Sunday, January 24, 2010

PKR Youth Slams Kulim MP Zulkifli Noordin

Sunday, 24th January 2010

The PKR Youth have blasted party colleague and Kulim MP Zulkifli Noordin for his police report against Shah Alam PAS MP Khalid Samad over the “Allah” issue
Describing Zulkifli’s action as “very Umno-like”, Youth leader Syamsul Iskandar called on party leaders to take stern action.
He said the act of lodging a police report and calling for Khalid to be probed for sedition had violated the spirit of the Pakatan Rakyat common framework.
“We deeply regret and are infuriated by his action which, to me, transgresses the PR common framework,” he told a press conference at the party’s headquarters here, adding that he wants PKR’s top leadership to take “stern action” against the Kulim MP.
“We dare him to come and explain before the youth wing on his action and we will send out a formal letter to him soon,” added Shamsul.
Shamsul said PKR and the youth wing have been consistent in maintaining that Islam is the country’s official religion as stated in the Federal Constitution but insisted that Zulkifli’s action was against PR’s common stand on the “Allah” issue.
PKR is a multi racial party. It fight for the rights of all Malaysian irrespective of their religions or races. Nut the actions of this MP lately did not represent the real spirit of PKR. DSAI should consider expel this MP before it is became too late to
PR, including its Islamist component PAS which is widely perceived to be conservative when it comes to religious matters , have backed the High Court ruling that allowed Catholic weekly to use “Allah” to describe the Christian God in its Bahasa Malaysia edition.
Zulkifli, known for his hardline Islamic views, had lodged a police report against the PAS man’s statement that a Selangor enactment which prohibited non-Muslims from using the word “Allah” and other Islamic terms was “outdated”.
“What he did is against the principle of musyawarah (intellectual debate),” blasted Shamsul further.
The PKR youth leader, however, did not elaborate when asked to explain the sort of disciplinary action he suggested be taken against Zulkifli.
He was also non-committal in his reply when asked if he had confidence that the party’s disciplinary committee will take any action against the Kulim MP.
“I am sure that they will look into it,” he said.
The police report against Khalid is not Zulkifli’s first “renegade” act that has placed him at odds with his party and PR as a coalition.
The Kulim MP, who was formerly with PAS, have often put himself in controversies seen detrimental to the opposition pact in the past.
One of the many examples of this was when he played a role in the demonstration against the Bar Council outside the body’s headquarters.
The protest, held by far right Umno-affiliated groups and other conservative NGOs, was organised to disrupt the Bar Council’s seminar on the jurisdiction crisis between the Syariah and the civil courts.
Despite his involvement to which he confessed of his role, no action was taken against him.

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