Monday, November 16, 2009

Sarawak United People Party (SUPP) Reminds Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) To Shut-UP

All this while SUPP has been kept quiet over swap of seat between the party and PRS to accomodate Larry Sng, the partyless Assistant Minister with three potfolios.
But yesterday,Sunday 15th Nov 2009, Sih Hua Tong , the SUPP youth Chairman had lashed out at PRS not to interfere in SUPP internal affair. Sih was responded to PRS Pelagus grassroot leaders through former Pelagus Assemblyman Philimon Nuing who suggested that Sng shoudl contest Meradong. Under BN sarawak seat allocation, Meradong was allocated to SUPP but it lost Meradong to DAP in the 2006th State election.

PRS is a very much a Multi-Racial Party...James Jemut Masing During PBDS Leadership Crisis 2004

PRS is a multi-racial party as claimed by it unpopular President Dr James Jemut Masing. Jemut was saying this during PBDS leadership crisis in 2004 which caused the deregisteration of the only pure Dayak party in the world, the PBDS.
The same people that about six years ago claimed that  PRS was the multi-racial party, now saying that Pelagus is best representing by the Iban...
The Iban Traitor that now trying to tell the dayak that they are best representing us..I only have this to PRS...FART YOU!

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