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Batang Ai By-Election-The Sins and The Crimes Committed By Barisan Nasional

The report released by International Organisation on Corruption indicates that Malaysia is one of the most corrupted nation in the world. Corruption in Malaysia is rampant. It involve not only those who are in the reign of power, but also those who have no position or at lower heirachy of the organization.
Corruption practice can be clearly seen during this on-going Batang Ai By-Election. Peter John the head of MAFREL (Malaysia For Fair & Free Election ) for N29 who had been stationed in LA to observe the election since the nomination day until this weekend have this to say (taken from Brokenshield) :-
1) During nomination day (29/3/09) we felt that the police should not have confisticated PAS flags, only returned after vehement protest from PKR. What puzzled us most was why the police allowed SUPP flags among the BN crowd. Report and photos taken during the incident has been submitted to HQ KL for further action.
2) BN candidate election posters were pestered a day before the nomination date. This is a gross defiance of the by-election conduct. We had taken photographs of those posters at Ng. Mepi longhouse. This was by no mean an isolated case because we found the same in other longhouses.
3) It was common sight to see BN giving away gifts of all sorts to the people in the constituency. We have pictorial evidences to that effect but I don’t think its wise me to disclose them here.
4) Misused of government vehicles is very rampant and seem to be an acceptable norm among BN officials. We took photos of not less than 47 SG vehicles either parked near the BN “ceramah” or near their operation rooms since nomination. During the nomination day alone we sighted not less than 120 SG vehicles not far from the nomination centre.
Conclusions By MAFREL
  • Riggings in this by-election are rampant and sad to say that the words “CLEANS, FAIR & FREE ELECTION does not exist in Batang Ai by-election vocabulary.
  • MAFREL (Batang Ai) had reached a conclusion that Batang Ai by-election is where politic is at its worst. It’s here that money politics rear its ugly head. By all accounts I dared says that Batang Ai by-election is the dirtiest, most unfair & expensive in Malaysian election history.
Based on the report and conclusions by MAFREL the best option for EC is to call-off N29 by-election and the matter must be not laughed out of the court.
Updates On Batang-Ai By-Election

1) 3/4/2009 , Batang Ai A Gift to Najib-Said Jabu. Jabu is, on the whole not a good leader for Iban. Batang Ai by majority is inhabit by Iban. By saying that by winning Batang Ai by election is consider a present from Sarawak Barisan Nasional to the new PM. Jabu as we all knew, has been trying to promote himself as the Iban paramount leader, the same status given by the Kadazan to their disgraced leader Joseph Pairin Kitingan. To qualify himself as the Iban leader for Iban community , Jabu must first of all must be able to protect the interest of the Iban, for example our obsolute right towards our own land (NCR land), to uplift the level of education and social economic of the Iban, just like our Chinese and Malay friends we, the Iban should also be entitled for the basic amenities, and last but not least.. Jabu you’re not brave enough and always cop out to fulfill Tok Uban wishes, so do you think that you are qualified as our leader??. Whether BN win or not in Lubok Antu , Iban shouldn’t be an object of sacrifice for your personal gain. Enough is enough. We have been suffering for more than 20 years under Tok Uban Regime. After sacrificing us to Tok Uban, now he want to sacrifice us to the another most corrupted leader and the mur…er. 2) 3/4/2009, Out Of the Contact –Awang Tengah. This stupid minister has no other reason to condemn and humiliated DSAI just blindly accusing DSAI politic as politic for personal. Check you fact correctly . Since PKR inception to Malaysian politic in 1999, it has changed the Malaysian Politic landscaped successfully. Before 1999 election, DAP and PAS has no match for BN…they were KING. But with PKR inceptions BN cannot fool around anymore. One more thing that I want to share with you Tengah is that about 200 years ago, Iban emigrated from Indonesia to Sarawak from Lemanak which is located in Lubok Antu nowadays. The history might repeat again. But this time it is about Iban political transformation through PKR. If we win in LA, we will spread our wing to the whole of Sarawak. As for Awang Tengah assurance that electricity will “reach” Lubok Antu one day….I guess probably for another 25 years from today ! 3) 3/4/2009, Mussen Promise The BN Candidate promised that if he win the election, he will mend the rift among BN and PKR supports as the first thing that he will do. How sure is he that this can be done in a very short time or when the damaged had been done. What about the rift between PRS (self appointed) President and PESAKA President as the rift has became wider and just a matter of time will explode. 4) 3/4/2009 No Gangsters or Illegal Betting in LA Said Datuk Mohamad Saleh, state CP. I am in the agreement with Sarawak CP that there’s no gangster and gamblers involved in N29 by-election, But what about the acts of gangsterism in BN camp. They have been kidnapping the long house chief, threaten them and their anembiaks with their Tuai Rumah monthly allowances the MRP projects. The above actions are the same with the protection money practice by gangsters. 5) 4/4/2009. A man without party Salang claimed that Bloggers have little impact on Outcome of the Election . By all means you can ignore what is written by bloggers as most of the longhouse folks have no access to internet. Could it be the justification why BN government for more than 46 years have deprived Iban from development??? Remember that most of Iban younger generations that live in the urban are the strong supporter of PKR. And one more thing Salang, you failed to understand the message of the bloggers..KEEP DREAMING. 6) 4/4/2009, Jawah is a “Recycled” Object Said Mahyuddin. I only have this for this useless minister. You have less than 1 year to occupy your existing DPM post. By less than one year Najib will appoint his cousin or PAKATAN will take over the government. Look at this very popular theory on Malaysian Prime Minister :- RahmanAbdul razakHussienonnMahathirmohamadAbdullahahmadNajibAnwarL...H…A…J . As you can see Mahyuddin, there's no more letter M, therefore you have no chance to become the next PM….Mahyuddin your time is near. 7) 4/4/2009, Awang Tengah Hit Out At PKR For Inciting Rakyat. WHO INCITE WHO. Awang Tengah you need to explain these to the Iban or the people of LA during your campaign trail,,,(1) Land title for all NCR lands (2) About the corrupt practices among BN leaders , lead by Tok Uban (3) The use of word “Allah” among Christian (4) malpractice and cronyism in BN 8) 4/4/2009 , Mahyuddin Yassin “Presented” RM 1.5 Million For People Of LA. Bad example from Bad BN ;leader…another corruption and abuse of power by BN. Will MACC take necessary action ???

Stay tune for Iban Politic in Bukit Tunggal

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