Friday, July 24, 2009

Masing and Iban-Leaders Are Reminded To Look At PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang "Cawat" Remark Positively

All Iban-Dayaks especially the politicians are reminded to treat PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang comments positively.
YB Mussen-A Novice politician and has no political agenda to helping the Iban but try to please everyone by saying nonsense.
YB Dr Rundi - Quite senior politician but has no future in PBB. Just simply said his opinion to please his boss, Jabu Numpang.
The Iban-dayak politicians from Barisan Nasional such as Masing, Mussen and Stephen Rundi as qouted by Borneo Post were upset with Hj Hadi remarks when interviewed by the reporter immediately after the Manek Urai by-election result was announced.
Hadi was reported as saying:
Haji Hadi...Said that Iban-dayak voters were still far behind in every aspect as compared to the other populations in Peninsular Malaysia that why they still chosed BN! (Intreprated by Bukit Tunggal)
“Semua pilihanraya kecil sebelum ini keputusannya memihak kepada kita. Cuma di Batang Ai sahaja kita kalah sebab mereka ini tidak reti undi, pakai cawat lagi. Saya bukan nak hina tetapi tempat yang pakai molek, undi PAS. (In all previous by-elections, the results favoured us. Only in Batang Ai we lost because they did not know how to vote, still wearing loincloths. I am not trying to insult but in those places where people dressed nicely, they voted for PAS.)”

Am taking Haji Hadi comment positively not because I am the Pakatan Rakyat supporter. When he said that the voters in Batang-Ai were still wearing loincloths he did not mean that Iban-Dayak are still wearing such traditional clothing. We must agree with him that physiological and physocialogical we were still far behind our counterparts in Peninsular Malaysia.
Masing a Self appointed PRS President, said Haji Hadi comments suggested that Batang Ai voters, the majority of whom are Dayaks, were uncivilised, adding that comments like this could stir racial tension in the country.
“Calling Dayak voters uncivilised is uncalled for. It shows just how ignorant PAS is of the situation in Batang Ai. PAS is ignorant about the fact that the people there are well-educated and civilised. “It is also a very degrading statement from a person like Hadi to make. He should go to the longhouses and see the situation for himself. It is this sort of comment that is causing racial tension in Malaysia. This is totally uncalled for,” Masing said.
Masing must stop misleading the Iban-Dayak with his wrong intrepration of the development. Let's look back at Batang Ai by-election result which was won by a novice BN's candidate Mussen Lamoh with 1,854 votes. He defeated Ex-YB Jawah Gerang a senior politician from Parti Keadilan Rakyat. Based on the survey done before the election, BN and PKR chances were 50-50. The voters who were mainly Iban-Dayak, before the election, most of of them were not happy with BN. The reasons why they were not happy with BN were beacuse of these two(2) issues ; NCR lands "robbery" and the unfulfilled promised by BN during the 2008 election.
But after they were promised with multi-million projects and a RM 500 "bribe" by BN, they they changed their mind and voted for BN.
In Manek Urai by election, the multi-million instant noodle projects disbursed and promised by BN did not made them changing their supports for Pakatan Rakyat. Even the promised by DPM(Deputy Prime Minister Malay) Mahyuddin to build the bridge costing millions of ringgit if they won the election did not make them winning the election. This was what Haji Hadi meant when he made a comment that made all PRS politician angry.
Eventhough the Manek Urai by-election was won by PAS candidate with a simple majority, but the message was clear. PM Najib and BN was not accepted there!
Talking about the development in the longhouses, I just have this question for Masing and the rest of the Iban-Dayak leaders in PRS; What sort of development were there in the longhouses that you all them wanted to show to Haji Hadi? Please do not humiliate yourselves by showing them with the longhouses that have no basic amnities and development such as the accessed road and clean water .
And the worst case scenario on condition of the longhouses without electricity when the high tension cable can be clearly seen crossing over their longhouses? How are you going to explain to Haji Hadi??
To Masing and rest of the Iban-Dayak leaders in BN, learn from JE and Joe Salang or any dayak that prefer to settle down in Peninsular, especially on how the people there looking upon us Iban-Dayak. I have few friends in Peninsular that am still in contact with. These are some of their comments and how they look at us dayak :-
  • We are still far behind them and they compared us with the Orang Asli in Peninsular Malaysia.
  • We are stupid despite being majority but have no political power
  • We are stupid especially our leaders, for following whatever Tok Uban said
  • Why are we especially our leaders keeping quiet even when our NCR lands being robbed from us.
These are the leaders that we have been rellied on to bring our people out of poverty and marginalised by Taib M ahmud and Cronies. They will be remembered by the next generation as the ones responsible for their lackings....
Well Masing, you should learn something. When someone commented that we are still not civilised, take the responsibility by doing something with action and not with just a Sweeping statement like what you, Mussen and Dr Rundi did when responded to Haji Hadi Comments.

As for all of the Iban-Dayak out there , please learn to accept the fact that we are still far behind our friends in Peninsular in every aspects. If we still want to maintain our standards at present level for another 46 years , by all means, throw your votes to BN. But if we want to be on the same par with our friends in Peninsular, Let's join Pakatan Rakyat temporarily until we have our own boat.

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