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Perak Crisis Continues

From The Stars
IPOH: Perak Speaker V. Sivakumar has again suspended State Assembly secretary Abdullah Antong Sabri, this time for issuing notices to convene a sitting on May 7 without his knowledge. Last month, Sivakumar suspended Abdullah for failing to act impartially over the calling of an emergency sitting on March 3. Sivakumar said the notices signed by Abdullah were sent to assemblymen on Friday despite the previous suspension. “Don’t you think it is necessary to consult the Speaker first? Who is the head of the House? It is embarrassing because I was the last person to know. “He didn’t consult me at all and as far as I know, I did not hear anything from the palace,” he told a press conference at his office at the state assembly building here yesterday. Saying he would seek an audience with the palace to clarify the matter, Sivakumar said he believed it was another ploy to belittle and insult the assembly. Asked if he would agree to the sitting if the palace had been consulted, Sivakumar said: “Of course, I would. If everything is in order, I will act accordingly. But until then, I have to have it clarified.” To a question, Sivakumar said that even if someone from the Mentri Besar’s office had obtained permission, the protocol would be to inform the Speaker first. Meanwhile, State Secretary Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Hashim said Sivakumar has no authority to suspend Abdullah. He said Sivakumar’s position “is only that of an administrative and diplomatic officer with a M52 grade.” “Only the government of the day has the authority to suspend the (assembly) secretary,” he said. As such, Dr Abdul Rahman said, only certain personnel, including he and the mentri besar, acting on behalf of the state government could suspend Abdullah. Assembly regulations require that it be convened within six months of the last session. The last day for that would be May 13. Read more here

Pesta Tapah in Pantu-BN Real Politic Of Development Exposed

Aerial View of Pantu, My Cowboy Town
In this posting I am going to EXPOSE to the world what has Barisan Nasional Politic of development done to develop one of the less developed sub-district in Sarawak or probably in the whole Malaysia. During the just concluded by-election for Batang Ai, in order to deny Parti Keadilan Rakyat candidate ex-YB Jawah Gerang victory, other than the abuse of power and corruptions, Barisan Nasional election working committee had also deceiving the voters in Lubok Antu by flashing the images of the old buildings and the old village houses in Permatang Pauh. The images were flashed full page for the duration of more than two consecutive days prior to the election day, in the two main newspapers in Sarawak , the Borneo Post and Eastern Times .
The intention was of course to lie to the people of Lubok Antu ( in which they always did to the native of Sarawak) that PKR defacto leader cannot develop Lubok Antu. Let's examine the development in term of the basic amenities between Lubok Antu and Permatang Pauh.
In Lubok Antu , even thought the biggest dam is located here , surprisingly less than 10% of the populations are provided with the electricity. And in some of the long houses , even thought the power cable was seen crossing zic-zac on top of their longhouses but they are still dark when come to night time. In Permatang Pauh, 100 % of the populations can watch their favourite satelite TV channels. For hospital and doctors, in Permatang pauh, they are served by few doctors compare to just a Health Assistant in LA. The nearest hospital in LA is located in Sri Aman which is about 100 Km away. For Education Facilities, parent s in Permatang Pauh don’t have to send their children to the other town as few primary and Secondary Schools can be found here.
A reminder to the BARISAN NASIONAL government don’t fool yourself and dont fool the rakyat, there is no way that the development in Sarawak and in Peninsular Malaysia can be compared with. YOUR POLITIC of Development is ZERO and on the expenses of the natives.
Aerial View of Pengkalan Pantu, where the Pesta Tapah is going to be held on 24th until 26th April 2009
In today posting, in coincide with the upcoming event in Pantu that is the Pesta Tapah, I am going to write an article on this small town , the place where I was raised and spent almost 85% of my childhood life. The Pesta Tapah or Festival of the Fish (Tapah fish is the species of river fish that can be found in Sanjau River ) is going to be held in Pantu on 24th to 26th April 2009. The reason why I chose Pantu as my subject of EXPOSE mainly because of these two reasons. The first reason is to promote the upcoming event , the Pesta Tapah so that those who have planning to join the festival know where is Pantu and how to go there and, also so that they will not be cheated by the promotion done by YB Snowdan Lawan. And the second reason and the most important reason is to EXPOSE the SINS of Barisan Nasional to the people of Pantu, to the rest of Malaysian , and also to the world populations.
Pantu Sub-District is one of the sub-district in Sri Aman District. It size is about 492 square kilometres.
The total population of Pantu is more than 8000 people (year 2000). Of this 8000 population, 90% are Iban where as Chinese represent about Breakdown of the population Iban where as the rest are Chines (about 5% ) and the other races (less than 0.5%). The main occupation of the people of pantu are farmers (Iban), government servants, shopkeepers and also plantation workers. In term of the income , about 85% of the Ibans population that live in the longhouses are living under the poverty line/hard core poor ( household income between RM 500 to RM 700/Month) It is located about 65 km from Sri Aman and about 139 km from Bandaraya Kuching. Means of transport for the people of Pantu is by van sapu or pirate van and for those who are staying by the river such as Kampung Sapak, Keranggas and Mawang, long boat is still their means of transportation. There is no public transport such as bus or train in Pantu. Let’s see whether the Politic of Development by Barisan Nasional Government has reached this cowboy town Pantu :
Welcome to Pantu - One row shoplot. The row has never been increased for the past 46 years ? Is this a politic of Development ?? There is no hotel, no public transport in Pantu. For those who planned to come for Pesta Tapah, please consider to bring tents as there's no hotel or lodging house here...THE POLITIC OF DEVELOPMENT
Pantu Dispensary. Man by Health Assistants and nurses. No doctor. Minor chronic sickness will be referred to Sri Aman hospital which is located about 65km away. ...THE POLITIC OF DEVELOPMENT
Chinese Primary School 150% better than SRK Pantu a goverment school.
Atlast Pantu got better Sub-District office to serve it 8000 populations...After almost 46 years under BN Rules
See the one and only Goverment Secondary School in Pantu...Looking at the condition of the school how could we, the Iban uplifting our level of education to be at the same par with our Chinese and Malay friends.
Please look at the condition inside the boarding house. The hostel not only looked cramp but lacking in term of safety features. Do you see any escape door ? Can one imagine what will happen incase of emergency which require the pupils to evacuate the room ???
Look at their Cloth line. We are living in the new millennium but after 46 years under Barisan Nasional Rule, we still can see this view ?

You have seen the BN Goverment politic of development in Pantu in reality, now let us find out who are the members of Parliament and the State Legislative assembly for Pantu. As mentioned above, Iban counted for more than 90% of the total population of Pantu. It was one of the Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) stronghold before it perished not long time ago (some believed insrumented by James Jemut Masing).

Pantu is located in P202 Sri Aman and N25 Balai Ringin.. It is represented by YB Masir Kujat and YB Snowdan Lawan respectively. Both of the candidates, YB Masir Kujat and Snowdan Lawan are Donald Lawan and PBB men. Many people believed that in the coming election, YB Mong Dagang will be dropped by Donald Lawan and replaced with his man....BN POLITIC OF DEVELOPMENT....Creation of Colony. Jabu, Taib Mahmud and Donald Lawan have started it first......

The coming Pesta Tapah is one of YB Snowdan Lawan political agenda to sideline YB Mong Dagang..... That's all for now folk...Please stay tune with Bukit Tunggal for BN Politic of Development EXPOSED... Until then mupok aku..

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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