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RTM DG Dares Penang CM To Make Police Report

Radio Television Malaysia director-general Datuk Ibrahim Yahya is playing down a threat to send him to prison for his comments in his blog, Dunia Tiger.
Ibrahim, popularly known in media circles by his nickname "Tiger", told The Malay Mail this morning that he would not act on the threat.

Ibrahim Yahya  Who Paid By Rakyat Taxes But Plays Politic

"I will leave it at that for the moment... I do not wish to speak more on the matter," he said.
Asked if he had lodged a police report, the former chief news editor of Berita Harian said he has no intention to do so and would confine his comments to his posting.
"Everything is there in my blog," he said.
I dare this Government officer to step down and play active politic..Bukittunggal
Ibrahim wrote in his posting on Dec 26 that someone had threatened to send him to prison for the rest of his natural life for his comments on DAP in his blog.
It is believed the threat came as a reaction to two recent postings, "Kerana Mulut Badan Binasa" on Dec 25 about Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's claim that Teoh Beng Hock had been murdered and "DAP Semakin Galak Serang Melayu" a day earlier.
Responding to the threat, Ibrahim fired back in his blog that he was prepared to go to jail to defend his rights and the special place of the Malays in this country.
Defending his comments on Lim Guan Eng and the DAP, Ibrahim said he was not a racist for merely defending the rights of the Malays.
Excerpts of the threats, reproduced in his blog, warned Ibrahim not to use RTM for his own agenda and to be fair in his news broadcasts.
Lim is under police investigation for sedition over remarks he made on Teoh's death.

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Sick Kelantan Sultan Controversal Romance In A Hospital In Singapore

The King and I...Sultan Kelantan With His Second Wife

Kuala Lumpur
Monday, December 28th, 2009

One of the two women brought into the royal suite at the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore is the second wife of the Sultan of Kelantan, Sultan Ismail Petra, it has been revealed.
A source close to the Kelantan palace confirmed this morning that the Sultan's second wife and her personal assistant had visited the ailing ruler.
The clarification quells suggestions of hanky-panky as a bodyguard of the Kelantan Raja Perempuan, Mohd Fadzli Awang, had alleged in his police report that the unknown women were sneaked into the ward after the video surveillance camera was covered with newspaper.
He had claimed that a bodyguard had brought the women before leaving the royal suite.
Mohd Fadzli had claimed that the same guard had returned with two men, one believed to be a Malaysian police inspector. The guard and the police officer, he had claimed in his report, waited outside the ward.
“The parties concerned then left the ward about two hours later. It is unknown what their intention was by coming to the ward at that hour,” he had claimed.
Mohd Fadzli Awang had also said the Sultan’s third son, Tengku Temenggong Tengku Muhammad Fakhry, had ordered him to lodge a report for police to investigate and take appropriate action against the intruders.
The clarification on the women's status came after a Press statement, allegedly from the Sultan's second wife, was circulated via e-mail to the media, including The Malay Mail, this morning.
In the statement, accompanied by copies of the marriage certificate and marriage card, the sender claiming to be the Sultan's second wife claimed that she had decided to clear the air after allegations of hanky-panky had surfaced from her visit.
The email sender, known as Elia Suhana Ahmad, claimed that only a handful were privy about the marriage between her and Sultan Ismail.
Apa la nak susahkan orang yang sakit macam tu.. Klau dia dah sah nikah, itu isteri dia dan dia ada hak nak jumpa suami dia. Ngapa lak nak halang ?? Sebab malu ? sebab harta ? Apa la sangat harta tu ?? Kan Allah dah bagi rezeki kat semua makhluk dia, kalau tak cukup minta la lagi kat Allah.. Sebab malu ? kena tanya diri sendiri la, ngapa suami nk bernikah satu lagi ? Pasal malu keluar surat khabar ni tak pe juga nanti nak berjawab kemudian hari macam mana ? Pikir-pikir kan lah.... Comment by Anonymous
She claimed that her wedding had been witnessed by family members as well as Kelantan's State officials on Dec 23, 2007. A picture of her, the Sultan and an elderly couple also accompanied her email.
Elia claimed that the earlier reports had taken a negative slant and she was obliged to clarify the issue to ensure that the Kelantan monarch would not be mocked and the role of the police not misunderstood.
It had been reported that a royal guard had allegedly brought in two unknown women at 4.20am on Oct 8.
It had also been reported that some 20 royal guards, allegedly police personnel, had also besieged the ward and insulted the Raja Perempuan Kelantan, Tengku Anis Tengku Abdul Hamid.
lt was learnt that personal security officers of the Raja Perempuan had lodged five reports of alleged misconduct by Kelantan police personnel between October and November at the hospital.
Kelantan police chief SAC 1 Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi had declined comment since the police report was lodged in Singapore.

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Stretching absurdity to the extreme! -Aliran

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Giving Opinion but Intepreted By the Police As Giving Instruction !

Aliran is appalled by the statement of Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar claiming that the Sri Kembangan state assembly member Ean Yong Hian Wah had intimidated the police when he called on them to stop their investigation of DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng, for alleged sedition.
It is difficult to understand how a request or a demand to stop their investigation of Lim Guan Eng - in what is interpreted by the police as sedition - can be construed as directing the police to cease their investigation of Guan Eng. What authority does Ean Yong have to directthe police? Or are they recognising that he has such powers to do so? He has no such powers. Why then does Khalid claim that the police weredirected by Ean Yong to desist from their investigation?
On what basis does Khalid state, "I wish to stress that the honourable member should not try to intimidate us … .” Irrespective of whether it was a request or a demand in wanting the police not to investigate Guan Eng, in what way does that constitute intimidation?
"I would like to emphasize here that being a state exco member, I've no power to give instruction to the police. Only the Prime Minister and the Minister of Internal Affair have the power to give instruction to the police"..Ean Yong Hian

Political Motivated statement!

Is Khalid claiming that the police were indeed intimidated by Ean Yong’s statement? Is he admitting that the police indeed felt intimidated by Ean Yong? Imagine that one lonely voice can intimidate the entire police force! This is stretching absurdity to the extreme! This is doing violence to the word.
Does the Home Minister, Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Onn, who is in charge of the police force agree with this ridiculous interpretation?
Khalid’s statement has serious repercussions on civil society. If civil society were to tell the police not to accept bribes or urge the police not to be cruel to the detainees or ask the police to be even handed when dealing with dissidents, would that now be interpreted as a directive and therefore having the effect of intimidation?
On a more serious note, if the police are so easily intimidated by a mere statement, how are they going to ensure our safety on a daily basis when the crime rate has soared to frightening levels? There are so many criminals running around killing and raping, snatching bags and valuables from pedestrians on the street, putting us in fear for our own well-being; how then are the police going to cope with this intimidating environment that we live in?
The police should direct their attention to solving serious crime in the country instead of going after the Opposition. Their conduct with regard to the Opposition is becoming very blatant. People are troubled by this and are disappointed with the police.

P Ramakrishnan

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