Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sabah MP Romances Popular Artis

16 December 2009.
News portals are buzzing with news that firebrand MP Bung Mokhtar Radin and a sizzling actress have married!

Bung Mokhtar and Zizie

Several of his Dewan Rakyat colleagues have purportedly received invitations to a wedding reception at a leading hotel here but the Kinabatangan rep has laughed off the hot news.
"I am not handsome enough for her," he told Malay news portal mStar, which reportedly said the akad nikah (solemnisation of marriage) ceremony for the two was held last week at a closed-door event.
When a reporter SMSed him to confirm whether a wedding would take place, he replied: "No kahwin, hahaha."
The Sabah politician, 50, however, did not reply when asked if he had proposed to Zizie, the 31-year-old actress and currently one of the hottest and most lucrative names in local TV dramas.
Zizie's mother, Khaty Fauziah, has also refused to be drawn into any answers regarding her daughter's rumoured marriage to the MP.
"They're just starting to know each other," she told the portal, adding that Zizie was currently busy on set.

This old man is not only aggressive in the parliament but also with young artists

Actress considering proposal

The actress had reportedly admitted to Malay daily Utusan Malaysia that a certain MP had proposed to her and that she was ready to be his wife.
In another interview, she told Malay tabloid Kosmo! that there is an MP that was special to her and that she needed time to consider whether or not to accept his marriage proposal.
She reportedly said that since the proposal is from a married man, she has to think seriously about the matter "because I don’t want to hurt another woman’s feelings."
Bung Mokhtar is already married, with four children.

A new hairdo

The reports fuelled rumours around Parliament House on Wednesday that the the two had indeed tied the knot. The stories were spiced with the side issue that the Kinabatangan MP had taken on a youthful hairstyle and dyed hair.
Fellow MP Mohamed Aziz (Sri Gading), who is also known to be outspoken and controversial, was silent on this issue. No comments, he told the media.
Another parliamentarian and close friend, Ismail Kassim (Arau) also sidestepped the issue. "It's a personal thing. I do not know anything."

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