Friday, October 9, 2009

Bagan Pinang By-Election-The Fight Between Quality Leader and Convicted Corrupt Leader

"To the Voters in Bagan Pinang , Let's Make the Score to 9-1"

Bagan Pinang by election is a ninth by-election since 2008 General Elections. It was triggering by the suidden demised of the BN state assemblyman Azman Mohd. Noor due to heart attack at the Seremban Specialist Centre on September 4, 2009.
The Election Commission has fixed the polling day on October 11 2009. On the nomination day on October 3, only 2 candidates submitted their nomination paper. UMNO picked their former Negri Sembilan Mentri Besar Tan Sri Isa Samad to contest the Bagan Pinang by-election.

Isa Samad currently is popular with the grassroots in UMNO but is tainted, having been suspended for three years from the party for buying votes during the 2004 party elections.PAS on September 28, 2009 named Negri Sembilan state commissioner, Zulkefly Mohamad Omar as its candidate for the Bagan Pinang state by-election.
Based on the background for both of the candidates, it is obvious the fight in Bagan Pinang is a fight of between quality and quantity. UMNO or BN is desperate to win the by-election after losing nearly all of the by-election since 2008 General Elections which it contested. So far UMNO or BN have only won one seat out of the 8 seats that they contested (most political analysis believed that BN won batang Ai by-election was contributed  by the rampant abused of power by Taib Mahmud cronies not becaused of BN actual strength).
Even though the coming election result will not effect BN simple majority in Negeri Sembilan but BN win is going to be very important to them. UMNO will do whatever it takes to win this election. For them the quality of the candidate is not important. Tan Sri Isa image has been tainted with corruption and at first was not chosen as the candidate by UMNO HQ (Please see picture) ) but due to the pressure from his supporters in Bagan Pinang, UMNO was left with no choice but to field him as their candidate. Tan Sri Isa candidacy has been opposed by Tun Dr Mahathir, Malaysian 4th Prime Minister. Mahathir in his blog Chedet, suggested that UMNO should not fielding the Negeri Sembilan ex-Chief Minister for 22 years if the party want to be seen as serious in tackling money politic. But due to Isa Samad strong grassroot support, in order to win the election UMNO was left with no choice but to nominate it corrupt leader as it candidate.
Whereas PAS has chosen Negri Sembilan PAS commissioner Zulkefly Mohamad Omar as the candidate for the Bagan Pinang. Zulkefly, who holds a Master of Science degree from Universiti Putra Malaysia, is currently the managing director of his own consultancy, L & R Enterprise Sdn Bhd. When talking to the reporters, Zulkefly said he hoped the voters would give him a chance to lead the constituency.
“We want to bring change to the state constituency. If I am elected, I will put in my best service for the rakyat, according to their needs,” he told reporters after Abdul Hadi made the announcement.

“We are contesting this seat only to bring change to the people and it is up to the wisdom of the voters to choose who they think can best bring this change,” Zulkefly said.
In term of the background, Zulkefli is scandal free and clean if compare to Isa Samad who has been tainted with corruption. If this government is sincere in combating corruption amongst the politicians or government servant,  and if we adopt the same approach with China, Tan Sri Isa should has been punished with the DEATH PENALTY!
The voters in Bagan Pinang, the D-Day is another two more days from today. Sunday, 11th October 2009 will determine whether you will be representing by PAS candidate, the corruption free leader or by UMNO leader, the man who has been proven corrupted and dirty, aand  who during his reign as the Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan had recieved "kick back" from the development projects in PD.
Being the member of one of the parti in Pakatan Rakyat, this special posting will not be completed without wishing  PAS candidate a good of luck! Lets make the score to …BukitTunggal would like to wish you a Good Luck!

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