday, 19th February 2010

Dr Pornthip's findings disputed By Sungai Buloh Hospital Pathology Unit head Dr Shahidan Md Noor

Dr Shahidan Md Noor

Sungai Buloh Hospital Pathology Unit head Dr Shahidan Md Noor, who performed the second post-mortem on Teoh Beng Hock last November, told the inquest into his death that the DAP aide died from a fall, disputing Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand's conclusion that he had been strangled or had his anus penetrated before he fell.
He also said he agrees with the findings of the first post-mortem.
Taking the stand today, Dr Shahidan disputed the testimony of Dr Pornthip, who was brought in last year by the Selangor state government to offer her expertise.
Dr Shahidan said that the bruises on Teoh's neck was a result of his fall and that there was no evidence of asphyxia and this was his conclusion at the second autopsy after Teoh's body was exhumed.
Soon after the government pathologist gave his evidence, lawyer Gobind Singh, acting for the Teoh family, rquested for a postponment of the inquest to study Dr Shahidan's findings.
Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas then granted the request and ordered the inquest to reconvene on March 1.
Earlier, copies of the report had been presented to the parties concerned and the findings of the Nov 22 post-mortem will be made known today.
The autopsy was witnessed by state-appointed pathologist, Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand, and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission-appointed Dr Peter Venezis.

Murder suspected

Pornthip, a director of the Central Institute of Forensic Science in Bangkok, which is part of the Thailand's Justice Ministry, had taken the stand late last year where she revealed that the political aide's death was 80% homicide.
Pornthip is also expected to present her findings while Venezis, the famed pathologist involved with investigations into Princess Diana's death, will be presenting his.
Both Pornthip and Venezis are likely to take the stand after Shahidan.
Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas ordered the second autopsy on Nov 9 following Pornthip's startling revelation.
Teoh died on July 16 after being interrogated by MACC officers at its Selangor headquarters in Plaza Masalam here.
While the official version is that the DAP political aide fell to his death, his family have, however, alleged foul play.

Reluctant at first

At the inquest that is being conducted now, Shahidan said he was reluctant to perform the second post-mortem as requested by Tricia Yeoh of the Selangor Menteri Besar's office and Gobind Singh Deo, lawyer for the Teoh family.
The pathologist said he asked the duo to write to the Health Ministry. On Nov 9, he got a call from deputy public prosecutor Mohd Abazafree Mohd Abbas ordering him to perform the post-mortem.
He said Pornthip and Venezis, along with the two pathologists who performed the first post-mortem, were present when the autopsy was carried out.
The post-mortem began at 12.45pm on Nov 22, and finished two hours later.
The post-mortem report, Shahidan said, revealed that there was bruising at the thyroid of the deceased.
There was also a permanent blood clot at the back of tongue near the neck, as well as bleeding on the right side of the brain and on the right side at the back of brain.
The pathologist was decribing his external examination of the body as he answered questions by government-appointed lawyer Tan Hock Chuan.
Shahidan told the inquest that scratch marks were also found on Teoh's left hand.

Mupok Aku

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

Another Dayak Political Crisis in the Making in SPDP

Thursday, 18th February 2010

Rebellion in SPDP!

Since their open dispute with their party president, the five elected representatives from Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) seemed to have burnt their bridges with the party and the boss.
The local on-line portal, Malaysian Mirror can reveal today that the group of SPDP legislators, led by its former secretary-general and state Assistant Minister Sylvester Enteri, will be jumping ship. Their next stop – Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) led by state Land Development Minister Dr James Masing.
Others in the group are Tasik Biru state assemblyman and Assistant Minister for Environment Peter Nansian, Batu Danau state rep Paulus Gumbang, Bekenu state assemblywoman Rosey Yunus and Mas Gading MP Dr Tiki Lafe.
Another crisis in the dayak majority party in the making. First and second SNAP crisis in the 80s' and 90s', and the PBDS crisis, Dr James Wong and Datuk Sng were blamed. But the latest crisis in SPDP, no chinese politician was involved. And if we look back at all of the crisis in dayak parties, all of the reasons were about disloyalty to the leader and party. Are we dayak have lack of respect and loyalty to our party and leaders. But  based on Iban folklore stories/legends, such behaviour were not existed in our dictionary. The dayak must change our mindset if we want our voice to be heard and respected by the others, we must stop acting like a child.Please listen to our heart!
The three SPDP supreme council members aligned to the "Unhappy 5" are George Garai, Peter Gani and Eda Egar.
Last month they walked out from the SPDP supreme council meeting when president William Mawan announced the appointment of Nelson Balang Rining, the state rep for Ba'Kelalan, as secretary-general replacing Enteri.

Fallout with Mawan

Enteri and the other leaders who were also founding fathers of the seven-year old SPDP were deeply disappointed with the president's decision. They charged that Mawan did not honour his promise of maintaining status quo in the party's elections last December.
Although Mawan tried to pacify the group by appointing Enteri as a party vice-president, the olive branch came too late. They had already decided to burn their bridges.
A leader of the group who declined to be identified told the Malaysian Mirror that members of the group met yesterday afternoon. And their final decision was to join PRS. They would be submitting their resignation letters from SPDP to the party any time now.
He believed that more elected representatives from SPDP are expected to cross over to PRS for the "larger interest of Dayak unity."

Lost confidence

He said that the group will be meeting PRS president James Masing soon to submit their applications to join his party.
Asked to confirm the news, Enteri asked this reporter: "How do you know?".
However, he was quick to add that they were very disappointed with the way the party (SPDP) affairs had been handled by the president.
He said that they had lost confidence in the leadership of the party.
Their joining PRS which is expected to enlarge the growing support for the party that has now nine state assemblymen and six MPs is expected to be announced within the next 48 hours to coincide with the visit of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak from Feb 22-23 to Sarawak.

Keeping them within the BN

Political observers see the latest political development in Dayak politics as completing a whole circle – breaking from SNAP in the early 80s into Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak, SPDP and now in PRS.
Contacted by the Malaysian Mirror from Kuala Lumpur, James Masing said he had not met the SPDP dissidents so far nor discussed with them about joining PRS.
"What I know is that they do have some problems within their own party but I don't know how serious it is," he said.
Asked whether he would be happy to accept them into his party, Masing told MM: "Let's put it this way. It's better to keep them within the Barisan Nasional fold than to lose them to the opposition".

Mupok Aku

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Karpal accuses Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor of being Sodomy II masterminds

Thursday, 18th February 2010

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s lawyer accused Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor today of masterminding the sodomy charge being faced by the Opposition Leader.
“As I said, there’s a black hand in this trial, and that is the hand of the present Prime Minister..there are two hands and one is of his wife,” Karpal Singh told the court today.
Anwar echoed Karpal’s accusations by shouting from the dock the words “conspiracy, blatant lies.”
Karpal's accusations was the latest allegation flung by the defence against the PM and his wife, in what appears to be an attempt to link them to an alleged "political conspiracy."
Both Najib and Rosmah has been listed down as witnesses the defence wants to call during the trial.
Karpal (pic) was addressing the court soon after the sodomy trial resumed today after he failed in his bid to disqualify High Court judge Datuk Zabidin Mohd Diah from presiding over the case.
Karpal had wanted to disqualify the judge because of dissatisfaction with the way the court had dealt with Utusan Malaysia’s coverage of the trial.
The veteran lawyer has been unrelenting in his onslaught on the judge by citing what he claimed were examples of the judge’s lack of objectivity with regards to an Utusan Malaysia report on the trial published at the beginning of Saiful Bukhari’s questioning by the prosecution.
Zabidin, in summing up his decision, said he did not see any reason why he should recuse himself from the case.
“If I were to step down from this trial, I would be running away from my responsibility as a judge who has taken an oath of office,” said Zabidin.
Karpal gave notice to the court that Anwar’s defence team would be filing an application for appeal against the decision of the judge not to recuse himself from hearing the trial.
He also urged that the trial go on and the defence team be allowed to cross-examine Saiful, and that there be no more delays.
“Accusations of delay tactics by the defence must be cleared from people’s minds,” said Karpal to the court.
At this point, Solicitor-General 2 Datuk Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden replied by stating that neither the prosecution nor the judge had ever accused the defence of utilising delay tactics in the trial.
Karpal then retorted by saying that some media organisations had been doing so.
“We are prepared to carry on. There have been demonstrations, too many things going, like the protest at the Australian Embassy.
“We don’t want a repetition of it and Pemuda Umno cannot be allowed to run wild.”
Yusof, on the other hand, stressed that the trial must continue as the defence and the prosecution owed it to the Malaysian public, not the Australians, to do so.
The judge decided, however, to adjourn the trial until March 25 pending the appeal to the Court of Appeal.
The 62-year-old Anwar is accused of sodomising Saiful at the Desa Damansara Condominium here on June 26, 2008. Anwar has denied the charge, the second time in 12 years he has faced similar charges.
The former deputy prime minister has vehemently denied the accusations hurled by Saiful, describing them as “evil, frivolous lies by those in power” when the charge was read out to him. He is charged under section 377B of the Penal Code and can be sentenced to a maximum of 20 years’ jail and whipping upon conviction. The trial is taking place 18 months after Anwar was charged in August 2008.
Anwar was charged with sodomy and corruption in 1998 after he was sacked from the Cabinet and was later convicted and jailed for both offences. He was freed in September 2004 and later resurrected his political career by winning back his Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat in a by-election in 2008, which had been held in the interim by his wife.
He had earlier led the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat, to a historic sweep of five states and 82 parliamentary seats in Election 2008.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sarawak State Election Is Just Around The Corner

Wednesday, 17th February 2010

YB Dominique..Is PKR Ready to Fight Currupted BN?

The last time that Sarawak had its state elections was in May 2006 therefore its next election should be held not later than June 2011.
In the 2006 state election, the Sarawak BN, comprising Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu, Sarawak United People's Party, Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party and Parti Rakyat Sarawak, won 62 of 71 seats up for grabs.But BN Sarawak big win in the election was influenced by the result of the 12th GE in 2004 where the Barisan Nasional coalition was able to achieve one of its greatest victories in more than five decades.The BN won 198 of 219 seats in the national parliament and 505 of 552 seats at the federal level. UMNO obtained 109 mandates, the MCA 31, and the MIC 9. In total, the BN won 64.4 percent of the votes, 7.2 percentage points more than in 1999.UMNO candidates came first in 109 of 117 constituencies (93.2 percent). In 1999, they obtained merely 48.6 percent of the seats they had contested. UMNO candidates also gained 303 of 383 seats at the federal level. PAS, on the other hand, lost the election in the state of Terengganu and has since had only seven seats in the national parliament (six after by-elections). The PKR had only one member of parliament (MP). The DAP was the only opposition party that reached its goal, with twelve delegates in the national parliament.
One of the main reasons for the BN success in 2004 was the popularity of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, who had taken office in October 2003. He maintained a leadership style different from that of his autocratic predecessor, Mahathir Mohamad. Badawi is an orthodox Muslim and comes from an influential Malay family of ulama (Islamic scholars). Soon after assuming office, he introduced a number of reforms. After 2004, however, it became obvious that he had failed to live up to his promises of fighting corruption and poverty and of improving the tense relations among religious and ethnic groups. More importantly, expensive prestige projects were mostly not abolished.
But this coming election, Sarawak's BN has a very good reason to worry about. First, the opposition is  getting stronger especially after The twelfth national elections in 2008 ended with astounding results. Despite the decades-long dominance of the governing coalition, the opposition was this time able to win a tremendous number of votes after its devastating performance in the last elections in 2004. Opposition politicians spoke of a “revolution” and a “new dawn.”
Secondly, the opposition allign especially Parti Keadilan Rakyat is getting stronger and well recieved by the dayaks. They feel that the existing dayak majority parties in BN coalition, Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) fail to fight for their most important assets, the Native Customary Land (NCL) and moreover, Datuk Seri Anwar is said to have promised Sarawak and Sabah that the chief ministers will be a Dayak and a Kadazan, respectively.
Thirdly, the crisis within and among the BN component parties in Sarawak. In Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) , the Sarawak BN backbone party there is a conflict between Melanau and Malay on succession plan for Taib Mahmud. In PRS, the conflict between Dr James Jemut Masing and a group that alligned to Donal Lawan ( a veteran politician and YB Snowdan Lawan father) is eminent.
In SPDP, Mawan action in replacing Enteri as Secretary-General with Ba’Kelalan state assemblyman Nelson Balang Rining has caused another crisis in SPDP. It was said among the "coffee-shop" politicians that Sylvester Entri and his supporters-namely Paulus Gumbang, Rosey Yunus, Datuk Peter Nansian and Dr Tiki Lafe were contemplating leaving the party and form a new one.
SUPP one of BN component party, the rift between Datuk Wong Soon Koh and Dr Soon in the formation of Dudong branch is one of the crisis that until now has not been successfully resolved  by Dr George Chan.
PKR might be having some  internal problem such as  the "shaky and unclean" politicians ( How DSAI described PKR Assemblyman like Datuk Seri Zahrain Hashim) and the politicians without discipline and loyalty such as Port Klang assemblyman Badrul Hisham Abdullah and the two assemblymen from Perak, Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi of Behrang and his Changkat Jering counterpart Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu and a racist assemblyman like Zulkifli Nordin, they had left and the party had been cleaned but for those who are still with PKR, they  will live in PKR's  spirit and struggle.

When is the State Election?

According to reliable source to,  PBB is going to hold it 12th convention from Feb 27 to March 2 in Kuching. The convention will be officiated by PM Najib. With current development in Peninsular Malaysia whereby UMNO is potraying the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) as an unstable coalition,  and with Anwar political future uncertainty with his sodomy trial (dubed as SODOMY II) in progress therefore the most suitable time for BN to hold the state election in Sarawak will be in March 2010.
I strongly believe that Taib Mahmud will dissolve the state assembly during the coming school holiday in  March 2010.

 PKR Sarawak...Are You Ready

Based on the feedback that I recieved from the ground in N25-Balai Ringin, so far PKR has not started any campaign there. I am doubt whether PKR is serious to wrest N25 from PRS. Unlike the PKR, PRS has started their  campaign there with YB Snowdan and YB Masir Kujat distributing the MRP funds to the villages at upper Pantu. The latest was to TR Ngulu Empaling where a grant worth more than RM50K has  been distributed to the village for the construction of its civic hall.
PKR..Pn Ibi are we challenge BN in N25?

Mupok Aku

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

US Calls for fair trial for Anwar

Wednesday, 17th February 2010

US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry lends his support to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim by calling for a fair trial for the latter.

United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry has added to calls for a fair trial for opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who is now facing another sodomy charge.
The call came after 50 Australian MPs last week asked the Malaysian government to drop the sodomy charge, the second of such charge the former deputy prime minister is facing in 12 years. The Barisan Nasional Youth and Malay rights group Perkasa protested outside the Australian High Commission this morning against that call.
“I call on the government of Malaysia, and specifically on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, to ensure a fair and equitable resolution of the legal proceedings currently under way against former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim,” Kerry said in a statement.
“It has been over a decade since Anwar’s first trial, on charges that were later overturned by the Federal Court. The current charges closely mirror the ones levied years ago, and have been brought soon after Mr. Anwar’s resumption of his role as elected Member of Parliament and leader of the parliamentary opposition. I urge the Malaysian government to accord Mr. Anwar every legal protection to which he is entitled as a Member of Parliament and as a citizen — and to settle his case in a manner that builds confidence in the impartiality and credibility of the Malaysian judicial system,” said the former US presidential contender.
Kerry’s call came amid efforts by the Malaysian government and its diplomats to isolate Anwar. The Najib Administration have responded to the calls by saying sodomy is illegal although the charge has yet to be proven in the ongoing case.
Anwar has called the charge as a conspiracy to end his political comeback after being jailed for sodomy and corruption in 1999. He was freed in 2004 and later led the Pakatan Rakyat to deny Barisan Nasional its customary two-thirds parliamentary majority and also capture four more states. Anwar later won back his Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency.
The PKR de facto leader met Kerry over the weekend at the US-Islamic World Forum in Doha, Qatar.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DSAI Says Sorry For choosing “shaky and unclean” candidates.

Tuesday, 16th February 2010

PKR adviser and Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim apologised for his choice of candidates in the 2008 general election.
Anwar said he was responsible for selecting the MP candidates and had made “some mistakes” by choosing “shaky and unclean” candidates.

The end of his political career....UMNO will accept him as a member but will not nominate him as a candidate

“I feel sad that I asked you to vote for these people - I apologise. Now I have been stabbed in the back,” he said during the state PKR’s Chinese New Year open house here Tuesday.
PKR’s Bayan Baru MP and Anwar’s personal friend, Datuk Seri Zahrain Hashim, quit the party on Friday, triggering talk of an exodus by PKR lawmakers.
Zahrain’s ally, Nibong Tebal MP Tan Tee Beng, who is facing disciplinary action from the party, said he would only decide on his future after Chinese New Year.

Anoth PR traitor that political career will end soon!

“We enter politics not to get a Datukship or to ask for contracts, shares and land - you don’t join politics to become rich,” Anwar said.
Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who was present at the event, has alleged that Zahrain’s departure from Pakatan was prompted by his rejection of the latter’s proposal for the Bukit Jambul Country Club (BJCC) to be outsourced and awarded to “a RM2 company”.
Lim also denied that Pakatan was a “brittle” coalition. “Just because one or two run does not mean that we are brittle.
“To those who have left, ‘selamat meninggal’ and to those who are physically still in Pakatan but are not with us in spirit, we leave it up to them what to do - we will still be alright,” he said.
He also hit out at Zahrain for not being a “true friend” to Anwar.
“If he is a truly a friend, why did he choose this moment to act up - when Anwar is facing a trial?
“He can leave - we don’t care,” he said.
A billboard in Zahrain’s constituency, put up by Pantai Jerejak PKR assemblyman Sim Tze Tzin about a week ago, has been vandalised with a large, red X spray painted over Zahrain face.
The board, that is located at the Jalan Tengah - Jalan Mayang Pasir intersection, is one of two PKR billboards in the Bayan Baru parliamentary area that have been put up to wish motorists a happy Chinese New Year.
A check at the other board, located at the Jalan Tun Dr Awang entrance of the Bayan Baru roundabout, Tuesday afternoon showed that it was still untouched.
When asked about the vandalism, Sim said he had only found out about it Tuesday and denounced the act.
“Many people are angry at Zahrain (for jumping ship) but this is not the right way to express their feelings. Instead, we should focus on turning this anger into votes,” Sim said when met at the state-level PKR open house in Rifle Range.
Zahrain quit PKR on Feb 12, citing, among other reasons, dissatisfaction with Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Engs leadership of the state.
Sim added that he would take down the affected board this week, earlier than after the full Chinese New Year festivities as previously scheduled.

Mupok Aku

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

Monday, February 15, 2010

Pol sec nabbed is Hasbie Satar a Sarawakian

Sunday, 14th February 2010

The political secretary to a senior minister caught by MACC men - with RM2mil in cash with him - is Hasbie Satar, a Sarawakian, the Malaysian Mirror can reveal.
The money was stacked in bundles of different denominations - all RM2mil of it!
Officers of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Comissiobn found the cash at an apartment in Teluk Air Tawar here Thursday afternoon.
The officers detained a man, said to be a political secretary to a senior minister, in the 3.30pm raid.
A national daily reported that about 20 MACC officers from Putrajaya arrived in five vehicles and grilled the suspect for over five hours at the Sri Molek apartment over the cash.

Rented ahead of 2008 elections

It was believed that fourth-floor unit was rented by the minister's election team weeks before the March 8, 2008 general election and later used as a transit-home for the minister's staff.
Besides the money – stacked in bundles of RM5, RM10, RM50 and RM100 – the anti-graft officers also seized a 4WD vehicle registered under the name of a Pulau Tikus-based company and a BMW registered in the name of a person from Sarawak.
According to a report in The Star, his bank accounts have been frozen to facilitate further investigations.
It is unclear where the suspect got the money from and why he had kept such a large amount of cash at the apartment.
The detained political secretary is believed to be Hasbie Satar, a Sarawakian, sources told the Malaysian Mirror.
It is learnt that two of the minister's service staff were present in the apartment during the raid.

Amassed millions in short time

The apartment was raided by MACC following a public tip-off that the man was said to have amassed millions of ringgit in properties over a short period of time.
Hewas alleged to have secured property and cash by being the middleman in deals for approval of multi-million ringgit projects.
Investigators had reportedly obtained an order to seize and freeze several of his properties, which include at least four luxury cars and four houses in the Klang Valley.
The MACC is reportedly calling on several other people to help in the investigations.

Mupok Aku

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Chai

On this wonderful occassion, I would like to wish my Chinese readers, A Happy Chinese New Year


Mupok Aku

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Muhyiddin Statements Could Instigate Racial Tension

Saturday, 13th February 2010

Today is the day Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin should learn former US president, Ronald Reagan’s favourite phrase: “Trust, but Verify”.
If he had learnt the phrase before today, the deputy prime minister would not look silly for castigating the Penang government which he alleged had cancelled the annual Maulidur Rasul procession.
He accused the Pakatan Rakyat government led by Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng of not supporting the aspirations of Muslims.
All this based on a report by the Umno-owned newspaper Utusan Malaysia.
The moment when I heard Najib appointed this man as the DPM, I knew that this will mark the fall of UMNO. How could UMNO nominated someone who is racist to assist the PM to lead this multi-racial nation. As long as this man is remained as DPM, PR aim to wrest federal power from BN will soon becoming
In other words, Muhyiddin appeared irresponsible for stoking racial and religious tension when talking about the apparent cancellation of the Maulidur Rasul procession in Penang, where Malays have been complaining about being sidelined.
The responsible thing to do would have been to double check with the Penang state government and not rely on what is reported by Utusan Malaysia, which has stretched its credibility in the past when reporting about Umno’s political foes.
To paraphrase Reagan, trust, but verify.
It is no good to parrot what Utusan said without checking. Then it becomes a game of Chinese whispers, which has been an ongoing past-time in Penang where even the lawful enforcement against illegal hawkers is turned into a racial issue.
After all, Muhyiddin is a national leader, not a petty politician trying to break into the big time by grabbing attention where possible. Even former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, a Penang son himself, weighed in on the matter based on the erroneous Utusan report.
National leaders have to be statesmen and above the fray. They have to carefully consider what they say or do because even an involuntary nod of the head or the wave of hand could signify something to their followers. All the more so when it comes to matters of faith in a country treading gingerly over the ‘Allah’ ruling.
Someone who wants to lead Malaysia one day must avoid the temptation of playing the race or religious card, be it behind closed doors or out in the open, especially in issues which Umno leaders have always deemed ‘sensitive’.
Muhyiddin must know this.
His words and actions, even when slamming his political foes based on an unverified Utusan Malaysia report, will add credence to cynics who wonder if Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s 1 Malaysia has the full support of his own administration.
Trust, but verify. Reagan practised it well and was a popular US president. Muhyiddin would be wise to follow the dictum.

Mupok aku

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

Jaringan Orang Asal Representative Dispelled From Attending Public Forum On GTP Organised By PM Department

Tuesday, 9th February 2010

1Malaysia True Colour Prevails.

Najib 1Malaysia, the concept that aims to unite Malaysian multi-racial, really showed it real colour when it denied Nicholas Mujah, a representative from Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA)from attending it forum held in Pullman hotel here last Thursday.
Please see the press release below. This press release can be also read at Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia

Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia (JOAS) strongly condemns the discriminating act by the Prime Minister’s Department in dispelling a community representative from participating in the public forum that was organised by the department that aims to gather information and feedbacks on numerous issues so as to understand and resolve the perennial problems of the people.

Nicholas Mujah, a representative of the Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA) was asked to leave the forum for no apparent reason by the organisers.

The Sarawak Lab, part of the national circuit, was held on 9 February 2010, at Pullman Hotel Kuching and was chaired by Idris Jala.
I attended the opening of the GTP by CM Taib at Borneo Convention Centre on 15th January 2010. In his  introductory speech on Government Transformation Program (GTP),  Idris Jala invited all Malaysians to give input to Pemandu for the success of  1Malaysian concept. If what written here is correct, meaning Idris Jala and the rest of his team are liars, 1Malaysia is moving towards doom! Dispelling Nicholas Mujah is not only insulting the organisations that he represented but also an insult to the Iban...Bukittunggal
The Participants include senior government officers consisting of officers from various ministries, Resident and District Officers and the Sarawak Attorney General. Various plantation companies were also present as well as community chiefs and a few individuals who were interested in the public forum. Participants took part in three discussion labs; socio economic, native customary rights (NCR) and the Native Court. 
One of the feedbacks from the NCR group was given by Hassan Sui who addressed the disputes caused by the lack of accountability and transparency of government agencies such as the Land and Survey Department as well as plantation companies such as Pelita, and shared his recommendations. Another feedback by Temenggong Stephen Jussem stated that the ongoing manipulation and intimidation against the Tuai Rumahs to certify native land and boundaries, should stop.
Mujah had already participated for the first part of the forum in the morning session. During the morning tea break, he was pulled by one of the organisers to a room and was told to leave the forum as the event is only for invited participants and government officials. 
Mujah protested that the forum is for the public and continued to insist that he should be in the forum. However, the organisers later told Mujah that the directive to eject him out of the forum came from the top.
The organisers of the forum were wrong in ejecting Mujah out. Mujah, a well-known community representative and NCR activist, in advocating Orang Asal rights plays an important role in providing feedback as well as recommendations for this public forum. He should not be stopped from attending the forum, unless the Prime Minister’s Department is not serious in addressing this issue and this event is just another window dressing for the public.
JOAS questions the accountability of the public forum that does not include the participation of a community representative and organisers that lacks of responsibility to be inclusive of all rakyat so as to ensure a transparent and open public forum to discuss upon the most important issues that are faced by the indigenous peoples of Sarawak today.
Until the government moves forward towards a meaningful solution with the full and effective participation and the free, prior and informed consent of the Orang Asal as enshrined in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), NCR land disputes will continue to take place throughout the state, to the detriment of the rights of the indigenous peoples of Sarawak, the sustainable development of the Sarawakian population and the image of the state of Sarawak and Malaysia, contrary to the spirit of 1Malaysia.

Yours truly,

Adrian Banie Lasimbang
Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia (JOAS)
Indigenous Peoples network of Malaysia

Mupok Aku

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban
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