Thursday, January 7, 2010

Iban in Kuala Baram Miri Has No Land to Build Their Longhouse

MIRI, Sarawak
Wednesday, 6th January 2009

Tuai Rumah Silvester Janggat Sawong Appeals to Government For A Land to Build their Longhouse

Thirty families from Sungai Putat Kuala Baram have no house to live in as their longhouse has been  demolished by a company since August 2009.
According to TR Silvester, they have submitted an application with the government to allocate them with Temporary Occupation License (TOL) or a new site to build their longhouse but until now they recieve no resply from the government.
"The villagers are currently putting up with relatives at timber quarters while the rest building temporary huts along the Baram river" Said TR Sylvester.

Politic Of Development real Colour

Barisan Nasional Politic of development is only benefits few people especially the BN Politicians, but it cost  the native their NCR lands, their most valuable asset.
I am predicting  that few years down the road, with the new concept of NCR land development (Joint Venture Concept) more natives especially the Iban will lose their NCR land to the company own by the BN politicians.
People in Kanowit, Empaling, Tekuyong, Ubah, Isu and many more Ibans that live in the upper Pantu areas or in P202 and N25 Constituencies will need to beg the BN government for a piece of land to build their longhouses.
Iban...Wake Up Now or risk losing your NCR Lands!

Mupok Aku

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

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