Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A True Colour Of Barisan Nasional

Lubok Antu Short of Paracetamol

In the 80s when they planned to construct the Batang Ai hydro-electric dam in Lubok Antu, Barisan Nasional government made a lot of promises to the people of Lubok Antu but until now, almost thirty years later, the promises are remained empty.
And than during the by-election in April 2009 following the demised of late Datuk Dublin Unting, once again Barisan Nasional make another promise worth of more than RM 80 millions development projects to the voters of Lubok Antu. But after they won the election, the road remain in the same condition as before – where is the promised tarred 10 km ring road. There is NO economic planning activity in Lubok Antu – thus the government servant is the main source of money spent in Lubok Antu.
So Lubok Antu voted on empty promised and live with empty dreams.
What RM 80 Millions Project- LA is Out of PARACETAMOL

Today Borneo Post made a stunning revelation by reporting that the people of Lubok Antu are shortage of paracetamol. This has been going on for the past three months. Is this the price that the voters of LA has to pay for voting for BN candidate. If they cannot provide the people of LA with paracetamol, what to say about the RM 80 millions project?
Why are the people of Lubok Antu so stupid, despite being cheated by Barisan Nasional on various occasions they still supporting them? Are they really still in the “CHAWAT” mentality as described by haji Hadi? Or perchance only perchance- the Ibans have a very short memory and are very forgiving. Or perchance the Ibans are just plain stupid and can be easily fooled and swayed by all those (BN) sweet talks and promises. Or perchance the Ibans just don’t have the courage to stand up against the arrogant, corrupt BN and ‘Or perchance the Ibans can be easily ‘bought’ with just a couple of ringgit Or perchance the Ibans just don’t care about the future of future generations or maybe the tuai rumahs are worry of losing their RM 450 allowance . Perchance and many more ‘perchancess’.
Give Mussen Lamoh and Barisan Nasional A Lesson

The people of Lubok Antu should now realized that they had been cheated by barisan nasional on many occasions. With the state election just around the corner, they should not given BN any chance any more. Enough is enough, its time for the Batang Ai voters to give Mussen Lamoh and Barisan Basional a lesson by VOTE HIM OUT in the coming election.

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