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Najib and Mahyuddin Leadership is a Leadership Of DOOM

PM Najib and Mahyuddin is only good partner that will bring disaster to this nation. PM Najib 1Malaysia concept is just a  Slogan. Since took over power from Abdullah Bodohwi about four months ago, he failed to boost the confidence of the population.
Where as Mahyuddin, he is only fit to become a Malay leader but not to the multi racial nation like Malaysia. His action lately is seen as instigating the feeling of hatred amongst the Malay toward other races such as Chinese and Indians.
In summary, Najib and UMNO leadership in Malaysia ;

Najib and UMNO cannot work for Malaysians or Malaysia

During the British occupation of Malaya, we had oppressive laws created by our colonial masters not only as a check against communism but also Malaysians generally.When you are a colony, laws protecting citizens are unimportant-laws protecting the colonial masters are important.
After the so called great Independence and Merdeka, we have the same people who purportedly bravely fought against the British sitting ruling Malaysians.Now common sense would suggest that they would start having open transparents newspapers, strong laws enforcing the Rule Of Law, stringent laws for corruption, good Police, anti-corruption, excellent civil service,good schools, universities etc etc-to Malaysian utter dismay-we have now

(a) UMNO who runs and calls all the shots for the past 50 odd years without any public participation.It has created Malaysia which is neither a" functioning democracy" or a "functioning dictatorship" but a tottering state structure controlled and exploited by parasites".UMNO is filled with zoombies type politicians who are sucking the blood of hardworking enterprenuers who are usually of Chinese origin who pay them for licenses and they happily in reurn are entertaine with "dancing girls and cash".
(b) Besides (a) above-UMNO is a RACIST ORGANISATION. It spares no abuse on Chinese and Indians who are citizens of this country.It threatens other races, plots and schemes how it can underdevelop the Chinese and Malay population.This is the direct result of the creation of the NEP.The NEP makes Indians and Chinese children poorer,less educated and suffer more generally.It is racism that is the policy of UMNO.It thrives in corruption and has a policy that undermines democracy in Malaysia.
(c) The UMNO policy of Segreation is the most dangerous of all.All young Malay youth are being told about this fairy tale story of "Keturunan", which is a big fabrication-its like telling us that the Malay contractor put up most of the buildings in Kuala Lumpur-thie is a TIPU.A country that has a national policy of seggregation will fail.
(d) As for najib, its bad enough to be the leader of UMNO and embrace (a) to (c) above-what is worse is that he is a PM who is implicated ina MURDER and CORRUPTION. How can we have a PM with all this over him-he is not vindicated.he should have an open inquiry so that we know that our PM is not above the Law.
A leader like these two zoombies who are racist should not be made a leader of a multi-racial nation like Malaysia. Or being a Sarawakian myself, they only fit to become the PM and DPM for MALAYA but not MALAYSIA. Or both of them should be detained under ISA.

Mupok aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban" 

Najib 1Malaysia and Taib Mahmud Politic Of Development Both are SCAMS

Najib 1Malaysia Slogan and Implementation These are the 2 scenarios of PM Najib 1Malaysia Slogan, as written by Kim Quek in Malaysuian Insider:
Scenario 1: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor put up a stellar performance at a charity dinner that helped to raise RM2.3 million for a Chinese primary school in Segambut, Kuala Lumpur on Aug 6. Rosmah not only serenaded the audience with a popular Mandarin song (which alone netted RM200,000), her group of ministers’ wives rendered four songs, each in a different language — Mandarin, English, Malay and Tamil — to give full expression to her husband’s “1 Malaysia” motto. She heaped praise on the Chinese community for their unfailing generosity to support Chinese education and urged other communities to follow suit in the spirit of “1 Malaysia”.
Scenario 2: Almost at the same, mass-circulated Malay paper Utusan Malaysia, which is Umno’s mouthpiece, spat racial fire through an incendiary article. Writing under the title “Melayu jangan jadi bacul” (Malays, don’t be cowards) on Aug 4, journalist Noor Azam accused the Chinese and Indians of wanting to “destroy Malay political power held by Umno since independence” with the help of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and PAS. This supposed power grab was pursued with Chinese-dominated DAP manipulating the Malay leaders in Pakatan Rakyat. The writer further claimed that “the attacks and the hatred shown by the opposition and Chinese and Indian political activists towards the Malays have worsened”. To goad the Malays into action, he even went to the extent of calling them “cowards”, saying “the Malay race has become stupid cowards, and people who are cowards will die before even their deaths”.
Such bare-faced incitement of racial hatred and racial clash should have landed the writer in the lock-up and the newspaper’s licence revoked under Malaysia’s repressive laws, particularly if they are on the other side of the political divide, but Noor Azam and Utusan Malaysia not only escaped untouched, but had the honour of being defended by none other than Umno’s deputy president and Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who ridiculously and inexplicably blamed the opposition for causing such a heightening of racial temperature. That Noor’s racist blast bears the stamp of Umno’s policy is unmistakable.
Taib Mahmud Politic Of Development
Where as Taib Mahmud Politic Of Development the scenario can be summarized as follows :-
During his twenty−eight years tenure as Sarawak's chief minister, there is no doubt Taib Mahmud has used his power, directly or indirectly, to enrich his family's and extended family's fortune. The list of projects, concessions, permits etc, handed over on silver platters to his family−controlled publicly listed Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd (CMSB) runs longer than a new, unused toilet roll.
CMSB uncannily reads 'Chief Minister and Sons' Business', but whether this is by design or an inadvertent acronym has been a source of much speculation in coffee−shop talk. This privileged conglomerate itself holds a mind−boggling array of subsidiaries that span the length and breath and every nook and corner of Sarawak, besides many other less obvious investments in Peninsular Malaysia and even overseas.
His gargantuan appetite for anything and everything that makes money is legendary − you name it, he's in it: property, banking, timber, shipping, construction, industrial, international schools, plantations, hotels, convention centre, retail, manufacturing, IT, even trash collection. If they don't own it outright, they do it stealthily by proxies or cronies or through a maze of labyrinthian holdings and nominee companies.
Taib holds absolute power in Sarawak over every aspect of development, planning, approval, implementing and running of private or public works. A wave of his hand is enough to send bureaucrats scurrying to attend to his behest, be it the approval of alienation of state land to private corporations or getting the nod for a high−rise building, or giving state land to illegal squatters (usually prior to state elections) and many more.
And to his underlings, he does apportions a section of the cake to keep them drooling for more. It will take the will of a saint not to succumb to such a windfall, which can often means an unlimited flow of paychecks in the hundreds of thousands, even millions for the rest of their lives. Thus, in the court of this 'White Hair Raja', we see a phalanx of lap dogs Big timber corporations, developers, manufacturers etc, pander to his every whim and fancy (like newspapers congratulatory ads on his birthday, anniversary, for example), as timber concessions, licence, permits and so on need to be renewed every years. Errant tycoons ignore this idiosyncrasies at their own peril.
Taib's penchant for donning the Western−style beret and Ray−Ban shaped eye wear on occasion of his rare field visits bespeak of his vanity, while his embrace of hedonism is evident from his palatial home unabashedly adorned with stately furniture and ornate fittings.
Of late, he has been grooming his son Sulaiman to take over the throne, thus ensuring the continuation of the Taib dynasty. A brother, Ali Mahmud, is also a member of Parliament, so is a cousin, daughter of his estranged uncle Tun Rahman Yakub, but now reconciled. Taib Mahmud is of Melanau stock (a minority ethnic race in Sarawak), and has planted a lot of his own clansmen in key positions in government and statutory bodies. Even the present governor Tun Salahuddin, a Catholic converted to Muslim for the purpose of assuming the governorship, is a Melanau, much to the chagrin of the local Malays who are much more superior in numbers.
Taib Mahmud has made a mockery of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's pledge to weed out corruption, but that the latter had tolerate the former is understandable as Taib had always made good his side of the bargain in delivering all but one or two of the parliamentary seats in almost all the general elections he has fought.
The above all the more important in view of the last general election in March 2008, where Abdullah would have theoretically lost the election if not for the clean sweep of all but one of the 31 seats in Sarawak. However, it is easy for Taib as his war chest of millions from his booty and contributions from all the sycophantic cronies makes 'money politics' the 'business as usual' all but a game to play come election time.
That this self−crowned 'Sultan of Sarawak' has earned the spite of Sarawak's general populace is putting it in a mild way. Thus, Abdullah has let Taib Mahmud off the hook, in spite of the latter's continued blatant plunder of the state's resources. Who says there is no honour among robbers? Taib remains the sacred cow, untouchable, untamed and un−topple−able as money politics will almost certainly rear its ugly head again comes the next state election in 2011.
This wily old fox will definitely have something up his sleeve even when the chips are down. In the meantime, still hiding behind the smokescreen of his laughably shallow 'philosophy' of 'Politics of Development', he continues to plunder, unhindered. Nevertheless, the pilots of his private jet are on the standby 24/7, just in case he needs to go 'travelling' in a big hurry.
And above all, the dayaks are remained marganinalised of everythings under the sky....
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Why Sarawakians Should Vote For Pakatan Rakyat-Zaid outlines blueprint for Pakatan government

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 10 — Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has offered the public a glimpse of a Pakatan Rakyat (PR) federal government by outlining a common platform that includes an anti-discrimination law, abolishing the ISA and relaxing of legislation like the Sedition Act and press laws.

Zaid, who has been given the job of casting in stone common ground for the disparate alliance criticised for having no shared ideology, said a PR administration would also introduce an economic policy with safety nets and a new education strategy to produce more competitive graduates.
“Pakatan Rakyat must firstly unite all Malaysians. We must revive the dreams of Tunku Abdul Rahman and other independence leaders,” he wrote in a posting on his blog yesterday.
The PR alliance has come under heavy attacks from Umno in particular over its lack of a common platform.
Barisan Nasional’s (BN) lynchpin has taken full advantage of open squabbles between PR partners PKR, PAS and DAP to drive a wedge among the opposition parties.
Umno has also stepped up the rhetoric to paint Malay leaders in PR as traitors in well-worn attacks underscoring the right-wing appeal of the ruling party.
With some PAS leaders beginning to blow hot and cold in their commitment to PR, Zaid appears to be also in a hurry now to set down the opposition’s common platform.
In his blog post yesterday evening, the former Umno minister outlined four main areas for PR’s platform:

• To introduce anti-discrimination laws
• To introduce an economic policy with safety nets to protect the lower income group
• To introduce an education policy that will produce competitive graduates, especially among Malay and Bumiputeras
• To abolish the Internal Security Act and the Printing Presses and Publications Act; to relax provisions which give excessive powers to the government in the Official Secrets Act, the Sedition Act and other legislation; to introduce sweeping reforms to the police, courts and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.
“Pakatan must reject the practice of discrimination. This proposal (to introduce an anti-discrimination law) will not affect the special position of Malays under Article 153 of the constitution.
“Do not listen to Umno’s lies. The non-Bumiputeras have never asked for Article 153 to be abolished,” said Zaid.
He said the proposed legislation would ensure non-Malays are not discriminated against, and that Malays are not discriminated against by the non-Bumiputera community. Article 153, he pointed out, would be maintained.
The former minister, who recently joined PKR, said PR should also introduce an economic policy with a safety net in place for the lower-income group.
“We are not a poor country. In fact we should all live in prosperity if we reduce wastage and leakages because of corruption. Pakatan is committed to wiping out graft.”
PR’s education policy, he said, would also be aimed at making Malay and Bumiputera graduates in particular more competitive by revamp the system to ensure quality teachers and identification of key subjects for improvement.
Another key area Zaid identified for reform if PR came to power was to curb what he said was excessive powers that had been given to government institutions.
“A Pakatan Rakyat government must be free and not instil fear in the public. It must have an open attitude and accept criticisms. This can only be done by establishing a free and democratic government,” he said.
He singled out the ISA and the Printing Presses and Publications Act for abolition.
Other laws like the Sedition Act and the Official Secrets Act would also have their provisions relaxed in a PR administration, he said.
Zaid said widespread reforms were also necessary for the judiciary, police and MACC.
“I believe that when Pakatan Rakyat agrees with these basic aims, the confidence of the public will increase. It will ensure the leaders are busy with these aims and have no time to argue over trivial matters,” he said.
Zaid said that if PR were to concentrate on such a common platform, the public would no longer perceive the alliance as just an “anti-ISA party” but as a coalition with substance.
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