Monday, October 12, 2009

Gabriel Adit The Man Of No Principle!

If Adit (Gabriel Adit) is involve in the formation of Parti Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia in Sarawak...I Lost my words and only have this for him "Adit…FU$K YOU man, You are no different from Jemut Masing the man that you hate most! But deep inside me I hope the news was not real"

Last Friday 9th October 2009,  I made the above comment in Dayak Nation . I was so frustrated,  how can the same man who few  months ago had said that  he found a perfect political vehicle in Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) today involve or instrument  in the formation of Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia party (PRM). If the news is real, following questions need to be answered: (1) What is Adit motive? I did not see any strong reason why Adit willing to form a new party a such move could jeorpardize his political carrier.  Jabu or Masing will not going to accept it  into BN fold. And if such party is with  opposition , will DAP, PAS and PKR willing to create a pack with it? 
(2) If Adit is really involve in the formation of this  new party, who is behind him? I am not able to answer question 2 eventhought some said that two disgrace ex-BN leaders were behind it. The news sound logic but why did they choose Adit in the first place? Adit is not a charasmatic leader. He is only popular in his hometown Kanowit. In Kuching he is known as Tok Janggut, the man  who frequently loitering around in  the Sports Toto outlet around Tabuan Laru .

"One of his motive ..just  guessing "

Going back to question 1 about Adit motive. Frankly I felt that Adit involvement is driven by these two motives : (a) Monetery gain - probably he has been offered by BN to weaken PR strength in Sarawak. Adit knows that his political career  is toward an this moment money means a lot for him.In Perak, BN was so desperade to wrest it from Pakatan that it willing to spend  few millions ringgit in order to get three  PKR Assemblyman defection to BN. Here in Sarawak, Taib who is known as one of the richest politicians in Malaysia/Sarawak, will be willing to offer Adit with substantial amount, probably more than the amount  offered by Najib in Perak.
(b) The next reason will be more interesting. (If this is thge reason, I am salute you YB). He wants to send signal to Anwar and other PKR leaders in KL  that Iban should be given a bigger role in PKR. With its population of more than  30% of Sarawak total population, Iban should be given  a bigger role and not just a Pimpinan Negeri, a potfolio which is not very clear. Although PKR is a multi-racial party, but special attention must be given to the Iban. Iban compare to the Malay (who has been well taken care by PBB), should be give special attention. If PKR is serious to penetrate into Iban areas, they must be given with bigger role.
To YB Adit, I hope the news was not true. If it was true, I hope you still can remember on what you had  said about PKR and the reasons why you joined the party struggle. As for PKR leaders in KL, I am indoubt whether Iban can rely on PKR to fight for our struggle. I wrote about  this here.
For conclusion,  I have this for YB Adit :-

“Forget your enemies. It's your friends you frustrate that cause all the problems.”

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"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"
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