Monday, March 30, 2009

PKR Campaign to Wrest Sarawak from Corrupted BN Begun-Part 1

Batang Ai by-election will see a one-on-one fight between (YB) Jawah Gerang of PKR and Mussen from Corrupted BN coalition. The fight was supposed to be a three corner fight when Johnny Chuat, a popular Iban Blogger who hails from N29, 11 hours before the nomination day, had indicated his attention to stand in the by-election , on an independent ticket. But chosed to pull out from the race at the Nomination Centre, and announced his support for PKR.
Johnny withdrawal from the election is not a surprise for all of us especially the younger generation of Iban. We have lost our hope in BN and we want all of these corrupted leaders OUT….WE WANT TO VOTE THEM OUT. To Johnny Chuat, I only have this for you brother...BRAVO!

During the nomination day (27/3/2009) (YB) Jawah Gerang was accompanied by thousand of supporters who came from all parts of Sarawak to show their support to (YB) Jawah Gerang. PKR “Combat Team” was lead by a Charismatic and people leader Tan Sri Khalid who is also Selangor Menteri Besar. Other than Tan Sri Khalid, (YB) Jawah Gerang was also accompanied by YB Gabriel Adit, Dominique Ng and few more leaders from DAP and PAS.

In another camp, Mussen was accompanied by a band of corrupted leaders, such as to name a few Taik Mahmud or Tok Uban, JJMD, the disgraced Chinese leader Georgy, disgrace Kadazan leader Joseph Pairin Kitingan and the Shafie Afdal the federal minister from Sabah who betrayed the people of Sabah by bringing-in UMNO to Sabah.

BN campaign machinery in LA has made a grave mistake by allowing Tok Uban to lead BN team during yesterday nomination day. People of LA, just like the people of Balleh (where JJMB came from) will never forget what has Tok Uban done to them, their NCR lands, their trees, their river , their political survival etc.

Tok Uban the Greed
Tok Uban in the press released made during nomination day confident that BN will retained N29. He added that BN would maintain a “Sarawak Way” of campaigning.
Let me explain the REAL meaning of Sarawak way” of campaign which was said by Tok Uban.

(1) “Instant Noodle” Project
Since the demised of (ex) YB Dublin Unting, BN promised millions worth of project in LA such as (to name a few) the tar sealed road RM12 million –for Batang Ai dam Resettlement Scheme, RM50 million for Lemanak/Ulu Engkari road, ICT project, just no me a few.

(2) Instant Disbursement of MRP
As we read in the local newspaper almost all Iban MP betrayed the people that they representing by diverted their MRP allocations to Batang Ai. The latest news that we got from the newspaper was involving the disgraced PRS youth Chief (who one day will be kick out from PRS by Donald Lawan) who disbursed RM5000 MRP to the people of LA.

(3) Abuse of Power and Corruption By BN Assemblymen
From our relliable sources on the ground, it was informed that all the TRs in N29 had been kidnapped by BN and given RM 1K to be distributed among their people. BN also went further by threaten the TRs that they will lose their RM450 monthly allowance if they don’t vote for BN. As for their people, if they don’t vote BN, they will be deprived of the MRP. The popular MRP projects among the longhouse people are the free building material such as zinc, nail etc, and also the chicken..that why some of the BN YBs in the rural areas of Sarawak sometimes are called YB Manok or literally means Chicken YB.

Money politics is not a new phenomenon in Sarawak. Even J*bu himself during one of the election in the 90’s , a night before the election, the Army Field Intelligence came out with the report that J*bu had lost in almost the longhouses, so this Ball Player politician ,immediately instructed his agents to distribute the RM 50 notes to the voters in their longhouses. This was done discretely after midnight. Well the next day this Ball Player won the election with just simple majority.
Like father like son! is the best word how to describe this politician. Sn*wdan Law*n the MP for Balai Ringin, just like what his father did in the 90's, he also bribed the TRs and their anembiaks to get their vote. The Newspaper dated 23/3/2009 reported that Sn*wdan Law*n treated (or what he called “leaders-meet-the people”) 39 TRs and their anembiak from N29 constituency(representatives) to a dinner in one of a leading hotel in Kuching. Snowdan must have learned this from his father. His father ex-YB Don*ld Law*n in the 90’s during one of the election, bribed the TRs by giving each of them a handphone, and then treated them dinner at his own hotel, the L*ngho*se Hotel.

Instant Noodle Project From Federal Goverment (Federal Goverment Intervention)
On 22nd March 2009, the disgraced Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister, Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad (who had just lost his post in UMNO), launched the Community Drumming Project at Batang Ai jetty . The project was aimed to standardize the patrol and diesel price between the rural and town areas. A good project that will benefit the long houses people particularly in N29, but I doubt government sincerity in launching the project…Project Done in Bad Faith & the main agenda is to buy vote !

That it for today. Next I'll continued with Conspiracy Theory by Rahman and Mahmud on how to bring down the powerful Iban assemblymen.

Until then..Mupok aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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