Friday, December 18, 2009

Stunning Revealetion By YB Elizabeth On Malaysian Police Wrongfully Arrest The Touris

A Stunning revealetion - Inhuman treatment by Malaysian Police

BN government has spent millions of ringgit to promote Malaysia as a tourist destination. But with unprofessional conduct of our policemen, millions spent had just gone down into the drain.
Our government especially the internal affairs Minister, Hishamuddin Hussien must make sure that the same blunder will not repeat in the future.
Our policemen no doubt is very disciplined but I'm doubt whether they are competent in doing their jobs. Enforcing the laws, especially dealing with the exodus of prostitutes from China is not an easy task. The Police intelligent must be good and their personnel  must be well trained so that the real tourists will not be victimised.
Government of Malaysia and the police must mend the damage...investigate and admit it if the policemen involved in the arrest made the mistake. And remember those policemen that jeorpardised our image must be punished.
Bravo Elizabeth Wong for this stunning revealetion!

See the Video here

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Malaysia Defeated Vietnam In SEA Games

17 December 2009

Bravo Malaysia.

The national Under-23 squad celebrate after beating Vietnam 1-0

The last time that Malaysia won the SEA Games football tournament was about 20 years ago when it defeated Singapore in the 1989 SEA Games hosted by Kuala Lumpur.
Malaysia had beaten hosts Laos 3-1 in the semi-finals, while Vietnam trounced Singapore 4-1 at the same stage.
Despites Winning the Games, but Malaysian Team Standard Was Still very Low
I have not been following the progress of Malaysian football team since the 80s during Mokhtar Dahari, James Wong, Hassan Sany, Santokh Singh, V.Arumugam, and many more  time. But yesterday final game between Vietnam and Malaysia, I was forced to watch the live telecast aired on TV3 by my wife.
The game looked boring and  the only reason why Malaysia won was  because the opponent was not strong. Being the great fan of the EPL , based on yesterday game, Malaysia team standard was far below the international standard. The players fitness still very weak, and their ball control was terrible and not better than the school team players.
If we want our football team to be in par with world standard, the team need to work 300% harder and if possible get the best coach in the world.
But despite all the weaknesses that I saw, being a Malaysian, I am still proud with our team, and personally would like to Congratulate them.

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