Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ching Peng Return - Tun Rahman Yaakub Has No Ground to Talk On Behalf of the Ex-Servicemen

Shut-Up  Your Mouth!

I was surprised to read in Borneo Post yesterday that the newspaper allowed Tun Rahman complimentary comments on Bong Kee Chok, the most notorious communist head in Borneo in the 60s and early 70s to appear on its front page.
Tun Rahman, the third Chief Minister of sarawak and the person who architected the Fall of dayak politic, said that Bong Kee Chok cannot be compared with Chin Peng as the later responded quickly to the government call to surrender. Bong Kee Chok according to Rahman also caused less casualties and damages compare to Ching Peng.
The ex-Governor of Sarawak also said that Bong Kee Chok was a good friend of his. And during his school day in St Joseph, Bong Kee Chok was a bright student according to Rahman.
Being the ex-servicemen myself, I would like to remind Tun Rahman to keep his mouth shut.
Bong Kee Chok operation in Sarawak was supported by Indonesian government under Soekarno. There was military confrontation between Malaysia and Indonesia, and the anti-colonial government and anti-Malaysia members of the communist organization were supported by the Indonesian Government. However, the putsch of 30th September 1965 by the Indonesian Army soon ended the confrontation, and the governments of the two countries formed an alliance and carried out a campaign against the communist armed forces at the Sarawak/Indonesian border. From thence, the communist armed forces were facing attack from both sides, they suffered heavy losses, and declined ever since.

Peace Agreement Between Rahman and his old friend Bong Kee Chok.....MACC is suggested to open the File For Element Of Corruption!

The opportunity came in 1972 when Sarawak government, under its 3rd Chief Minister ( who used the Ibans such as Jugah and kana to  cease power) Tun Rahman made an offer to the members  of PARAKU to surrender. In 1973 Abdul Rahman Yakub signed a Peace Agreement with Bong Kee Chok, the Director and Commissar of the North Kalimantan Peoples’ Army(PARAKU). After this event, about 580 members of the North Kalimantan Peoples’ Army and Sarawak Peoples’ Guerrillas laid down their arms, came out of the jungle and returned to society. The reliable source inform Bukit Tunggal that  all 580 members of PARAKU that surrendered and came out from the jungle were given with land and substantial amount of fund to start their lives ( Read here and here ).
After reading Tun Rahman comment yesterday, I realised that there was an element of corruption involved in the Peace Agreement Signed between Sarawak Government (represented by Tun Rahman) and PRARAKU (represented by Bong Kee Chok)  as both of them were friends.
The offers given to PRAKU by Tun Rahman did not make sense at all as their benefits were far better than the retirement benefits given to the ex-army personnel. MACC must start the investigation now before the old man die.

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