Monday, August 3, 2009

Arrest of A BN Assemblymen From Trengganu by MACC - An Attempt to pacify the public And as A Scape Goat For BN Bigger Fishes

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) investigations director Datuk Shukri Abdull said that the arrests of State assemblyman for Kemasik, Rosli Othman, and his aide Ramli Abdullah should not be politicised.
“It has nothing to do with any other case. It is totally a separate issue
and I hope this will not be politicised.”

Teoh was found dead after being questioned by Selangor MACC officers in connection with investigations into complaints of mismanagement of funds for several constituencies in the State. While the cause of his death is now the subject of a coroner’s inquest, his demise had brought about a wave of scathing attacks against the MACC. On the day of Teoh’s death, for example, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng had launched a stinging rebuke of MACC, calling for the agency to stop its “political persecution” of Pakatan Rakyat, especially DAP leaders and members. His father, DAP national chairman Lim Kit Siang, had also called on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to “stop the MACC war against Pakatan Rakyat and direct it to return to its original purpose of declaring war against corruption”. Following this, it had been revealed that the MACC had questioned more than 20 BN politicians and less than five from Pakatan this year alone. While the MACC has charged several BN politicians, the most prominent recently being Federal Territory Umno Youth chief Datuk Mohamed Norza Zakaria, who pleaded not guilty to two corruption charges involving alleged vote-buying in the run-up to the Umno general election. No politician from the Pakatan Rakyat coalition has been charged yet. Shukri said Rosli and Ramli are expected to be produced before a magistrate’s court today in Kemaman, Terengganu, to be remanded for investigations to commence on a claim that a contractor had paid a RM20,000 bribe as inducement to secure a landscape project in Kuala Lumpur for one Cekal Sekitar Sdn Bhd. It was learnt that Rosli was picked up at about 9.30am at a hotel in Kemaman, a quiet town south of Kuala Terengganu, with another man. Malay Mail also learnt that MACC officers had found RM5,000 on him. A source said the two were detained at the Kemaman police station and would be produced in court today. The MACC is applying for a five-day remand order to detain them to facilitate investigations. Other than an assemblyman, Rosli, 42, an engineer by profession, also holds the deputy chairman post of the State Local Government and Housing Committee. A graduate of the University of Middlesex in London, the Bukit Kukuran Umno branch chairman beat Pas’ Mohamad Mahadi Nawi in the 2008 polls by over 2,000 votes MACC is directly report to PM Najib. Every action taken, PM Najib must be fully awared about it, and for me they are the Barisan Nasional Dog. Thus whoseever BN Assemblyman being arrest for questionning subsequently wether charge and court or freed without being charges, will be just a scape goat for bigger fish in Barisan Nasional.

Just look at Taib Mahmud, despite so many articles had been written about his corruption practices by the bloggers and the newspaper, but until now he is still a freeman and still making more monies from the state development Project. Look what happen to Tan Sri Khalid as comparison with Khir Toyol?

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