Sunday, May 17, 2009

Breaking News - Jabu is Admitted to Hospital For Heart Surgery

Get Well Soon !
Kuching, 16th May 2009.

I was quite surprised last week when I read in the local newspaper that Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Jabu was not involved in the one year suspension of
Bukit Assek Assemblyman YB Wong Ho Leng from DUN.

Last week 60 BN Assemblymen suspended YB Wong Ho Leng for using the word “camouflage” against Datuk Wong Soon Koh during DUN sitting November last year.

YB Wong suspension which I called as “May the 13th” for Sarawak politic was proposed by Jemut Masing. All this while, Tan Sri Jabu has been known as the hard critique of Opposition especially in defending his boss. He will do whatever it take to humiliate them.The question of Tan Sri Jabu absent from Sarawak politic was answered this morning when the reliable sources informed Bukit Tunggal that Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu had been admitted to hospital for an emergency heart by-pass operation.

If the new is true, I hope that Tan Sri can recover soon from the operation and be able to give his Gawai Dayak advise to the Dayak particulay Iban which gawai Dayak is just around the corner.

This hope is not so much about the vacum that he is going to leave supposely he is bedridden for the rest of his life , as the BN government still have few Iban leaders (with the same caliber) that can take up his role as the "great Iban leader" of his time. These Iban leaders such as Jemut Masing, Mawan Ikom..etc. are always ready to play the role.

To all the dayak especially the Iban , let's all pray for the fast recovery of Tan Sri Jabu so that EC doesn’t has to call for another by election. Being the Iban myself, I dont want to see another split in the Iban community just like what Mussen and Masing had done in Lubok Antu (Batang Ai.

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