Friday, July 3, 2009

Willful Stupidity By Manyin Jawong and Jemut Masing

Since the absence of Jabu Numpang or nickname Tok Uban Ballcarrier from dayak politic, few dayak leaders have been trying their lucks to replace him. They tried so many efforts in order to impress Tok Uban. Amongst the dayak leaders that have been trying to fill-up the vacum are Entulu Belaun, Manyin Jawong and Jemut Masing. (Joseph) Entulu Belaun (JE) was eliminated from the race last month after his controversy suggestion to drop the word dayak, which he made about one week before Gawai Dayak this year, had enraged most of the dayaks in Sarawak. With JE exclusion from the race, the competition for the Ballcarrier Post became a head to head fight between Manyin and Jemut.
Both sides try to impress tok Uban with their actions and remarks. In the process, they make the blunder sometimes. The most recent blunders by Manyin and Jemut Masing were :-
Manyin Jawong.
Manyin Jawong made his first blunder when he remind the 60 participants who present at a ‘Bicara Gemilang’ dialogue held at Ranchan Recreational Retreat in Serian on Wednesday, 1st July 2009. In his speech Manyin reminded those present not to change current Barisan Nasional government as it could cost Sarawakians their basic rights.
He felt disturbed by some Sarawakians who called for change of government and leadership using peninsula-based Pakatan Rakyat as their political platform.
“This is dangerous because it could result in Sarawak losing its rights as contained in the 20-point agreement when it helped to form Malaysia in 1963".

This stupid minister blatantly bluffed or try to mislead the participants with this Peninsular based party sentiment without telling them the truth that Barisan Nasional is also a Peninsular malaysia based party. Another blunder that he made was on the 20-Point Agreements. Just wonder whether he read the 20 Point Agreements before. But the way how the speech was delivered, in my opinion he has not read it yet.Because if he did, he should be able to differentiate between the 20 Point Agreement and the 18 Points Agreement. Check your facts Manyin !! Manyin should not talk about the 20 Points Agreement not because he did not fully understand its contents alone, but the points could anger his boss in Peninsular Malayss. Manyin must remember that he and the Bidayuh communities are owing PM Najib and Barisan Nasional RM 1 Million, the amount that was pledged by Najib during his Official visit to Sarawak recently.Further blunder by Manyin could cost him and the Bidayuh communities this RM 1 Million. On the 20 the Points Agreement, such as in matters related to immigration, labour and land ownership, he said Sarawakians must recognise the fact that even after 46 years of independence they had yet to have the ability and capacity to compete without the safeguard provided by the 20-point agreement. On the said matters, who are to be blamed, is it the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) or the Barisan Nasional (BN)? Dont tell us that after 46 years under BN we still could not compete with all the big firms from Peninsular. Dont tell us that we have to wait for another 46 years? Therefore the best approach for us(Sarawak) now is CHANGE! Change the BN Government NOW or NEVER.

JEMUT MASING Another Dayak leader that also trying his luck to replace Jabu as Tok Uban Ballcarrier and representing the Dayak Communities is Jemut Masing (JM). JM , since the deregistration of the PBDS, he has been seen as a traitor by most of the Dayaks. For me, JM nowadays is totally different from the person that I saw in the 80's. He is totally different from JM that I knew before...JM is dead. The recent blunder that JM made to mislead the Iban Dayak was on Wednesday, 1st july 2009. During his visit to Anchi longhouse in Kapit he urged the people of Rumah Anchi to appreciate the Government Assistance rendered to them by supporting the government during the election. This is a true blunder by Masing. He mislead the longhouse people by saying that the Assistance was from the Barisan Nasional ( Perintah in Iban). Was it really from BN ? What he did not explain to the people was on the source of the money. Typical Iban leaders from BN who would bluffed the longhouse people in order to get their votes, Masing also did the same thing. He bluffed the people by telling them that the Assistance came from BN and not from the tax payer monies, thetrefore they must Vote for BN....!This is how BN bluffed and brainstorm the rural people in order to win their votes. But Masing, you must remember that we are out here...We saw and we heard you, and we will tell our people in the long house about you blunder.... Mupok aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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