Thursday, May 14, 2009

Misused Of DUN Process and Abused Of Power Involve In Wong Ho Leng Suspension For 12 Months From DUN

" YB Wong Ho Leng (Mr Lim Kit Siang of sarawak) ....We are Behind You !"
Kuching, Wednesday, 13th May 2009

Wong Ho Leng, a Democratic Action Party (DAP) Assemblyman for Bukit Assek was suspended from the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) of Sarawak for 12 months starting from yesterday, 13th May 2009 until May next year.

The motion was tabled by the most controversial, stupid and coward Iban leader a.k.a Disgraced PRS President (Dr.James) Jemut Masing and seconded by Roland Sagah (Make a guess why the motion was not tabled and seconded by the Chinese BN MPs ? Why only the stupid dayak/Iban leaders were willing to do it?).

The motion was tabled against YB Ho Leng for the word "camouflage" that he uttered against Dr. Wong Soon Koh when debating and seeking clarification from the later on 23 November 2008. The motion was supported by all the 60 BN assemblymen.

With this suspension orders, YB Ho Leng will be absent from DUN for 12 months until May next year and therefore will not be able to discharge the duties entrusted to him by majority of the voters in Bukit Assek.

Ho Leng is one of the best people leaders that Sarawak can produce so far. Supposing if the Iban/Dayak have the leader with the same caliber as YB Hong Leng, we will not be suffering just like what we are now.

YB Ho Leng was charged under Section 14(1) of the Dewan Undangan Negeri (Privileges and Powers) Ordinance for uttering a “camouflage” remarks against the senior minister.

Yesterday, 13th may 2009, marked another black history of Malaysian politic. Barisan Nasional blatantly misused the DUN process and abused their majority power in suspending YB Wong Ho Leng. I don’t mind if the same process and abuse of power being used against the non-productive leaders such as Jemut Masing, Mong Dagang, Snowdan Lawan, and the rest of the useless Iban MPS, but to use it against the effective and good YB like YB Ho Leng is a waste . Uttering the words “camouflage” should not be punished with 12 months suspensions[ in the army, the word "camouflage" is used regularly especially in the Defense Orders]. Such punishment look too harsh and the rakyat will look at it, as the speaker abused his power. As for BukitTunggal, we look at it as another “May the 13”  incident.

For YB Wong, KEEP UP THE SPIRIT…they misused DUN Process…bring the matter to the next level and fight them in court. Let the court decides and teach BN MP the lesson.

As for Iban/Dayak MP, stop acting like a coward and stupid politicians. Stand Up and fight for the people that had chosen you. Remember tok Uban did not vote for you, the rakyat did !

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