Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dr Rayong the Partyless State Assemblyman is Selling Himself

Thursday, 28th January 2010

Dr Johnical Rayong-The Iban Desperado, Liar and Traitor in Engkelili

Sarawak State election is just around the corner. Judging from past history, the election should be held within this year.
Due to political crisis and betrayal , two assemblymen in sarawak cabinet have been partyless. One is Larry Sng and another is Dr Johnical Rayong. Between the two assemblymen, Dr Rayong is the most vulnerable in term of their chances to win back their seat in the coming election.
Larry Sng, historically and finacially he is more capable , and he can win the seat on any ticket whether on BN or on opposition . Whereas for Dr Johnical Rayong the only way how he could win back the seat is through BN. He will not be able to win the seat on independent ticket because if he has to stand on independent candidate he will be facing the BN and the opposition. This time he will not ge the support of the  Pakatan Rakyat (PR) as he had already betrayed them.
Based on the Boeneo Post report lately, Rayong has been actively lobbied himself to be the BN candidate by attending the functions organised by BN in Engkelili area. And the last effort by Dr Rayong was published in the Borneo Post today. According to the report, Dr Rayong urged BN leaders to accept him as a BN candidate in the coming state election. He gave two reasons why BN should accept him as BN candidate, as he said :-
(1) "The people want local candidate and I am from -Skrang , I am local".
(2) "The proof is enough. I've pledged my allegiance and I have handling out Minor Rural Project (MRP) funds to the people of this constituency ever since I was elected in 2006".
In refering to his reasons, I have no comment for item (1) as he is indeed from Skrang-under Engkelili. But for item (2) I am not convince with him. He is a liar or in Iban we call it "bula" (pronounce as bulak). Let's look back how this bula state assemblyman member won the seat during the election held in 2006.
As we all known, before the election in 2006, a group of ex-PBDS members who were partyless, wanted to form-up  the malaysian Dayak Congress, but due to objection from some dayak leaders (people speculated Jabu Numpang a self-proclaimed "Panglima Iban/Dayak"  ) the   registeration was not approved. While waiting for their appeal, some of those group used SNAP and other opposition parties to compete in the election....Dr Rayong was one of them. He stood the election using SNAP symbol, and his opponernt  was Krai Pillo from SUPP ( BN ). He garnered 3,442 votes compared to SUPP’s Johnathan Krai Pilo with 3,016 votes.
But after winning Engkilili on a SNAP ticket, Dr Johnical quit the party and declared himself a BN-friendly assemblyman. He has since been knocking on BN’s door with a lot of encouragement from Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP). But the question is whether the other BN members willing to accept him to the fold as it can become the precedent in the future. Judging from history (Remember Kebing Wan who defeated BN candidate in Baram never accepted back to BN fold ?).

How many alternatives does he have?

As I see it, there are two available alternatives for Johnical Rayong. One is to stand the coming-election on BN ticket. In order to stand on BN ticket he must get closer to BN, unite all SUPP supportes in Engkelili and try to win their supports. And the most importantly he must be able to convince the SUPP leaders that he can be trusted.
Secondly, quit politic. Based on his past track record, this type of politician should not exist in Sarawak especially to the dayak/Iban. While the Ibans are far left behind compare to other races, with this type of leader/politician, we will not progress in the same pace with the others. In other to progress well with the other races in Malaysia, we need a dynamic and loyal leaders.
Today we can't found any dynamic and loyal leaders in BN but outside its such as in PAKATAN RAKYAT, we have a choice. We still have hopes there such as in a form of sdra Baru Bian.
For the dayak/Iban out there especially in Engkelili...One day Dr Johnical Rayong will betray you just like what he did to SNAP after he won the seat under SNAP in 2006.

Mupok Aku

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaba

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