Friday, January 8, 2010

Kampong Pengkalan Pantu Flooded But Where Are Their BN YBs

Pantu, Sri Aman Sarawak
Thursday, 7th January 2010

Their Village Submerge underwater at  Waist-Deep but Where are their YBs?

Hundred families from Kampong Pengkalan Pantu, Sri Aman sarawak here were forced to evacuate their houses and to find shelter at SRK Chung Hua Pantu because the raising flood water from Batang Strap for the past three days has flooded their village at about 1 meter high or at waist-deep.
According to several residents, the water level as of yesterday was estimated at about one meter high and have been risen since the continous downpour late Monday. They were also been informed of possible rain in the next few days and this was based on the weather forecast released by the government agencies.
In the meantime, their stay at SRK Chung Hua Pantu is monitored and taken care of by personnel from the relevant government agencies

But Where Are Their YBS

We, the Iban who are exposed to the real meaning of development are responsible to tell our people especially those who live in the longhouses or rural areas, that they have been cheated by the BN politicians for more than 45 years. They need to be assisted in reforming their minds so as to put a STOP to the  Barisan Nasional real Politic of
One of the resident informed that none of the BN YBs (From P202 and N25) ever visited them. He was very unhappy with the two YBs for not visiting them. The situation is very different from the YBs in other areas such as in Peninsular. In peninsular malaysia, during calamity, their YBs will visit them and government assistance will be disbursed immediately.
But I am not surprised with these two YBs. They will only show their faces to attend the political gatherings or functions. For example the flood along Jalan Simpang Ubah-Tekuyong-Isu which was reported by  Dayak Nation but so far no efrfort was made by the two YBs to repair the bridge or to the raise the level of the road.

Where is Najib 1Malaysia Slogan

Typical BN Iban politicians for the two constituencies, they always manipulated the people here. But the time will come for the voters in these two constituencies to realise that they have been cheated by BN. Just wait for the next election...They will lose the election as the people has power to VOTE THEM OUT!

Mupok Aku

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban 

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