Thursday, June 18, 2009

Taib Mahmud Supports the Coward MPs That Do Not Speak-up in Parliament

Taib Mahmud, the Chief Minister Of Sarawak, Anti-Iban Politician, the most corrupted state head, the richest politician, member of the most successful Melanau family, the richest person originate from Mukah, and of course the longest serving Chief Minister said that he prefers Sarawak BN MPs to maintain their current approaches that is less talk in parliament, because he said, Action Speaks Louder than Words. If the constituencies that the Sarawakian BN Mps representing are very well developed, and the problem of the voters are handled properly, I am totally and 100% agree with Tok Uban. But with the development that Sarawak has achieved so far, the "Action Speaks Louder than Words" does not apply to Sarawak BN MPs. How can we are happy with our MPs who are just keeping quiet in Parliament knowingly that our developments are far behind from all the states in Peninsular? Pehin Seri Taib Mahmud sir. Please EXPLAIN AND ANSWER these Questions and statistics: (1) How many longhouses and kampongs are there in Sarawak that are still without electricity, clean water and the access road (federal or rural roads) ? (2) How many small towns are there in Sarawak without any government clinic ? Please check with YB Snowdan (N25) and YB Masir Kujat (P202) about Sg. Tenggang and Lachau ? (3) Do we have enough Primary and Secondary School especially in the Iban majority areas? Please also check with those two YBs. Sorry I've to quote them as an example because both of them representing one of the undeveloped constituency in Malaysia and secondly their constituencies are near to my heart. (4) Are you aware that 85% of Iban in the longhouses are living under the poverty line? Check my past posting on this subject here (5) Are you aware that Iban are the biggest number in term of school dropped-out or unable to continue their studies in the higher learning institutions due to financial problem compare with the other races in Malaysia? (6) Are you aware that most of the native especially Iban cannot mortgage their lands for business, education, housing loan purposes because their NCR lands have no title? Aren't you and your uncle Tun Rahman are responsible for the "No NCR Land Title Policy" approach since the 80s? I wrote a posting about the condition of one of the Iban longhouse in N25 which is under YB Snowdan, their plight about their housing loan which has not been approved until now possibly because their NCR lands have no title for mortgage. Please check the posting here The above points are not exhausted. How could you agreed with our cowards MPs by keeping quiet in Parliament when you know very well about the problem that we, the Sarawakian are facing? By keeping quiet the ministers responsible will be thinking that we have no problems and our developments in Sarawak are in the same pace with them in Peninsular. Or you have your own motives why you prefer them to keep quiet….possibly so that they maintain their YES MAN approach toward you? I would like to quote what you have said to the reporter when justified on the “Silent Approach” taken by Sarawakian BN MPs in Parliament :- “It’s not the same as anywhere else. You just imagine, Billy Abit Joo (Hulu Rajang MP) covers an area which is bigger than Pahang and has to use either the Bakun road or the Rajang River while crossing the Pelagus Rapids (to reach his constituents),” Please do not use the size of the constituencies that they represent as an excuse. We have been hearing such excuse for more than 46 years (since we were ruled by BN and with Malaysia). Because our constituency is bigger than the size of constituencies in Peninsular Malaysia, relevantly our MPs should ask for bigger allocation from the Federal Government. But if they are just keeping quiet in Parliament, as what had been said by our own MP who is also the Deputy Speaker of Dewan Rakyat, how can we convince the Federal Government to allocate bigger budget for us.

And if the Sarawakian BN MPs are satisfied with our current conditions, I have a strong message to them.. DO NOT SEEK RE-ELECTED in the coming general election. Lets the candidates that are more willing to speak-out become our representatives in the parliament. We have been suffering without developments for more than 46 years. We just don’t want and cannot wait for another 46 years of suffering under BARISAN NASIONAL ! For all Sarawakian, please see these photos properly, these are our coward MPs. Vote Them OUT in the Coming Election

Not all MPs are not performing. Based on my own observation, out of the 31 MPs from Sarawak that we voted to represent us in Parliament, these 4 MPs are always seen and heard loud in the parliament. They are the MPs that we Sarawakian should vote for in the next GE which is due in 2012 or 2013.
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