Friday, March 27, 2009

Barefaced Liar Masing

The people of Lubok Antu should not/never trust this Bacu Minister from BN. Yesterday he denied the allegations made by DSAI, on the dirty tactic employed by his party (PRS/BN). DSAI earlier accused JJMB given away the "instant Noodle" projects , and also on the letter sent by the Land Survey Department of Sri Aman (Agent for BN) to all the voters in Batang Ai asking for their bank account number ( I srongly believed that PRS/BN inteded to bank in substantial amount of monies to their bank accounts). He arrogantly demanded DSAI to show the proof.
Well JJMB you asked for it ! Today one of the popular blogger Brokenshield had managed to get a copy of supposely letter from the Land Survey Department Sri Aman to all the voters in N29(to be specific) requested for their Account Number. Well Masing the JJMB, the onus is on you to proof that the letter was not true....If you cannot provide the proof that the letter is not have to relenguish your self-appointed BN's Director Of Election post IMMEDIATELY !
The voters in LA should never trust this barefaced liar (means one who displays no shame about lying even if they are exposed ). We have been cheated by this JJMB + barefaced liar for more than 22 years. Get rid of him by throw your support to PKR candidadte (YB) Jawah Gerang.
Mupok aku
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